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Freshsales Review (May 2022): Everything You Need to Know

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Today’s Freshsales review is exploring one of the better-known customer relationship management (CRM) tools built specifically for sales teams. Offering extensive automation and intelligence, Freshsales helps companies to streamline their processes and close more deals.

The functionality of Freshsales is specifically tailored to the needs of evolving sales teams in a digital environment.

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SiteW Review (May 2022): An Introduction to SiteW

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SiteW is one of the lesser-known, but rapidly growing tools on the market today for building your own business website. Intended to make website creation as simple and painless as possible, the technology promises a fun and enjoyable way to get started online. Perhaps most importantly of all, SiteW aims to make website creation more affordable for everyone.

Highly rated by the companies that use it, SiteW combines a clean interface with drag-and-drop functionality, to allow brands all the freedom they need to thrive online. You don’t need any significant development skills to succeed with SiteW. There’s no need for intermediaries or experts, and you get a fully flexible space you can update and change at any time.

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The Best Subscription Billing Software in 2022

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The best subscription billing software can make life running your own business a lot easier. With the right technology, it’s easy to collect cash on monthly subscriptions, without having to chase after your target audience with endless manual invoices and reminders.

Subscriptions are one of the most effective tools for ensuring ongoing income in the software landscape. In fact, the arrival of “subscription” solutions even allowed for the introduction of a new avenue of growth for software companies, in the form of “SaaS” (Software as a Service).

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Best Free CRM in the UK (May 2022)

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The best free CRM UK companies can access is a crucial investment in the future of your brand. With the right customer relationship management tool, you can unlock the insights you need to strengthen your connection with your target audience.

With the information gathered in a CRM solution, you can guide your sales experts, improve your marketing campaigns, and increase your conversions. A free CRM allows business leaders to get more of the information they need without spending a penny.

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Shopify POS vs Clover POS (May 2022): Which is Best?


The debate of Shopify POS vs Clover POS can be more complex than it seems.

Both of these tools have a lot of benefits to offer the average ecommerce seller. With both Clover and Shopify, you can sell products online and offline, manage payments from a multitude of different sources, track your inventory and so much more.

While Clover POS is most commonly associated with payment processing and merchant accounts, Shopify is more likely to be the solution you look at if you’re planning on expanding your sales from the online world into the offline arena.

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Shopify POS vs Square POS (May 2022): Which is Best?

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Making the right choice between Shopify POS vs Square POS isn’t always easy.

Shopify and Square stand among some of the better-known all-in-one merchant solutions for business leaders today. These tools can both support business leaders in taking payments offline, building relationships with customers, and even building an online presence.

Both Shopify and Square have a lot of amazing features to offer to help you sell. However, they both have their distinct pros and cons to consider. Today, we’re going to look at some of the most important things you need to know when choosing between Shopify and Square.

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Best Print on Demand Sites for Artists

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The best print on demand sites for artists provide creative professionals with everything they need to turn their talent into a profession. Rather than having to produce prints, canvasses, and countless other products manually, artists can use print on demand solutions to minimize costs and stress.

Print on demand sites for artists are ideal for keeping costs low, and helping professionals to reach a range of people, thanks to their flexible shipping solutions. The question is, which POD sites are best-suited to the needs of an artistic professional?

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Triple Whale Review: Everything You Need to Know


During this Triple Whale review, we’re going to be looking at a leading analytics solution, designed to change the way companies interact with metrics and data.

One of the most complex parts of running a successful business is getting insights from multiple environments and trying to align them for better guidance. Countless business leaders find themselves flipping between different tabs, trying to connect the dots between various reports and tracking systems. With Triple Whale, that’s no longer a problem.

We’re living in a world where companies are under more pressure than ever before to adapt at an accelerated pace to changing customer trends and expectations. The only way to stay ahead of the competition, and continue delighting customers, is to access and use the right data.

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