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The Best POS System for Grocery Store Selling in 2023

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The best POS system for grocery store selling will allow you to manage transactions and track inventory more effectively in a brick-and-mortar store.

Today’s POS technology has grown increasingly impressive, making it easier to combine inventory management with customer loyalty, barcode scanning and of course, payment processing. However, it can be difficult for grocers and supermarkets to determine exactly what they need.

After all, a good point of sale system needs to combine a fantastic range of checkout features, with ease of use, and budget-friendly pricing.

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Uscreen vs Kajabi: How Do They Compare?


Are you interested in launching an online course? If so, you’re not alone. In recent years, selling e-courses has snowballed in popularity, with more than 100 million students worldwide enrolled in some form of online learning!

So, with that in mind, we’re looking at two online course platforms you might consider using to lay the foundations of your new e-learning business: Uscreen and Kajabi. We’ll walk you through their key functionality, prices, pros and cons, and customer support, and finally, we'll reveal our verdict.

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Best Gumroad Alternatives (Jan 2023)

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If you’re searching for the ultimate solution to help you sell digital products, you’ve probably considered the benefits of Gumroad before. But with the latest changes in their pricing, more and more users are looking for alternatives.

We have chosen the safest, quickest and simplest to use Gumroad alternatives for you.

You'll be able to start selling within a few hours, in most cases at a lower price – with no programming or web development experience necessary. Best of luck!

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How to Write Product Descriptions for Your Ecommerce Store

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Writing product descriptions can seem like doing a puzzle. Between balancing bullet points, your need to show up in the search engines, and optimizing for conversion rate, it’s less like writing than it is assembling various jigsaw pieces together.

But fortunately, a good product description for your online store doesn’t have to be as long as your product pages, and it doesn’t have to feel like some SEO exercise, either. You can artfully (and thoughtfully) build vivid, effective product descriptions without leaving out key elements like search engine optimization.

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The Best No Code Website Builders for 2023

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You have an idea. Customers have money. Somehow, you need to connect these two concepts.

For many people, that means taking to web design. Before you can start out with SEO and social media, you need a landing spot—a beautiful website on which potential customers can land. And while you may have a brilliant idea and a wonderful concept of how to attract customers, you’re still running into one little problem.

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