Best Weebly Alternatives in 2022

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There are dozens of CMS solutions on the market that promise to be the best tool for website building. However, depending on your needs, not all of them will suit you well.

Weebly is a popular and easy-to-use website builder that finds acclaim with beginners. It’s one of the most intuitive options in the industry, allowing you to set up a site in just a few minutes by choosing and customizing a template with its drag-and-drop editor. In addition, Weebly comes with a decent app store brimming with useful widgets, and you can even add simple eCommerce functionality.

However, in its simplicity, Weebly comes with a few limitations. First, it’s not as customizable as you might like. For instance, you can’t drag and drop elements just anywhere you want. Plus, the templates don’t really stand out and don’t always look good on mobile. Finally, Weebly only allows Square for payment processing, which doesn’t work in all countries.

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Jotform App Builder Review – Everything You Need to Know

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In this Jotform App Builder review, we’re looking at one of the most convenient and highly rated tools on the market for app creation. The Jotform App Builder is brimming with incredible functionality, designed to help even non-coders create amazing apps.

As the market for mobile commerce continues to grow, and the world doubles down on digital transformation, designing an app of your own could be a lucrative prospect. The global app market is expected to reach a value of at least $407.31 billion by 2026.

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Jotform Store Builder Review: Building Jotform Stores

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In today’s Jotform Store Builder review, we’re exploring one of the more recent additions to the Jotform technology portfolio. The Store Builder, announced on the Jotform blog on the 1st of June 2022, is one of a series of digital tools offered by the Jotform team.

Designed to make it easier for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds to get started online, Jotform’s store builder is as streamlined and efficient as the rest of the Jotform ecosystem. Following from the introduction of “Apps” for companies looking to build a mobile presence, the Store Builder is an easy-to-use tool for those with limited or no coding knowledge.

Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the Jotform Store Builder, and what it can do, to help you decide if it’s right for your store.

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The Best OTT Platforms for Video Content in 2022

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The best OTT platforms offer a fantastic way for companies to share video content with fans and build an engaged online community. An excellent alternative to working with cable companies, OTT solutions have quickly become the go-to option for countless consumers.

With an OTT platform, content creators can build online hubs for their videos, monetize their work in a range of different ways, and explore the benefits of both live streaming and video on demand. If you’re familiar with Disney plus, Hulu, and Netflix, you’ll already have a basic knowledge of over-the-top streaming technology.

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DSers vs Spocket (Aug 2022): Which is Best?

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Making the choice between DSers vs Spocket isn’t simple. Both of these tools have gained a massive following in recent years, thanks to their exceptional ease of use, and convenient dropshipping features. With both Spocket and DSers, you can run a successful dropshipping company.

DSers and Spocket are both tools designed to make dropshipping a little easier, by embedding apps into your existing ecommerce solution. With these apps, you can leverage links to various suppliers, and add products to your store rapidly.

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Convertkit vs Squarespace: Everything You Need to Know

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Convertkit vs Squarespace: It might sound like an odd matchup at first.

After all, ConvertKit is best-known as a creative marketing platform. It’s a tool designed to help companies generate leads and engagement online, through email advertising, landing page, automation, and various other features.

Squarespace, on the other hand, is a fully-fledged website building solution. Best-known for its beautiful creative templates and design options, it can help you to design everything from membership sites to portfolios and blogs.

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Squarespace vs Bluehost: The Battle of The Website Builders

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Suppose you’ve recognized you need your own website to ramp up your online presence past just a social media account. In that case, you’ll need a site builder to do this. But which one to choose? There are dozens out there, and it can be time-consuming and stressful when you don't know where to start.

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