The Top Shopify Competitors to Consider in 2020

Ever since the company launched in 2006, Shopify has achieved some truly phenomenal things.

More than just your average ecommerce platform, Shopify makes it easier to track the performance of your digital campaigns, upgrade your ecommerce solutions, and earn more conversations. As one of the fastest-growing SaaS services for online businesses, Shopify has turned the heads of countless entrepreneurs.

However, just because Shopify stands out as one of the leading ecommerce site products, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the right solution for everyone. We’re living in a rapidly-evolving digital world, where companies consistently adapt and transform to suit the needs of their customers. While Shopify’s simplicity, convenience, and legacy is sure to appeal to many people, there are going to be some companies out there that need something different.

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WordPress is easily the most popular way to build a website.

Whether you’re new to the concept of building your own eCommerce website, or you’ve been blogging and building sites for Google for a while now, you’ve probably heard of WordPress, and how valuable it can be.

More than 75 million websites are powered by WordPress today – making it the largest CMS (content management system) in the world.

The only problem?

While plenty of people love WordPress, many still don’t understand it. One of the most common questions in the website building world remains to be: What’s the difference between and

If you’re one of the many people who’s still confused by the vs debate, don’t worry. We’ve put together a complete guide into both of these site-building solutions, so you can determine how you’re going to design your WordPress site.

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Square Appointments Review (2020)

Health clinics, salons, restaurants, and other service professionals rejoice.

Square, one of the market leaders in POS (Point of Sale) systems for modern businesses, has released a focused solution for companies requiring appointments and bookings.

Finally, there’s a new and improved ways to handle your appointment scheduling, from one of the most well-renowned and customizable POS companies in the marketplace.

The Square Appointments service arrived on the scene as a result of Square’s purchase of “BookFresh”, a small booking service. To give today’s merchants more control over the way that they serve their customers, Square tweaked the purchased technology and aligned it with their own branding. Now, the Square Appointments system is a part of a wider overall strategy for the complete Square POS system.

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SiteGround Pricing – Which Hosting Plan Should I Pick?

SiteGround one of the best-known digital companies in the market today.

Offering sensational packages for shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and more, SiteGround ensures that your business has everything it needs to maintain an effective online presence.

Not only does SiteGround deliver dedicated hosting plans specifically optimized for Joomla, WordPress, WooCommerce, and more, but the brand also has a strong reputation for exceptional service too. If you’re looking for a hosting company that you can really trust, you’ll see a 99.7% happiness rating from SiteGround’s customers.

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How to Come Up with a Business Name and URL for your Online Shop

How to Come Up with a Business Name and URL for your Online Shop

Ready to transform your business idea into an incredible money-making opportunity?

You're going to need one all-important thing first: a business name.

Many business leaders assume that choosing the right title is simple. They think that the ideal name will come to them in a flash of inspiration after they've finished designing their website or creating their products. However, naming a company is very rarely that simple.

There are a lot of business owners out there that have a hard time coming up with a name that really makes sense for their organization.

So, how do you get started?

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The Complete Guide to Oberlo Pricing in 2020

If you’re interested in building your own ecommerce company, you’re in luck.

These days, it’s easier to design and run a digital store than ever before. Not only are there many ecommerce website builders to help you, like Shopify, Magneto, and WordPress, but there are also various plugins and apps that will assist you in finding the right sales model too.

For instance, one of the leading sales strategies available for beginners in the ecommerce industry is dropshipping. Unlike other models available for building your own company, dropshipping allows you to get started with very little initial investment.

All you need to run your own dropshipping business is an ecommerce site, a merchant or two that you can trust, and the right application. Oberlo is one of the leading apps designed just for companies with an interest in dropshipping.

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How to Start an Online Clothing Store – 9 Easy Steps to Starting an Online Sotre in 2020

Have you got an eye for fashion? Maybe you always wanted to launch your own online clothing store, but never had the nerve to strike out on your own?

We’re here to tell you that now is the perfect time to take that leap.

In today’s digital world full of online store builders like BigCommerce or Shopify, building your own online clothing store doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems.

There are even dozens of different ways to create the perfect ecommerce business plan, from designing your own clothing step-by-step, to working with other merchants to starting your clothing line.

In today’s guide, we’re going to guide you through the ins and outs of designing your own online shop for everything from t-shirts, to swimsuits and boutique dresses. What’s more, we’ll show you that you don’t need a fortune in investment capital to get started.

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Square vs PayPal (March 2020): Clash of the Payment Processing Titans

Whether you’re searching for an offline card reader, a way to take credit card payments online, or a POS app, you’ve probably come across both PayPal and Square in the past.

Both Square and PayPal are incredibly popular tools for merchants and business owners. They offer an easy way to start making money through your online or offline store, whether you’re taking digital payments, or credit cards. PayPal is pretty much a household name among consumers and businesses today. There’s a good chance that many of your favorite stores even offer customers the option to pay for their products using a PayPal account.

On the other hand, while Square doesn’t have exactly the same status that PayPal does, it does benefit from a large and growing consumer base. Square has a very extensive set of features, including some credit card processing systems and readers that are a lot more impressive than PayPal’s.

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