Fantastic Resources & Tools for Ecommerce (May 2018)

Here is a list of my favourite services, tools, techniques and other fun stuff that I'm using on my blogs and online shops:


Shopify: The best ecommerce platform by a long shot (full review here)

Teachable: My favourite solution for creating and selling beautiful online courses (full review here)

Instapage: Hands down the best landing page software out there (full review here)

BlueHost: Use this hosting company when starting your first business / website (full review here)

Divi: My favorite WordPress ecommerce theme (full review here)

AWeber: Best service out there for your ecommerce email marketing needs (full review here)

OptinMonster: I use this fantastic lead generation tool on all my websites (full review here)

SEMrush: if you're serious about SEO business you have to use this (full review here)

Buffer: A gold mine for our social media activity

LiveChat: Sweeeet help desk and live chat software for your shop

Jolt: Excellent UK hosting.

Ecommerce Services

Dharma Merchant: Cut the fees and work with an ethical company! (full review here)

RedStag Fulfilment: Can't go wrong with this fulfilment service

Xero: My favourite accounting software (full review here)

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My Other Websites

Ecommerce Designs: a daily curated gallery of the best online shops and the technologies that power them

Unblock: technology, wellbeing and art

WebAppMeitser: a comparison engine for online software

Inspired Magazine: my first blog, an online magazine about web design

Design Reviver: a blog about graphic design

Matcha Tea: an online shop where we sell *drum rolls* matcha tea 🙂

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  1. Hi Guys
    Your advice is really helpful as well as your articles are not hard to understand. That said I wonder if can ask for your help with some SEO challenges on my Shopify site. The difficulty I am having is to stay within Google guidelines as meta tags , duplicate descriptions, and resolving my spammy structure data that Google emailed me about. I would like to establish a long term relationship with a firm such as yours and hope to find out prices for your services.

    Best regards

  2. I am starting a online store for drones and especially parts and accessories and paraphernalia.
    I am focused on Aliexpress as a source supplier but I want to be able to source and sell from a range of suppliers all through the same cart.
    At this point it is my impression that using the plugin ALIEXPRESSDROPSHIP I will be confined to Aliexpress which is not acceptable.
    Can you suggest what plugins and platform that I should use so I can sell drop ship sourced from multiple sources on one sight.
    I also have my own sourced product as well plan if all goes well to introduce branded product but its not viable till I achieve scale demand.
    Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Nico, I have no experience with this yet but I’m going to dig into it in the next few days and will let you know when I publish something. Thanks!

  3. Hello, I am a IT developer. I have written the front end and the back end of Upon reaching the point of creating my on shopping cart and gathering all information for credit information (name on card, card #, CVV, amount, billing address etc), testing and testing for weeks, I thought the hard part was over. The hard part it seems is to find a third party merchant gateway to take this information and process it. I was using SecureNet. The have presented my with a set of programs called a SDK that they are simply unwilling to give instructions (that make sense) on how this can be applied to my site. Knowing that all I need is to hand information to the gateway processor for credit card validation and charge, taking their fees an finally making a deposit into my business banking account….is there a company (perhaps your company) that you can suggest to me that will not continue to make this a nightmare? I can guarantee you that this information would be highly appreciated.

    1. Kent, if u are in USA,
      take a look at dwolla dot com.
      They are the best around despite their
      punishment due to a digi currency acceptance.

      In case u are in EUrope, consider to insert
      the only and one lightfast iDeal stuff?

      The best of success and make it an
      auspicious New Year! Fire-red Champ is coming. :-p

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