The Kiwi Sizing Shopify App: Is This Right for You?

Everything You Need to Know About This App

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Shopify store owners are always looking for the best apps to help streamline operations and enhance the customer experience. But, plugins are expensive, making choosing the right ones all the more critical – especially if you're on a tight budget.

You need to do your due diligence and get to the bottom of what the plugin offers before parting with your hard-earned cash. That's why we're reviewing one such app today: the Kiwi Sizing Shopify App.

This tool allows store owners to create professional-looking custom sizing charts and provide custom sizing recommendations. By providing customers with the right fit the first time around, Kiwi aims to reduce returns for apparel stores, making the customer journey that one step smoother.

That said, let's take a closer look at whether the Kiwi Sizing Shopify App is the right fit for your store:

What's The Kiwi Sizing Shopify App?

Kiwi Sizing Shopify app

Kiwi Sizing‘s an app available for major online store platforms like Shopify, WooCommece, BigCommerce, and more. For Shopify, Kiwi is a one-click install found on the Shopify app store.

In short, Kiwi aims to improve the customer experience and reduce returns by giving buyers a more accurate insight into the sizing of your clothes.


Put simply, Kiwi allows you to create custom sizing charts that accurately reflect the dimensions of your merchandise. You can also ask customers a quick set of questions to determine the best fit for them based on their weight, height, gender, and clothing preferences.

Kiwi makes it simpler for customers to choose the right size before ordering, which massively reduces the likelihood of picking a lousy fit that needs returning.

Why Should I Care About Sizing Charts?

According to Kiwi, retailers experience 20%-40% of returns for their online sales, with a poor fit often listed as the number one reason. This isn't surprising when you consider that when it comes to shopping for clothes online, customers accept the risk of purchasing something that won't fit. As such, they fully anticipate having to return the order. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a hassle—both for you and your customers.

In fact, 20% of retailers have considered increasing their pricing just to cover the cost of returns, with 57% claiming that handling returns harms their day-to-day business operations.

But just because returns cause difficulties on your end doesn’t mean you can stop offering them. For instance, as many as 60% of 18-25-year-olds have stopped shopping with brands after returns were challenging to execute or get approved.

In light of that, you have no choice but to offer seamless returns to guarantee a good customer experience. All you can do is limit the number of returns you receive by ensuring customers acquire high-quality products that fit them straight away. Once you get a handle on that, it stands to reason that you'll likely see fewer clothing returns.

Kiwi Sizing Shopify App: Features

Kiwi Sizing Shopify app

This is where the Kiwi Sizing Shopify App comes into its own. The plugin provides four key features. Let’s take a look:

The Apparel Size Recommender

You benefit from a fit recommender that helps customers identify and buy the correct size the first time.

The recommender opens a quick survey where customers can enter their age, weight, and height in either metric or imperial measurements. Alternatively, customers that know their exact sizes can also enter these directly.

Next, customers are asked for a fit preference. Shoppers see a slider with seven steps questioning whether they prefer a tight, regular, or loose fit. This should take less than ten seconds to complete, and rest assured, it only asks for info that most people already know about themselves.

Kiwi then proposes a recommended size and shows the customer whether the proposed size leans towards a tight or a loose fit. It also empowers the consumer to see how other sizes would fit them before making a final purchasing decision.

Once a customer has filled out this survey and received a sizing recommendation, Kiwi Sizing automatically updates the consumer's info and applies it to all of your products.

Custom Size Recommender

Kiwi Sizing Shopify app

Like the Apparel Size Recommender we've just discussed, Kiwi also allows you to create custom-size recommenders. This enables you to design custom questions to help you decide which size would best suit your customers to make recommendations accordingly. This feature comes in especially helpful for products like skipping ropes and other sports equipment, shoes, furniture, etc.

You can add “number input” or “select input” steps. I.e., you can either ask for a number or present your customer with a choice of options. The editor boasts a simple and intuitive UI that allows you to preview and test your setup. Advanced users can also insert code to set custom variables and dynamically generate options with JSON and JavaScript.

Create Professional Sizing Charts

Kiwi Sizing Shopify app

Custom sizing charts display sizing in centimeters or inches. You can provide exact chest, shoulder, and length measurements and match them to your different sizing options.

You can choose different layouts for your sizing charts and add any necessary elements, including these building blocks:

  • Size tables
  • Cross size tables
  • Text
  • Dividers
  • Video
  • Images with or without captions
  • Image groups
  • Tabs
  • Sizing recommenders
  • International size charts

You can also create generic layouts and save them as templates to ensure the consistency of all your future sizing charts. This comes in especially handy when you have hundreds of different t-shirts to organize. When you update one template, you can also apply these changes to all the other necessary charts!

Brands with thousands of SKUs will like the dynamic size chart feature. This automatically matches size charts to products using different matching rules, like product ID, brand, SKU, categories, and tags. You can dynamically update your sizing chart based on any or all of these conditions.

If you're managing multiple stores, you’re also able to sync size charts by importing them from one shop to another.


Kiwi Sizing Shopify app

Kiwi Sizing integrates with Google Analytics, where you can see how customers interact with your sizing charts and recommenders. In-app metrics also showcase how these tools are being used, including click-to-page view ratio and page views for pages with size charts.

Kiwi Sizing Shopify App: Pricing

Good news: Kiwi comes with a free forever plan. This entitles you to two fully customizable size charts. The free plan also comes with automatic unit conversion and dynamic size charts.

There are also two premium plans, where you can save 20% off with annual billing, as displayed below. Both programs only apply to one web domain.

The Premium Plan: This costs $6.99 per month. For which you benefit from basic analytics, unlimited size charts, and automatic unit detection by location. You’ll also get unlimited size charts and access to advanced layouts.

The Ultimate Plan (for Shopify) is based on the number of orders in your previous billing cycles. Busier stores pay more, but plans start from $9.99 per month. Stores with less than 5,000 views begin at $14.99 and scale up to stores attracting between 100k and 300k views a month, costing $64.99 per month.

The Ultimate plan comes with the advanced apparel recommender. This uses machine learning to offer size recommendations. You also unlock the custom recommender and advanced analytics.

You can try the Premium Plan and Ultimate Plan for free for 14 days.

Kiwi Sizing Shopify App: Customer Support

Curious about what help's available should you run into any issues with Kiwi? For starters, Kiwi Sizing is a pretty intuitive app. It doesn’t have too many complicated features. The website comes with an online knowledge base with answers to common FAQs, starter guides, and detailed info about each feature. You can also submit a support ticket from here and check the ticket's status. Alternatively, you can contact the team via email.

Developers can browse the Kiwi Sizing Developer Docs, including information on installing the app on Shopify, integrating with other Shopify Apps, and integrating the Javascript snippet for extra customization.

Kiwi Sizing enjoys 563 5-star reviews on the Shopify app store, hugely outnumbering any negative comments for a total 5-star rating!

Is The Kiwi Sizing Shopify App Suitable for Your Store?

Kiwi Sizing is a simple but powerful app for getting your sizing charts and recommendations organized. With affordable pricing that scales with your store, Kiwi could be a great way to create a better customer experience and reduce unnecessary returns….which, in the long run, might save you a lot of money.

We think Kiwi Sizing is well worth checking out if your store sells a lot of clothing products, furniture, sports equipment, etc. If that sounds like you, this app could be a good fit. The plugin has absolutely stellar reviews and does a lot with the few features Kiwi's chosen to refine and focus on.

If you're prompted to give Kiwi Sizing a try, let us know how you get on with their free plan or 14-day free trial in the comments box below!

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