The Best B2B Ecommerce Platform for 2020

Ecommerce is bigger today than ever. While it’s easy to assume that the age of online stores is focused strictly on the B2C marketplace, the truth is actually that B2B companies are gaining steam too. According to Statista, the B2B eCommerce market worldwide is worth $12.2 trillion (as of 2019). That’s more than 6 times the value of B2C ecommerce.

The question for today’s ambitious entrepreneurs, is how can you take advantage of this growing marketplace? As usual, it all starts with the right tools.

Companies in the B2B space rely on everything from ERP technology to self-service chatbots to generate sales in the modern landscape. However, we think that the most important asset of all for a beginner, is the right ecommerce software.

Whether you’re selling wholesale products to developers, business owners and investors, or you’re offering digital services and education, you need the right B2B ecommerce platform if you want to thrive in this competitive space.

Your B2B platform will give you everything from a customizable checkout experience that you can use to convert customers, to marketing tools and analytics.

So, where do you start looking?

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The Best Website Builder for Small Business in 2020

Are you on the hunt for the best website builder for small business? Or perhaps you're after a high-quality platform to create a mobile-friendly site? Either way, you're in the right place because we're going to list and explore some of our favorite website builders for small business owners.

Does that sound good to you? Fab. Let's delve straight into this review!

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What is Squarespace? Everything You Need to Know

You don’t need to be a professional website designer to have heard of a tool like Squarespace before. Everyone from influencers looking to develop a bigger online presence, to ecommerce store owners have discussed the pros and cons of a solution like Squarespace in the past. However, there are very few resources out there that cover all of the essentials about what this service does, and how it’s beneficial to your business.

If you’ve been considering building your own website for a while now, or you’re just looking for a website building alternative to tools like Wix and WordPress, then this guide to Squarespace will help you to decide once and for all whether it’s the right software for you.

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Who’s Here’s Everything You Need to Know

If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor or otherwise engage in B2B sales, you can’t help but notice the trend to more online sales. That’s because today’s buyers rely more and more on the internet to do their product research. According to Forrester research, 74% of B2B buyers research more than half of their purchases online. Statista predicts B2B eCommerce to reach $3 trillion by 2024. With all the interest in B2B eCommerce, we thought this would be a great time to take a look at software that supports B2B sales on and offline.

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How to Create an Online Store in 2020: The Complete Guide

Do you dream of one day owning the ultimate online store. Fortunately, we’re here to help with everything you need to know about creating an online store.

In 2020, eCommerce sales account for 16% of all sales made worldwide. Those numbers are expected to accelerate in the years to come, as more consumers continue to rely on the digital environment for quick and convenient purchases.

The good news for today’s would-be business owners, is that building an online store is quickly becoming a lot easier. Thanks to things like store builders, WordPress, and even dropshipping, you have countless ways to design an eCommerce website and start earning money through Pay Pal and credit card payments in no time.

Of course – there are still some challenges to overcome.

If you want to get the most out of your online ecommerce business, then you need to know how to do everything from buying your own domain name, to establishing a SEO strategy for digital growth via Google and other search engines.

So, here’s your ultimate guide on how create an online store.

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Spying On Your Competitors’ Top Pages And Researching New Markets With SEMrush

Going by our numerous SEMrush reviews over the past couple of years, I’ll admit that it’s one of the best market intelligence tools. No question about it. It has proven over and over again that it’s extremely reliable in not only SEO research, but also competitor intelligence across search platforms plus social media.

More specifically, SEMrush packs a host of solid tools that are capable of generating insights about organic keywords, organic competitors, domain ranking on SERPs, Google Ad Campaigns, Google display ads, backlinks, product listing ads, search engine traffic, etc.

That’s a heck of a lot of features on one platform. Hence, it’s understandable why SEMrush is widely renowned as an all-in-one digital intelligence suite.

However, and rather interestingly, it seems SEMrush still has space for more tools. And so, it recently extended its numerous functionalities to provide yet another set of intelligence assets, just when we thought the platform couldn’t possibly get any better.

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Why You Need an Advanced Search Engine for Your Ecommerce Store


Are you an e-commerce merchant, if so, have you ever heard of advanced search engines? If you nodded yes to the first question and said no to the latter, never fear. In this brief article, we're going to explain exactly what an advanced search engine is, how it could benefit you, and provide an example of a high-quality solution (hint – it's Doofinder).

Does that sound good to you? Great. Let's dive on in!

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Square Appointments Review (2020)

Health clinics, salons, restaurants, and other service professionals rejoice.

Square, one of the market leaders in POS (Point of Sale) systems for modern businesses, has released a focused solution for companies requiring appointments and bookings.

Finally, there’s a new and improved ways to handle your appointment scheduling, from one of the most well-renowned and customizable POS companies in the marketplace.

The Square Appointments service arrived on the scene as a result of Square’s purchase of “BookFresh”, a small booking service. To give today’s merchants more control over the way that they serve their customers, Square tweaked the purchased technology and aligned it with their own branding. Now, the Square Appointments system is a part of a wider overall strategy for the complete Square POS system.

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