What is a Sales Receipt?

What does sales receipt mean?

A paper or electronic record of a transaction that is generated when a sale is made. In a traditional brick and mortar store this receipt will come from the cash register in the form of a paper roll. When using a credit or debit card for the transaction the sales receipt will be accompanied by a receipt from the issuing bank.

Sales receiptIn ecommerce, the sales receipt will be electronically stored in the databases of the computer. However, you will also have the option to print out your sales receipt as proof of purchase and proof of sale, the sales receipts being available to download and or print in a printer-friendly format.

I receipt will usually show the date and time a purchase was made, items purchased, amount of purchase price and totals, the name and location of store/entity where the purchases were made, and supplemental information concerning store returns, the method of payment used and other relevant sales-related information. Many receipts will also include coupons or discounts for future purchases. Sales receipts are often necessary for store returns or exchanges.

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