Printify Review: Easy and Quick Way to Create Products With Your Designs

Ever thought about selling shower curtains with your original design printed on them?

How about coffee mugs with inside office jokes? Or statement phone cases?

These custom products are sold all over the internet, but the good news is that there's always room for more creativity.

After all, your ideas are going to be completely unique, allowing you to make money on your best designs.

The main problems you'll encounter involve fulfilment, billing, designing, and sourcing. Luckily, Printify takes care of all of these.

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Here's How Printify Works

The goal behind printing a unique design is to make money. However, your margins are cut down when you're required to source and fulfil the products yourself. But with Printify these problems are removed from the equation.

So, how does it work?

It's a four-step process.

  1. Choose which type of product you'd like to sell. For example, you might want to sell mugs or phone cases or t-shirts. These are the raw items you'll use to place your designs on.
  2. Create a design and place it on the product. Printify has design tools, so you can upload images, designs, logos and more. You basically just drop the design onto the product, then adjust things like size and whether or not you'd like something on the back of the product.
  3. Pick a provider. You'll often have multiple options when it comes to suppliers, and they let you request samples before you start selling products on your own site.
  4. Place the product on your site. Use the WooCommerce, Shopify, and Etsy integrations to speed up the process.
  5. Make a sale. Sit back and relax while Printify completes this entire step for you. This includes order fulfillment, manufacturing requests, billing, and shipping.

Therefore, you might pay, let's say, $12 for a t-shirt with your custom design on it. Then, you list the shirt for $30 on your own website. The fulfilment is all taken care of by Printify, so there are no extra charges involved in this process. Once the shirt is sold at the $30 price point, you make the difference of $18.

Nifty, huh?

Design a Wide Range of Products from High-Quality Print Providers

I've reviewed similar printing and fulfilment products like this before, but something stood out when I walked through Printify. Not only does the company cover all aspects of fulfilment for you, they also deliver on high-quality suppliers.

In fact, most of the options I see are located in the United States. You get lots of detailed information on the suppliers before you make a decision, and you can get samples of your products without any pushback.

Okay, so to start off, I went to the product selection page. On the left-hand side, it lets you filter through certain products like t-shirts, v-necks, tank tops, hoodies, laptop sleeves, bags, home decor, wall decals, and more.

The selection here is pretty impressive. I picked the Bags category and saw options for budget tote, AOP tote, school, and shoulder tote bags. You also don't have to settle for boring cotton t-shirts. The suppliers offer extremely specific product designs, with different materials, colors, sleeve cuts, and more.

After completing your product decision, it's time to see which print providers are available. For this, I'm looking at providers for regular white t-shirts. Printify reveals an incredible amount of information, like the minimum price you'll have to pay, average production time, and which areas of the shirt the provider will print on.

For instance:

One of the providers only supports back and front printing, while another will print on the neck and sleeve. You'll also see which sizes each provider can supply, along with the base colors. So, it all depends on your research of these providers, but Printify makes it pretty easy to make such comparisons.

For example, I only need to print a design on the front of my t-shirt, so paying the higher price to ArtGun doesn't make much sense to me.

However, I like the decent pricing from The Dream Junction, and the wide range of colors helps out as well.

After finding a good printing provider, you can go into the design modules to upload a photo or logo. This is a pretty simple design tool where the majority of your design work will be in something like Photoshop, prior to working in Printify. But you can always change views, zoom in, and add something to other locations on the product.

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One of the best parts about Printify is that it integrates directly into your online store. There's a Printify WordPress Plugin for those running WooCommerce shops, along with a Printify Shopify app for those on Shopify.

After your design is complete, you'll be able to see some mockups and set a description and price. Therefore, the product description and price will automatically drop into your online store without you having to manually do it.

As an example, the following screenshot lets you adjust the pricing for certain shirt sizes. Printify even has a calculation of how much profit you can expect from each sale.

The WooCommerce integration is pretty simple, seeing as how you only need to click on the button that applies to you. Printify has the Shopify and WooCommerce Connect buttons ready for you in your dashboard.

The WooCommerce integration video is shown below, but my guess is that the average user is going to have absolutely no problem figuring this out. Printify has done a wonderful job of expediting the integration process.

YouTube video

The company also has a full guide on how to connect Printify with a WooCommerce store.

Printify Review: Is it Right for You?

Printify isn't an app that lets your own customers design products. Rather, it's for when you have a brilliant t-shirt or mug idea and would like to start selling it online. It's also for those who don't want to worry about fulfilment, considering Printify covers that step in its entirety.

I'd argue that Printify is by far the best solution you have when it comes to quickly getting your custom products online for sale. The only things you have to worry about are design and selling. Once the sale is made, Printify takes over for you.

If you have any questions about this Printify review, or if you'd like to share your experience with Printify, drop a line in the comments below.

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