How to Perform Technical SEO Audit of Your Ecommerce Website using SE Ranking


38% of retailer traffic comes from organic search. And when you pair that up with the fact that 53% of shoppers state that they always research before purchasing to ensure that they are making the best possible decision, it's clear that ranking on the SERPs is vital for the success of any eCommerce business.

That said, a technical audit is the first step to ensure that both search engines and your customers can access your website. While fixing technical issues only usually wonโ€™t really improve your rankings, having critical issues on your website wonโ€™t give you even a chance to appear on the SERP.

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ShipBots Review: A Highly-flexible Ecommerce Fulfillment Company?

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ShipBots is an order fulfillment service for ecommerce stores with standard storage and shipping needs. It also offers unique fulfillment options for subscription boxes, retail, Amazon FBA prep, merchandise, and apparel. In the booming industry of 3PL (3rd-party logistics), is ShipBots right for your online store's needs? In this ShipBots review, we take a deep look into the company's primary features, services, pricing, and customer support. This way, you understand if it's a viable solution for storing products and getting orders to customers in an efficient manner.

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FreshBooks Review (Jan 2022): Easy Business Accounting?

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In this FreshBooks review, weโ€™ll be looking at one of the most popular tools for small business accounting on the market and exploring whether itโ€™s as valuable as it seems. When it first started, FreshBooks was a simple but effective invoicing solution. Over the years, the solution expanded, offering new features for business money management.

Today, FreshBooks helps business owners and freelancers from all walks of life to handle their ingoing and outgoing cash more effectively.

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The Best Sendinblue Alternatives (Jan 2022)

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The best Sendinblue alternatives offer an effective way to enhance your email marketing automation strategy without relying on Sendinblue. While itโ€™s fair to say Sendinblue is one of the more appealing choices for email marketing today, thanks to its versatility, advanced features and low prices, itโ€™s far from the only option.

Sendinblue offers a reliable email approach to email automation, with the option to trigger campaigns using website engagement behavior. Thereโ€™s also the option for omnichannel marketing via SMS, and Sendinblue also has its own convenient WordPress plugin. Unfortunately, Sendinblue is lacking in some areas too. The system can feel a little slow and clunky in places, and the free plan isnโ€™t nearly as generous as you might think.

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The Best Online Ordering System for Restaurants

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The best online ordering system for restaurants makes running your food service business easier, and more efficient. While there are challenges involved in operating any kind of store, restaurants have unique challenges to consider, like keeping track of tables, managing orders, and even splitting bills with the help of the right POS solution.

As the restaurant industry continues to grow, with around 60% of consumers ordering delivery or takeout at least once per week, business leaders need to ensure they have the right technology in place to manage orders of all shapes and sizes.

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The Best Help Desk Software for Ecommerce

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The best ecommerce help desk software ensures you can give your customers the support and care they need most when theyโ€™re shopping online with your brand. A help desk software solution organizes all requests for guidance and help from different channels into one environment, so you can track your interactions with customers over time.

Help desk solutions for ecommerce also make it easier to keep track of problems your clients are having, and issues that still need to be addressed. This ensures you can have the best chance of maintaining happy, satisfied customers.

Today, weโ€™re going to look at some of the leading helpdesk solutions on the market, to help you make the right decision for your ecommerce store.

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The Best Manufacturing ERP Software for 2022

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The best manufacturing ERP software is the technology companies use to help track crucial processes throughout their business. With ERP technology, itโ€™s much easier for manufacturing companies to examine everything from the flow of inventory to HR information and supply chain issues.

Used correctly, an ERP solution in manufacturing will give business leaders access to all the tools they need to combine information from around the company. This comprehensive visibility into critical operations means companies can make decisions more rapidly. Whatโ€™s more, employees and groups in the business are more likely to operate efficiently with their colleagues.

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