Who’s CM Commerce? The King of AI Email Marketing?

As an eCommerce store owner, you wear a variety of hats every day. From product designer to salesman, marketer, and customer relations manager, there's an endless list of tasks an entrepreneur has to stay on top of.

If you can relate to the above statement, you don't need us to tell you that customer acquisition is a time-consuming task…but, crucial to the growth of your online store.

And what better way to hit the ground running than with email marketing? Email users are predicted to grow to over 4.3 billion in 2023. That's nearly as much as half of the world’s population!

The many billions of marketing emails sent every day aren’t for nothing. On average, for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42.

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How To Perform Squarespace To Wix Migration Using Cart2Cart

If you’re here, then I guess you’ve probably figured that the Squarespace to Wix migration process is not as easy as it might seem, especially when it comes to ecommerce stores.

You see, while Squarespace and Wix are both user-friendly site builders and web hosts, they are not exactly the best of friends. They happen to operate very differently, and their ecosystems do not share a direct data transfer link.

So, of course, it’s incredibly difficult to manually map your Squarespace online store elements onto the Wix platform.

But, thankfully, it’s not entirely impossible. And, as it turns out, the whole process can be much simpler if you choose to leverage the right tools. So simple in fact, that even technically unskilled merchants can seamlessly migrate Squarespace to Wix stores within hours.

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The 14 Best Free Website Builders to Use in 2020

If you’re looking to build yourself a stunning new website this year, you might find yourself spoilt for choice. The market for drag-and-drop, website software has exploded over recent years. So, finding the best free website builder for your business can seem like a tall order!

Luckily that means that there are plenty of good options out there, and many of them are free or come with a free trial. If you have time to test each and every one of the best website builders out there... we recommend doing so.

But, the chances are you're too busy, most probably planning your content and visualizing your ideal website. So to save you some time, we've compiled a list of the best free website builders out there.

Let's dive in!

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How To Sell Art Online – The Complete Guide for 2020

According to statistics, the online art market grew 9.8% in 2018. This means that now is the best time to start selling your art online. However, if you want to be successful, it definitely pays off spending some time learning how to sell art online.

While selling your art online is not difficult, there are a number of steps involved. That’s why we’ve put together this guide where we’ll talk about what you need to consider before selling your art online, discuss different options for selling art online, and show you how to set up your online art store.

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Shopify Capital Review 2020: Everything You Need to Know About Shopify Capital

Shopify is widely renowned as one of the most popular eCommerce store builders in the world. With this website-building service, you can create a lucrative presence online, complete with everything you need to generate amazing cash flow.

Shopify users benefit from access to everything from amazing shipping and handling support, advanced checkout systems, and endless plugins to boost store performance. In some circumstances, Shopify can even help you to find the cash you need to get your online store up and running.

Shopify Capital is a concept that first appeared in 2016. Similar to PayPal Capital, or Square Capital, Shopify’s Capital service gives business leaders access to a specific loan amount, based on what the site already knows about that company’s revenue and earning potential. Because you already provide your store builder with lots of information about your company when you sign up, the application process for Shopify Capital is quick and simple.

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The 30 Best BigCommerce Themes For 2020

If you have a product or service to sell online, you need a powerful online platform.

BigCommerce offers a solution to develop fully featured online stores and ecommerce websites. There are all kinds of themes out there, and choosing the right one is essential to having an attractive store that converts well. If you want to learn more about this platform check out BigCommerce review.

Here is a curated list of the 30 best BigCommerce themes in 2020 to help you setup the store you’ve always wanted.

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What is Shop Pay and How does it Work? (Jul 2020)

Looking for a payment solution that allows you to take credit card payments on Shopify and do something good for the environment? Shop Pay has you covered. The ultimate solution for Shopify customers, Shop Yay transforms your ecommerce strategy, while simultaneously making the world a better place.

Shop Pay, otherwise known as Shopify Pay, is all about guiding potential customers through their path to purchase and generating more sales. Shopify Pay is a convenient payment button that you add to your checkout process. This solution manages payment information for your Shopify store using Stripe. This is the tool that helps countless huge companies to handle payments.

Today, we’re going to introduce you to all the benefits of Shop Pay, and why you should consider using it for your own online store.

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Best Shipping Software for Ecommerce

We believe that the best shipping software incorporates elements like steep carrier discounts, various shipping methods, and integrations with ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. If you're a small business owner, shipping software is essential for keeping customers happy. Regardless of your sales volume, shipping software tends to help maintain lower costs, link you up with fulfillment services, and keep up with trends of shipments getting to customers within a few days.

In our analysis of the best shipping software, we'll talk about the top features in this type of software, explain our process of selection, then showcase the top software for shipping.

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