The Top 5 WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins

If you're one of the 3,317,200+ entrepreneurs using WooCommerce to fuel your online business, ramp things up a notch by using a dropshipping plugin. This kind of tool works wonders for extending the overall functionality of your digital store.

There are tons on the market, so choosing one can be a tad overwhelming.

If you're unsure which dropshipping apps to try, never fear because we're going to explore six of our favorites right here in this article.

Let's dive in!

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FraudBlock Review: How To Cancel High-Risk Orders on Shopify in 2019

As an online merchant, getting swindled while attempting to fulfill orders is the worst nightmare you don't ever want to come across. What's more devastating, is the fact that you might never see it coming. The comforting bit is that FraudBlock was conceived specifically to help the online retailer curb this pitfall.

What if I told you that there's a way to keep your Shopify store safe from fraudulent customers? It sounds like a fairy tale, I know. The e-retail model primarily operates in a way that exposes merchants to high-risk orders.

Therefore, there's a likelihood of a transaction going south if the merchant doesn't incorporate sound security measures. Commonly, fraud-related complaints come from customers. One of the mainstream scenarios is where a purchased item is paid for but not delivered, or is of poor quality.

At the moment, it seems like tables are drastically turning. A retailer's store is prone to the same risk. The outcry from online store owners is noticeable and the damage caused can often be so diminishing.

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Square Capital Review (September 2019): Simple Business Loans

Running a business is expensive.

Even if you have the initial cash that you need to establish your company, you might need to tap into some extra capital as your venture grows, so that you can afford to take advantage of new opportunities.

So, where can business owners go to get their hands on that additional cash?

For most small businesses, the only option will be a business loan. If you've ever tried to apply for small business loans before, you'll know just how tough that can be. Banks and credit unions don't always trust businesses, particularly when a startup is small or new.

Fortunately, if you already have a history using Square, one of the most popular POS systems on the market, then you could consider turning to this company for support instead.

Square recently made its way into the world of business loans with “Square Capital.”

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An In-depth Guide on Creating an Ecommerce Business Plan in 2020

Do you need to launch an ultra practical online business? It all starts with a pre-meditated ecommerce business plan. At first glance, this feels like a superficial blueprint for most starters.

But here's the deal.

You need an executive summary of everything you're about to do in order to convert your objectives into actual results. From the onset, you must put your thoughts on paper. It doesn't matter how smart you are. I'm pretty sure that Jeff Bezos of the retail giant, Amazon, sat down to sketch his master plan at some point during the initial stages.

What does this imply?

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Your Guide to GetResponse Pricing – Which Plan is Best for You?

The money is in the list, or so they say. But how much do you need to invest into nurturing that list if you want to see significant results?

GetResponse is an email marketing tool that helps you to manage your connections with crucial leads through carefully segmented campaigns and attractive messages. With GetResponse, you can create immersive newsletters that inspire the people on your mailing list and improve your chances of conversions.

There are even options to view and analyze the statistics you collect along the way, helping you to determine which of your autoresponders are the most effective.

As GetResponse continues to invest in more features and functionality for its toolset, it's quickly emerging as more of an all-in-one marketing tool for today's growing brands. In addition to email marketing, businesses can now use GetResponse for hosting webinars, building landing pages, and even managing customer relationships with CRM functionality.

So, how much do you need to pay for a software solution like GetResponse?

That's what we're here to find out.

Read on to learn all about your pricing options with GetResponse, and discover which package is best suited to your needs.

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SendinBlue vs Mailchimp: Email Marketing in 2019

Wish you had an easier way to get the most out of your email marketing?

Don't we all?

These days, email marketing might not seem like the most modern or exciting way to connect with your customers - but it's still one of the most valuable. Email delivers an ROI of around 4400% - that's $44 for every $1 spent.

To take advantage of the incredible opportunities that email marketing has to offer, vendors have invested a significant amount of time and money into creating email marketing systems that allow businesses to send incredible content to their customers according to crucial triggers and schedules.

Mailchimp and SendinBlue are just two of the most popular email marketing options on the market.

Each of these options come with their own variety of fantastic solutions to offer, including state-of-the-art sales funnels, templates, and email builders.

Our SendinBlue vs. Mailchimp review is here to help you figure out which software is right for you.

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How to Sell Books Online: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you love books or you just love selling online, there’s no doubt that selling books online can be a profitable sideline or full-on business.

You just need to do your research and work hard at it.

The book industry remains quietly successful in the face of enormous competition. Not least because there are tons of different formats we read the written word in. For anyone eschewing paper, there are ebooks and audiobooks.

If you’re interested in cashing in on the book market, here’s our handy guide on how to do precisely that. 

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