SendinBlue Review: Is This Email Marketing Service Worth It?

SendinBlue Review

As an ecommerce store owner – current or future – you probably don't need to be told about the value of email marketing which happens to be one of the most beneficial online marketing methods.

SendinBlue is one of the popular email marketing services that you may choose for marketing your online store, and they came up as a great alternative for MailChimp (see the comparison here) and even for Aweber (comparison here). I have included my review of this service in this article below but before going into that, I wish to briefly touch upon another important matter as it relates to online marketing.

While this is not something exactly revolutionary or unknown, many online marketers fail to realise the full significance and value of analytics as it relates to their online business. From this perspective, I suggest that you check out one of my recent posts: 7 Must Have Ecommerce Analytics Tools.

Moving on now, here is my detailed review of the SendinBlue email marketing service:


SendinBlue features review

Free Plan – a free plan is offered that allows you to send up to 9000 emails per month.

Click here to register for the free plan.

Contact Manager – full-featured contact management functionality it provided by this app

List Segmentation – this useful email marketing feature is offered

Template Selection – a standard feature of most email marketing apps that SendinBlue lacks

Template Editor – an essential feature that is available

Image Hosting – a minor yet useful feature that is supported by the app

Social Media Marketing – a highly beneficial marketing method that SendinBlue provides support for

Autoresponder – a critical component of email marketing that is included

Surveys – a useful marketing feature for which no direct support is available

RSS Feed Integration – one more feature that is not supported

Google Analytics Integration – another useful feature that is supported

A/B Split Testing – an advanced marketing feature that is not available with the app

Trigger-based Messaging – is supported by the app

Spam Score Checking – a critical email marketing feature that the app supports

Reporting/Stats – a variety of reports can be generated

Price Range

Based on the numbers of emails you send in a month, the plans start from a low $7.37/mo. (40,000 emails) and move higher based on your email volumes.

SendinBlue pricingSendinBlue pricing

A pay-as-you-go plan is also offered where you can purchase fixed numbers of email credits and use them against your campaigns, starting from $27 for 5000 credits and moving higher based on the credits you purchase.

Other Noteworthy Features

You would do well to give a close look to this app in case your ecommerce store is hosted with Prestashop, Magento or WooCommerce platforms, as it has plug-ins for these platforms that you can use to easily and directly integrate email marketing with your store. SendinBlue's ability to send transactional emails (order and dispatch confirmations etc.) is another feature that is not supported my many email marketing apps. One quite rare feature is the ability to send transactional SMS messages directly via your store.  (You will have to pay extra for this feature but it can still be a very useful feature especially when directly integrated with your store operations.)


As an email marketing service, SendinBlue comes in with some major drawbacks on the one hand and equally major advantages on the other. Lack of ready-made templates and lack of support for useful features like surveys, polls, A/B split testing and RSS feed integration are big negatives. At the same time, ready plug-ins for some of the popular ecommerce platforms and the ability to send transactional email and SMS messages are big positives.

What I can say to conclude is that if you need any of the positives and can live with the negatives, SendinBlue can be a worthwhile email marketing service for you. You can also read my MailChimp review to see if that better fits your needs.

You can start your free trial by clicking here.

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