What is JavaScript?

What doesย JavaScript mean?

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A language that makes web pages dynamic and interactive by scripting. When setting up a website for the first time, you may prefer to use JavaScript to make your page both interactive as well as easy to read for your visitors. JavaScript is relatively easy to learn even for the novice, making it the choice for first-time website creators.

Developed by Netscape beginning in 1995, you will often notice that websites that you enter display that they are powered by JavaScript. In the modern day business world, it is essential that your website is not just informative and easy to navigate around, but that it attracts the attention of the visitor. A JavaScript website will be interactive and will appeal to visitors of all ages.

JavaScriptJavascript is primarily used to enhance web pages to provide for a more user friendly experience. These include dynamically updating web pages, user interface enhancements such as menus and dialog boxes, animations, 2D and 3D graphics, interactive maps, video players, and more. This mode of JavaScript usage in the web browser is also referred to as client-side JavaScript since the code runs in the users browser, rather than on the web server.

JavaScript is considered the third part of the triad of website components. The other two are html and css, which are used to describe what goes on the page (in the case of html) and then style how everything appears on the page (in the case of css). JavaScript takes web pages to the next level by introducing a dynamic component that makes web pages more interactive.

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