The Best Email Marketing Services for 2019: Top 10 Solutions Reviewed and Compared

Going by the wide range of email marketing services on the web today, selecting the perfect one for your email campaigns is no walk in the park. It can, admittedly, be a very overwhelming process.

One interesting thing you’ll notice, for starters, is that various email marketing services offer pretty much the same range of features. I bet you can already name several email marketing platforms that come with email scheduling, as well as social media integrations, email templates, and free trails.

So, what’s the big fuss about email marketing software? Why should you be very specific about what you ultimately leverage for your email marketing campaigns?

Well, fact is, the shared functions only cover the basics. Business owners and professional marketers who want real results should dive way deeper than that to evaluate email marketing platforms based on their targeting, analytics, automation plus contact management features, among other critical elements.

And that’s precisely what we’ve been doing.

We’ve adequately tested out a wide array of email marketing services over a couple of years, and here are the results. ⤵️

🏁 Best Email Marketing Services Top Picks:

Before we proceed to the nitty-gritty, here are our three top best email marketing services picks:

  • HubSpot is the best email marketing platform if you’re looking for a perfect blend of cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, and advanced features. In addition to a free plan, it has managed to offer CRM along with a set of simple but dynamic email marketing functionalities.
  • Mailchimp is the best user-friendly email marketing software for beginners on a budget. It has a permanently free plan that comes with 7 marketing channels, CRM capabilities, 1-click automations, numerous integrations, plus a decent array of pre designed email templates.
  • ActiveCampaign is the best email marketing platform for experienced marketing and sales teams. It’s more of a comprehensive automation marketing platform with advanced machine learning, dynamic CRM capabilities, split testing, in-depth tracking and analytics, plus unlimited messaging across multiple marketing channels.
🏁 Our Pick:

SendinBlue provides the best value when it comes to multi-channel marketing. On its permanently free plan, you can host an unlimited number of contacts, send as many as 300 emails a day, and possibly even supplement that with SMS message marketing.

10 of the Best Email Marketing Platforms

👉 This is the ultimate compilation of the best email marketing platforms for both ecommerce businesses and professional marketers. The guide itself covers the primary features offered by the email marketing services, plus their corresponding pricing schedules and target users.

In the end, I’ll even let you in on the secrets of choosing the best email marketing companies.

🧐 Summary table:
In a hurry? Here's our summary of the best email marketing services:
Email Marketing ServicePrice fromEditor's rating
sendinblue email marketing logo

Try SendinBlue

  • Free Plan – up to 300 emails a day.
  • Lite Plan – 40,000 emails per monthfor for $25.
  • Essential Plan – 60,000 emails per month for for $39.
  • Premium Plan – up to 350,000 emails for $173.
  • Enterprise Plan – custom pricing

SendinBlue Review

SendinBlue Pricing

Try HubSpot Marketing Hub

  • Free Plan provides lead generation and contact activity tracking features at zero cost.
  • Starter Plan combines lead generation, contact activity tracking, and email marketing functionalities. It starts at $50 per month.
  • Professional Plan offers features for setting up extensive inbound marketing campaigns, for at least $800 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan avails complex analytics plus revenue metrics, for at least $3,200 per month.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Review

HubSpot Pricing

Try Mailchimp

  • Free Plan – 2,000 subscribers, 10,000 emails a month.
  • Essentials Plan – starts at $9.99 per month for 50,000 contacts along with a monthly email allowance of 500,000.
  • Standard Planfor $14.99 a month, businesses can send up to 1.2 million emails per month, and expand their contact lists to 100,000 subscribers.
  • Premium Planfor $299 a month, you can grow your contact list beyond 200,000 subscribers, and send more than 3 million emails per month.

Mailchimp Review

Mailchimp Alternatives

Try ActiveCampaign

  • Lite Plan avails all the email marketing services accompanied by marketing automation for $49 per month.
  • Plus Plan combines the Lite Plan features with CRM and sales automation for $125 per month.
  • Professional Plan offers all the Plus Plan features plus on-site messaging for $159 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan provides everything along with on-boarding for an unlimited number of team members, at a cost of $279 per month.

ActiveCampaign Review

ActiveCampaign Pricing

GetRespponse logo

Try  GetResponse

  • Basic Plan – $45 per month. Best for creating an email contact base and sending engaging emails.
  • Essential Plan$79 per month. This plan attempts to facilitate lead generation, sales, and profit growth.
  • Professional Plan $139 per month. This email marketing plan provides advanced automation and integrations.
  • Enterprise Plan –  $1,199 per month. This plan comes with customized email marketing services along with other enterprise tools for maximum profitability.

GetResponse Review

Try AWeber

  • $19 per month for 0-500 subscribers
  • $29 per month for 501-2,500 subscribers
  • $49 per month for 2,501-5,000 subscribers
  • $69 per month for 5,001-10,000 subscribers
  • $149 per month for 10,001-25,000 subscribers
  • Custom pricing for 25,000+ subscribers

All plans include: Unlimited Emails, Automation, Segmenting, Analytics, Customer Solutions, Sign Up Forms, Integrations, Image Hosting, 6,000+ Stock Photos, 700+ Email Templates, Edu. Resources


AWeber Review

convertkit logo

Try ConvertKit

  • With 0 to 1,000 subscribers, you’re required to pay $29 per month.
  • With 1,001 to 3,000 subscribers, the pricing is $49 per month.
  • For 3,001 to 5,000 subscribers, you get to pay $79 per month.
  • 5,001 to 7,500 subscribers qualify you for a custom package.

Get 12 months for the price of 10 when you pay annually.


ConvertKit Review

Try Campaign Monitor

  • Basic Plan 2,500 emails across campaigns and automated emails, Customer support via email, All core email marketing features, Insights analytics suite,Basic marketing automation, all for $9 per month
  • Unlimited Plan includes unlimited emails across campaigns and automated emails, Priority customer support via email, all the core email marketing features plus: Insights analytics suite, Advanced marketing automation, Unlimited inbox previews, Time zone sending, Unlimited spam testing, Countdown timer, at a cost of $29 per month
  • Premier Plan includes all the Unlimited Plan features with send time optimization, advanced link tracking, template management for teams, customer success team assistance, plus phone and email support, at a cost of $149 per month.

Campaign Monitor Review

Best Email Marketing Services #1: SendinBlue

If your email marketing budget is pretty limited, then you should consider checking out SendinBlue. It turns out you don’t even have to spend a dime on this email marketing software, since there’s a free plan with a decent set of campaign tools.

Now, unlike most providers in our best email marketing software list, SendinBlue has not been around for long. It was launched in 2012 as an email service that essentially handled transactional emails concerning subscriptions, invoices, bills, and so forth. It was only later that it got into the mass email marketing space.

And going by the resultant usage statistics, it’s undeniable that SendinBlue hit the ground running. In fact, it’s currently processing more than 100 million emails and SMS messages every 24 hours, across with 80.000 users in over 160 countries.

So, yes- SendinBlue might be young, but’s its one heck of a big email plus SMS marketing platform. And no, it didn’t stop supporting transactional emails. It still offers such tools.

best email marketing services: sendinblue
Thankfully, SendinBlue’s email marketing framework is not complicated at all. Beginners can start off their campaigns through its user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor. It provides a host of responsive design tools to help you come up with your own uniquely attractive and engaging emails.

When it comes to managing campaigns, you can bet SendinBlue offers diverse automation capabilities. The system even works hand in hand with the email marketing platform’s segmentation and workflow functionalities.

Now, if you’ve tried sending bulk emails on other email marketing services, you might have experienced the common email deliverability problem. Well, it just so happens that you won’t have to worry about that with SendinBlue, thanks to its advanced AI algorithms.

SendinBlue Email Marketing Service Pricing

Probably to avoid mixing up its users, SendinBlue has set up a set of subscription packages for email marketing services, and a separate one purely for SMS marketing.

That said, it’s worth noting that all users, including free plan subscribers, get unlimited contacts. However, the corresponding number of emails you can send is capped accordingly.

  • Free Plan is ideal for beginners, and it supports up to 300 emails a day.
  • Lite Plan targets marketers who are starting out, with 40,000 emails per month. For that, you’re required to pay $25 a month.
  • Essential Plan extends the email allowance to 60,000 a month, for $39. Additionally, it serves growing businesses with extra features like advanced statistics.
  • Premium Plan is particularly flexible since it attempts to cover the needs of all seasoned marketing professionals. Its monthly pricing ranges from $66 for 120,000 emails, to $173 for 350,000 emails. But, regardless of what you end up paying, you still get exclusive functions like chat, multi-user access, unlimited automation workflows, landing page builder, send time optimization, and Facebook Ads.
  • Enterprise Plan is suitable for large teams that need personalized features to support their extensive email volume. Therefore, the price itself depends on what you include in your customer feature set.
best email marketing services - sendinblue pricing

Who Should Consider Using SendinBlue Email Marketing Service?

The SendinBlue email marketing platform is ideal for individuals, businesses, and marketers seeking a good bargain that offers reasonably solid features. Beginners, professionals and growing businesses can access decent email marketing functionalities without spending much.

All things considered, SendinBlue manages to achieve a perfect balance between email marketing features and pricing. It’s one of the few reputable email marketing services that provide unlimited contacts at zero cost. I rate it 9/10.

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👉 More about SendinBlue's Pricing plans here.

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Best Email Marketing Services #2: HubSpot

According to HubSpot, the platform is an inbound and sales solution that assists businesses in attracting traffic, converting leads, and closing sales. It was developed on the principle that the marketing process is now controlled by customers, and should not be interrupted by marketers. Instead, marketers ought to prioritize on attracting customers.

So, here’s the thing. HubSpot is more of a comprehensive digital marketing suite that offers analytics, landing pages, marketing automation, SEO, on-site marketing, and email marketing tools.

When it comes to emails, HubSpot combines the ease of use you get from basic email marketing services, with the automation and intelligence capabilities offered by the exclusive category of advanced platforms.

best email marketing services - hubspot email marketing
As a result, you get to use simple configuration features to create emails from your CRM data, and then customize them accordingly with tokens, widgets, plus other editable elements.

To set up targeted email marketing campaigns, you should be able to capitalize on parameters like behaviors, personas, as well as lead activities. And speaking of which, some of the lead activity triggers you could use for personalized email engagement include social media mentions and webpages viewed.

Now, the corresponding contact lists you build your email marketing campaigns on can either be static or dynamic. While the former is used for one-off emails, the latter is ideal for extended targeting campaigns.

Well, the dynamic ones, as a matter of fact, are automatically updated by HubSpot based on the lead actions. If your marketing email successfully converts a lead, for example, HubSpot automatically transfers them to a separate, more relevant campaign.

HubSpot just launched a free version of their email tool. This is fantastic news because you can now combine the power of email marketing with HubSpot’s powerful CRM so your emails are personalized for each recipient.

HubSpot Email Marketing Service Pricing

  • Free Plan provides lead generation and contact activity tracking features at zero cost.
  • Starter Plan combines lead generation, contact activity tracking, and email marketing functionalities. It starts at $50 per month.
  • Professional Plan offers features for setting up extensive inbound marketing campaigns, for at least $800 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan avails complex analytics plus revenue metrics, for at least $3,200 per month.
hubspot marketing hub pricing

Who Should Consider Using HubSpot Email Marketing Service?

HubSpot offers the best of both worlds. The ease of use associated with email marketing services for beginners, plus the dynamism of powerful, automated CRM. And that means it can be used by startups and small businesses, as well as experienced enterprise marketing and sales teams.

Therefore, all in all, I give it a solid rating of 9.5/10.

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Best Email Marketing Services #3: Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a reliable email marketing platform, renowned for its dynamic set of email design and automation tools.

So, of course, the first thing you might like about this email marketing service is its powerful drag-and-drop builder. It comes in handy when you need to create unique custom branded emails that are personalized according to your target audience.

And speaking of audiences, you can set up segmented lists for specialized email campaigns. Campaign Monitor, as a matter of fact, even allows you to use your own listing criteria. That alone lays the foundation for targeting your contacts accordingly through the underlying automation framework.

To top that off, Campaign Monitor also comes with an email tracking feature that’s almost similar to what we’ve seen on a handful of other email marketing services. You should, therefore, be able to gain insights about email actions in real-time.

best email marketing services - campaign monitor

Now, one thing here you won’t get on many other email marketing services is this- an extensive analytics system called “Campaign Monitor Insights”. It provides quite an informative and holistic view of your entire email marketing campaign performance.

Some of its advanced metrics include engagement and acquisition trends, contact activity and engagement, plus overviews of various campaigns and brands.

In a nutshell, apart from segmentation and personalization, some of the other notable elements you’ll find on the Campaign Monitor email marketing service include social sharing, A/B testing, mobile-optimized templates, roll your own designs, dynamic content, content editing, and template designer.

Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Service Pricing

The Campaign Monitor email marketing platform has set up a pricing schedule with four subscription plans. What you end up paying here on a monthly basis primarily depends on the number of messages you plan to send, plus your corresponding contact list size.

  • Basic Plan is the cheapest at $9 per month. You’ll get all the main marketing features, including Campaign Monitor’s analytics suite, plus basic marketing automation. Customer support, however, is only offered through email, and you won’t be able to send more than 2,500 emails per month.
  • Unlimited Plan is the intermediate option, and it starts from $29 per month. In addition to all the Basic Plan features, it offers time zone sending, advanced marketing automation, unlimited spam testing, unlimited email sending, and unlimited inbox preview capabilities. Although customer support is still limited to email, you’ll receive prioritized service.
  • Premier Plan is ideal for marketing teams that wouldn’t mind paying at least $149 per month. It supplements all the Unlimited Plan features with send time optimization, advanced link tracking, template management for teams, customer success team assistance, plus phone and email support.
  • Advanced Plan is the costliest option since it offers advanced targeting features. For a special price, marketing teams can capitalize on behavioral customer data, advanced segmentation, and activity-triggered journeys, among other functions.
best email marketing services - campaign monitor pricing

Who Should Consider Using Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Service?

Although its Basic Plan targets beginners who want to try out email marketing services, Campaign Monitor is ideally suited to serving experienced marketers. I’m talking about established businesses that want to take their email campaigns to the next level.

All in all, Campaign Monitor outperforms many email marketing platforms when it comes to segmentation, campaign triggers, and analytics. I give it a solid 8/10 rating.

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Best Email Marketing Services #4: AWeber

While email marketing services like SendinBlue have only been around for a few years, AWeber has been serving the email marketing industry for almost two decades now. This campaign platform is, in fact, as old as the email autoresponder itself.

Now, one thing that typically comes with age is experience. And AWeber has capitalized that to expand its email marketing services progressively over the years. Consequently, you’re guaranteed to find an almost comprehensive toolset for your email campaigns.

best email marketing services - aweber
For starters, you can get everything up and running in a couple of minutes- thanks to AWeber’s diverse set of email templates, plus its graphical drag-and-drop editor. Then when it comes to campaign automation, you could leverage the platform’s dynamic triggers to set up personalized sequences as well as follow-up emails.

AWeber also comes with A/B testing functionalities for examining your emails, plus analytics like deliverability and open rates for subsequent tracking.

Personally, I like the fact that AWeber can work well with pretty much all the major ecommerce and marketing platforms. It supports a wide range of supplementary integrations to achieve a well-streamlined digital ecosystem.

And in case you need technical assistance, AWeber provides an extensive knowledgebase, in addition to email, phone, plus live chat support.

AWeber Email Marketing Service Pricing

Unfortunately, there’s no plan with permanently free email marketing services. On the bright side, however, each plan comes with all the platform’s features. What you end paying is rather determined by the number of subscribers.

  • 0-500 subscribers cost $19 a month.
  • 501-2,500 subscribers cost $29 a month.
  • 2,501-5,000 subscribers cost $49 a month.
  • 5,001-10,000 subscribers cost $69 a month
  • 10,001-25,000 subscribers cost $149 a month
  • Beyond that level, you get a special custom quote.
aweber pricing

Who Should Consider Using AWeber Email Marketing Service?

Considering each pricing plan provides the full feature set, AWeber is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses plus marketing teams. You should be able to maintain a continuously streamlined email marketing framework as your mailing list grows.

All in all, AWeber is a good option if you need a versatile email marketing service with all the essential features. So, a rating of 8/10 would be fair.

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Best Email Marketing Services #5: GetResponse

GetResponse is, undeniably, another considerably popular platform in this space. Not many email marketing services can match up to its reach of 350,000 users, who are spread across more than 182 countries. Collectively, they send over a billion emails a month through GetResponse.

The exponential growth this email marketing service has seen in recent years is largely attributed to GetResponse’s holistic approach to contact engagement. In other words, it’s not just a regular email marketing platform. It attempts to provide a decent suite of online marketing tools.

best email marketing services - getresponse
Thankfully, they don’t eat into the email marketing function. GetResponse has managed to maintain a broad set of email marketing features for small businesses. And to simplify the whole process, GetResponse comes with a pleasantly straightforward email marketing and contact relationship management system.

From its drag-and-drop email editor, you can conveniently set up marketing campaigns, segment your contacts accordingly, and then take advantage of that to send emails personalized for selected groups. In addition to that, you also get smart autoresponders for engaging your email contacts further.

But, it doesn’t end there. GetResponse attempts to supplement your marketing further through its landing pages, responsive forms, as well as integrations with solutions like Salesforce and OptinMonster.

GetResponse Email Marketing Service Pricing

GetResponse adjusts all its plans based on the size of your contact list. If you’re handling 3,000 contacts, for instance, your options are:

  • Basic Plan for creating a contact base and sending engaging emails. It would cost you $45 per month.
  • Essential Plan attempts to facilitate lead generation, sales, and profit growth. It’s priced at $79 per month.
  • Professional Plan provides advanced automation and integrations, at $139 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan comes with customized email marketing services along with other enterprise tools for maximum profitability. It costs $1,199 per month.
getresponse pricing

Who Should Consider Using GetResponse Email Marketing Service?

Because of its all-inclusive approach to email marketing and customer relationship management, GetResponse is worth considering if you’re seeking a versatile automation platform for emails as well as lead conversion. But, it doesn’t come cheap.

Overall, GetResponse is seemingly an all-rounded asset that deserves a rating of 9 when it comes to email marketing services and lead engagement.

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Best Email Marketing Services #6: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is another platform that doesn’t necessarily limit itself to email marketing services. It’s a dynamic automation solution that combines email marketing, CRM, and onsite targeting.

best email marketing services - ActiveCampaign
These functions are collectively automated through logic-based funnels to create an extensively-targeted campaign. In simple terms, you get to engage contacts based on their behaviors- right from the moment they land on your site, and all through the subsequent conversion stages.

While the bulk of other email marketing companies focus entirely on contact engagement, ActiveCampaign broadly enhances that to help you close deals faster.

Its segmentation framework, for instance, facilitates refined targeting by grouping contacts based on social data, location, behaviors, and actions taken. Then to help you prioritize on the most promising individuals, ActiveCampaign comes with a smart contact scoring system.

And you know what? You don’t have to wait for your contacts to access their email accounts. ActiveCampaign supplements its email marketing services with SMS message functionalities to make it possible to reach out to them while they’re on the go.

Now, the problem with such a loaded platform is this- you might not be able to figure it out right off the bat. It may take some time to learn how to fully leverage ActiveCampaign’ email marketing services along with the accompanying automation and targeting functions.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Service Pricing

Just like GetResponse, ActiveCampaign adjusts its plans’ pricing according to your contact list size. If you’re handling 2,500 subscribers, for example, your options will be:

  • Lite Plan avails all the email marketing services accompanied by marketing automation for $49 per month.
  • Plus Plan combines the Lite Plan features with CRM and sales automation for $125 per month.
  • Professional Plan offers all the Plus Plan features plus on-site messaging for $159 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan provides everything along with on-boarding for an unlimited number of team members, at a cost of $279 per month.
activecampaign pricing

Who Should Consider Using ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Service?

Going by its vast range of smart triggers, plus marketing and sales automation systems, ActiveCampaign is ideal for experienced marketing and sales teams. Each pricing option, including the cheapest Lite Plan, accommodates multiple users. However, compared to other email marketing platforms, ActiveCampaign’s costs seem to be a little bit on the upper side.

But, that notwithstanding, ActiveCampaign is a powerful, holistic email marketing and CRM suite that deserves a rating of 9/10.

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Best Email Marketing Services #7: Mailchimp

By now, I bet you’ve heard about Mailchimp numerous times already. It’s certainly one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to email marketing services.

best email marketing services - mailchimp
So far, more than 1 billion emails are sent through Mailchimp on a daily basis. And that places it in the league of the most widely used email marketing platforms.

Well, there are many reasons why Mailchimp is that much of a big deal. Its subscription plans, for starters, are seemingly very generous with their feature sets. While most of the powerful email marketing services lock out free users from their platforms, MailChimp goes ahead and supports up to 2,000 subscribers plus 10,000 emails per month for free.

And get this. The accompanying caveat is a small ad placed at the email footer, which is quite insignificant when you come to think of it. And if you happen to upgrade to a premium plan, you get advanced email marketing functionalities at a considerably good bargain.

Despite that, Mailchimp is seemingly not planning to slow down any time soon. It’s one of the few email marketing platforms that are evolving persistently.

Consequently, you should be able to get all the basic functions that are typically offered by email marketing platforms, plus extras like geolocation-based segmentation, timezone email scheduling, standard campaign analytics, email auto-response, visual email builder, and much more.

The email builder itself is built with a pleasantly straightforward layout for quick and simple design editing. Consequently, even beginners should be able to figure things out in no time. Creating an attractive email design is as simple as choosing an ideal template and then customizing it accordingly.

Don’t get me wrong though. Although many marketers confess that they started out on Mailchimp, the email marketing platform does not serve beginners only. Its user-friendly interface combines with an array of high-level email marketing tools to support experienced marketers and growing businesses.

That said, some of the most outstanding Mailchimp features you won’t find on many email marketing services include a landing page builder, Facebook, Instagram, and Google remarketing ads integration, plus SMP and transactional email support through Mandrill.

Mailchimp Email Marketing Service Pricing

  • Free Plan suits beginners and startups. You can grow your contact list to 2,000 subscribers, and then engage them via 10,000 emails a month.
  • Essentials Plan starts at $9.99 per month for 50,000 contacts along with a monthly email allowance of 500,000. And unlike Free plan users, Mailchimp guarantees 24/7 customer support.
  • Standard Plan provides better campaign insights for $14.99 a month. Businesses can send up to 1.2 million emails per month, and expand their contact lists to 100,000 subscribers.
  • Premium Plan is optimized for marketing professionals seeking advanced email service customization. For $299 a month, you can grow your contact list beyond 200,000 subscribers, and send more than 3 million emails per month.
mailchimp pricing

Who Should Consider Using Mailchimp Email Marketing Service?

Admittedly, the features you get here for free cost a pretty penny on many email marketing services. Now, combine that with a user-friendly interface plus a host of integrations, and you have yourself an email marketing platform for beginners, bloggers, and small business websites.

Sadly, the Premium Plan is seemingly a bit too costly for advanced marketers. In addition to that, they might not like Mailchimp’s limited automation capabilities.

However, all things considered, Mailchimp is incredibly user-friendly, versatile, and powerful. So, I give it a rating of 8.5/10.

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Best Email Marketing Services #8: Drip

Drip is a platform that essentially avails email marketing services and customer relationship management through a simplified user interface.

best email marketing services - drip
But, make no mistake. Drip doesn’t actually identify as a dedicated email marketing system. Rather, it taunts itself as an ecommerce CRM platform that happens to engage contacts through email. Whichever way you look at it, however, it’s still an email marketing solution.

That said, Drip is particularly optimized for lead generation and conversion. You get to use features like signup forms to capture leads directly from your website, and then engage them primarily via email campaigns to achieve successful conversions in the long run.

While you’re at it, you’ll notice that Drip’s strength lies in its targeted campaigns. You can use its list groups and smart email segmentation, plus a host of intelligent automation tools, to reach out to the contacts that matter the most- with personalized messages.

Well, managing the resultant bulk email campaign shouldn’t be a problem at all. Drip offers a visual workflow builder for setting up a graphical representation of all your marketing tasks.

In addition to that, other notable email marketing features you should expect to find on Drip include campaign templates, detailed analytics, a visual email designer, a host of third-party integrations, etc.

Drip Email Marketing Service Pricing

  • Basic Plan supports up to 2,500 subscribers with unlimited emails for $49 per month.
  • Pro Plan accommodates up to 5,000 subscribers, and it avails an unlimited number of emails for $122 per month.
  • Enterprise Planis a custom package for more than 5,000 subscribers.
drip pricing

Who Should Consider Using Drip Email Marketing Service?

Drip was built for small ecommerce businesses that need more than just the standard email marketing services. It pushes their campaign efforts to the next level, through a systematic targeting process that relies heavily on the platform’s intelligent automation system.

Overall, I give Drip 9/10 for its range of smart, intelligent features and ease of use.

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Best Email Marketing Services #9: ConvertKit

ConvertKit is one of the few email marketing services that are optimized for a specific market section. Since it was launched in 2013, it has always focused on what it calls “creators”- content creators, social media stars, authors, bloggers, vloggers, and more.

best email marketing services - convertkit
Well, of course, you’d expect such a user demographic to go for tools that are heavy in graphics. So, ConvertKit uses a graphical approach to simplify the whole email marketing framework.

Consider its visual builder feature, for instance. ConvertKit provides it to help you quickly build email automation workflows, and subsequently track the corresponding progress.

In addition to that, you get a neat landing page editor that’s capable of creating independent pages for third-party platforms. That means you can even come up with landing pages for social media sites.

Then to help you engage the resultant contacts, ConvertKit offers advanced segmentation, tagging, and subscriber management features. You could take advantage of that when it comes to automating personalized email marketing campaigns.

ConvertKit Email Marketing Service Pricing

  • With 0 to 1,000 subscribers, you’re required to pay $29 per month.
  • With 1,001 to 3,000 subscribers, the pricing is $49 per month.
  • For 3,001 to 5,000 subscribers, you get to pay $79 per month.
  • 5,001 to 7,500 subscribers qualify you for a custom package.
convertkit pricing

Who Should Consider Using ConvertKit Email Marketing Service?

As we’ve established already, ConvertKit is ideally suited for creatives. It comes in handy for building mailing lists, managing contacts, and running automated email marketing campaigns.

Hence, I rate it 8/10.
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Best Email Marketing Services #10: SendPulse

The SendPulse email marketing platform is widely recognized for its ease of use, straightforward functionality, and overall affordability. It’s undeniably one of the few email marketing services that happen to offer additional tools for numerous other engagement channels.

In essence, SendPulse goes beyond email marketing to provide separate packages for messengers, Viber, SMTP, web push, and SMS messages. You can freely bundle any of them with your emails to enhance your overall engagement capabilities.

best email marketing services - sendpulse
That said, the email marketing function itself is well-optimized for capturing leads, creating attractive email layouts, delivering personalized emails, and reporting all the relevant metrics.

More specifically, SendPulse offers a subscription form generator to help you build your mailing list, a set of pre-designed email templates for quickly getting your campaigns up and running, A/B testing for assessing customer preferences, plus, of course, marketing automation.

Now, when it comes to setting up personalized emails, SendPulse relies on a rather exceptional AI system. It systematically analyzes your contacts’ actions and interactions, and then it provides insights for segmentation and automated targeting.

Then guess what? It turns out SendPulse email marketing can accommodate up to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month for free.

SendPulse Email Marketing Service Pricing

Email marketing services are priced primarily based on the number of subscribers:

  • 1-2,500 subscribers plus 15,000 emails per month is free
  • 1-2,500 subscribers plus unlimited emails costs $9.85 per month.
  • 2,501-3,000 subscribers costs$29 per month.
  • 3,001-4,000 subscribers costs $32 per month.
  • 4,001-5,000 subscribers costs $35 per month.
  • 5,001-6,000 subscribers costs $40 per month.
  • 6,001-7,000 subscribers costs $44 per month.
  • And so forth, up to $4,000,001-5,000,000 subscribers, which costs $7,000 per month.
sendpulse pricing

Who Should Consider Using SendPulse Email Marketing Service?

Since it supports a range of engagement channels, SendPulse is a dynamic platform that perfectly suits businesses seeking to supplement email marketing services with messengers, Viber, SMTP, web push, and SMS. It can comfortably support small businesses with few subscribers, as well as large enterprises handling millions of contacts.

All in all, it deserves a rating of 8.0/10.

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Why is Email Marketing Important?

By now, quite a number of studies have proven that email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including social and search. Compared to Facebook, for example, a message is five times more likely to be read via email. And when we cross over to Twitter, email marketing still maintains a lead with a click-through rate that’s six times higher.

In fact, the overall average ROI of email marketing is an impressive 3800%. That essentially translates to $38 for every $1 spent.

Choosing the Best Email Marketing Service

With all these options available, the process of choosing the best email marketing service is bound to be hectic and overwhelming.

That said, there can never be a single best email marketing service for everyone. It all boils down to what’s suitable for you. And that depends on your marketing goals, budget, website structure, software platforms, team size, target audience, projected growth, mailing list volume, plus of course, the level of technical skills.

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Service for Ecommerce

All ecommerce businesses share one common goal- to drive sales. Therefore, the best email marketing services for ecommerce websites are fundamentally optimized for lead generation, engagement, and conversion.

Now, apart from that, choosing the best email marketing service for this segment requires you to specifically focus on the options that can be integrated with not only your ecommerce platform, but also other software solutions in your website’s ecosystem. You need marketing software that can integrate into the whole ecosystem to generate contacts directly from your list of subscribers and customers.

Additionally, an ideal email marketing solution should be scalable to accommodate potentially changing needs as your business grows. It’s also advisable to focus on email marketing services that leverage advanced artificial intelligence to personalize campaigns for your target audiences.

Combine that with features like powerful automation capabilities, contact and workflow management, campaign triggers, detailed analytics, and you’ll be on your way to finding yourself a perfect email marketing platform for your ecommerce business.


Davis Porter

Davis Porter is a B2B and B2C ecommerce pundit who’s particularly obsessed with digital selling platforms, online marketing, hosting solutions, web design, cloud tech, plus customer relationship management software. When he’s not testing out various applications, you’ll probably find him building a website, or cheering Arsenal F.C. on.