24 of the Best Selling Printify Products to Sell in 2024

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best printify products

If you’re looking for the top selling Printify products to add to your POD ecommerce store this year, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re starting your first store or just looking for ways to grow your revenue, Printify’s massive print-on-demand catalog is brimming with amazing options.

All of the products mentioned here aren’t just excellent for making a profit, they’re also highly customizable making it easy to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Let’s dive straight in.

What are Print on Demand Products?

Print-on-demand products are essentially white labelled products created by manufacturers that business leaders or creators can customize with their own elements and designs. For instance, you can add your logo or a unique pattern or photo to a t-shirt, mug, or a piece of wall art.

Unlike other models for creating custom products, print-on-demand also offers companies a way to minimize waste and risk. Products are only produced by vendors when an order is placed, and there are no minimum order quantities to adhere to.

Printify is one of the top vendors of print on demand products on the market today, connecting companies with hundreds of manufacturers across the globe.

The 24 Top-Selling Printify Products

Similar to Printful, Printify is one of the world’s top print-on-demand solutions, offering more than 850 customizable products for business leaders to choose from. The biggest challenge in using the platform, is deciding which items you’re going to sell.

We chose the options below based on both their future and current profit potential for online business owners.

1. T-Shirts (Various Styles)

t-shirts - Best Selling Printify Products

T-shirts are often the go-to item to stock for anyone investing on print-on-demand. The simple reason is they’re easy to create, and fantastic for earning profits.

In fact, revenue in the custom print T-shirt market hit around $4,314 million in 2022, and is expected to grow at a rate of 11.1% in the following years. While fashion seasons and trends come and go, t-shirts will always be an enduring wardrobe stable.

Whatever niche you cater to, you can create custom tees to suit your needs with Printify. The company offers a range of options to choose from, including crew-neck t-shirts, unisex shirts, eco-friendly tees, and more. You can even create t-shirts for children.

2. Hoodies and Sweatshirts

sweatshirts and hoodies - Best Selling Printify Products

Similar to t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are apparel items that seem to never go out of style. They’re ideal for the winter months, but they’re also fantastic for anyone in search of comfortable, versatile apparel. By 2030, the market for hoodies and sweatshirts is expected to reach $198.92 billion, and if you can create unique designs, you can earn more than your competitors.

Like t-shirts, Printify offers a variety of sweaters and t-shirts to suit every need, from zip up hoodies, to hooded sweatshirts, and crewneck sweatshirts.

The good thing about these items is they also make excellent gifts. You don’t necessarily need to know someone’s size to buy them a sweatshirt, as a larger size just makes for a cozier fit.

Plus, with Printify you can experiment with new trends, like all-over printing, to give your sweatshirts a truly unique aesthetic appeal.

3. Coffee Mugs

mugs - Best Selling Printify Products

Everyone needs drinkware, and coffee mugs are one of the most versatile and popular options on the market. They’re one of the most practical items to sell through your print on demand store, used by millions of people around the world.

You can design a best-selling coffee mug by adding everything from custom photos and images to motivational or funny quotes. Plus, there’s always the option to appeal to B2B customers, by allowing them to add their own logo to their mugs for branding purposes.

With Printify’s handy mockup generator, you can easily add a range of wrap-around designs to coffee mugs in a couple of minutes. Plus, since these products are so affordable to make, you can benefit from relatively high profit margins too.

4. Phone Cases

There are more than 7.33 billion smartphone owners worldwide, and many of these consumers are constantly searching for fun ways to customize and protect their devices. Since they offer a flat surface to print on, phone cases are relatively easy to customize with unique patterns.

You can appeal to virtually any target audience with the right collection of phone cases, and offer options suitable for various devices. Plus, Printify offers an excellent range of unique customizable products, including reinforced and eco-friendly models.

You could even experiment with limited-time release designs, based on current trends, or allow customers to upload their own photos and quotes to your phone cases.

5. Canvas Prints

Print-on-demand is an excellent tool for the home décor landscape. As consumes look for more ways to decorate their home with fun and quirky art, canvas prints are growing in popularity. Even though they’re extremely affordable to create, they often look like high-quality, premium products.

With Printify, custom prints can be added to a huge range of canvas varieties, from full-body frames with a wood grain, to clean, stretched canvas designs. Custom wall art (including canvas prints) is a popular part of the luxury product segment, which is predicted to increase to a value of $72.6 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 5.9%.

All you need to do to make a consistent profit is find the right art to add to your designs.

6. Tote Bags

Another product that’s extremely easy to create, and very popular in the modern world, tote bags are a fantastic choice for print-on-demand vendors. These products have always been appealing to a wide range of customers, looking for attractive and practical accessories.

The great thing about tote bags is they have grown more appealing in recent years, as more supermarkets and stores phase out plastic bags. By 2030, studies show that the market for tote bags is expected to reach a value of around $3.6 billion.

Custom tote bags can even help to increase your sales. Since they’re so affordable to create, you can offer them as free gifts to customers who purchase a certain amount of products from your store, improving your chances of higher revenue.

7. Tank Tops

Like T-Shirts, tank tops are a wardrobe staple for many consumers. They’re easy to wear as either a standalone item, or as part of a layered ensemble. What’s more, these items are particularly popular during the summer months, when consumers want to stay cool, but fashionable.

Tank tops aren’t just attractive for everyday consumers, they also appeal to a growing number of customers purchasing products in the activewear section. By 2032, experts say the activewear market will grow to a value of $771.8 billion, representing an amazing opportunity for brands.

Printify offers a wide range of tank tops to choose from, including fitted and unisex garments, and eco-friendly products for those building a more sustainable fashion brand.

8. Posters

posters - Best Selling Printify Products

Posters are one of the cheapest products to produce in the modern world, making them ideal for companies looking to earn a high profit margin with minimal upfront investment. They appeal to a wide range of consumers, from students looking to decorate dorms, to young consumers.

Posters are highly versatile, with glossy and matte prints available to suit your specific needs. You can even offer a range of different posters throughout the year, or experiment with options like art prints and motivational quotes.

Posters can even double up as other items like calendars, with custom designs showing the dates of the year, and a customizable surface users can draw on.

9. Face Masks

While face masks aren’t as popular today as they were at the start of the pandemic, they still appeal to a wide range of consumers. In the professional world, and healthcare landscape, where professionals feel the need to protect themselves against exposure to germs, face masks are essential.

They’re still expected to earn a revenue of around $3 billion by 2027, so there are plenty of opportunities for excellent sales. Plus, you can always consider offering face masks as a free gift to your consumers (similar to tote bags) to increase your chances of sales.

Printify’s custom face masks include everything from lightweight neck gaiters to fabric face masks and fitted options. They’re very affordable to create, so you can expect to earn quite a decent profit margin if you get your pricing right.

10. Wall Clocks

Wall clocks offer an excellent opportunity to stand out in the print on demand market if you’re investing in the home décor niche. They’re one of the most practical home accessories, combining useful information with beautiful design.

Printify’s wall clocks are made with high-quality materials, like a wooden frame and plexiglass face for durability, and they feature a silent clock mechanism to minimize annoying ticking. Because the back of the clock face is flat, it’s easy to customize with a range of designs.

If you want to give your consumers a wide variety of ways to customize their bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and other locations, then wall clocks are an excellent choice.

11. Water Bottles

Another wonderfully practical choice for any print-on-demand store, water bottles are an excellent choice if you want to make a high profit from custom items. They’re reasonably easy to create, and they’re ideal for appealing to a wide range of eco-conscious customers.

Reusable water bottles have grown increasingly popular as consumers look for ways to cut down on their plastic waste and emissions. Growing awareness of environmental hazards has prompted rapid growth in this industry, with market value growing at a CAGR of 4.4%.

Printify offers a wide variety of water bottles to choose from, including options that can retain their temperature for hot and cold drinks. You can even create stainless steel water bottles with unique lids and carry handles.

12. Beach Towels

Towels of all kinds can be a fantastic print-on-demand product to add to your growing store. Like many of the items mentioned here already, they’re a practical choice that appeal to virtually every type of customer. Beach towels are particularly popular during the spring and summer seasons.

When consumers start planning vacations, they begin shopping for beach towels that allow them to showcase their personality when they’re travelling around the world. Beach towels are relatively affordable to create, and come in a variety of sizes to suit different audiences.

Plus, once again, because they give you a flat surface to print on, it’s easy to convert any design or pattern into an amazing towel.

13. Throw Pillows

If you’re diving into the home décor segment, throw pillows are a must-have for your print on demand brand. They’re comfy and affordable, and great for adding something extra to bedrooms or living rooms. With the right design, and a washable, removeable cover, you can attract a huge audience. Plus, Printify gives you tons of options to experiment with.

You can create faux suede throw pillows, broadcloth pillows, polyester pillows, and even lumbar pillows to offer consumers better back support. You could even keep costs extremely low by creating pillow covers, so customers can change the design of their throw pillows at any time.

As an added bonus, Printify also offers waterproof pillows, so you can give your customers the option to decorate their outdoor furniture too.

14. Blankets

Like throw pillows, blankets offer a fantastic opportunity to bring comfort into a home. Blankets appeal to virtually every type of consumer, particularly during the colder seasons, when consumers are looking for additional warmth.

By 2029, studies show the market for blankets is expected to reach around $10.63 billion, giving you plenty of opportunities for profits. They even make popular gifts, and some businesses even offer their employees blankets as part of a reward program.

Best-sellers on Printify include Velveteen plush blankets with a super soft texture, to dual color sherpa fleece blankets and comforters. You can even create “crushed velvet” blankets, boho beach cloths, and snuggle blankets featuring your designs.

15. Notebooks

Even in a world where many of us can make notes on our phones or computers, many prefer the experience of writing in a notebook. Custom notebooks can be a very profitable investment for print-on-demand vendors, appealing to a range of demographics.

Sales of notebooks tend to increase during the “back to school” season, as students and professors search for supplies for the academic year. However, they can also sell year-round, thanks to the consistent demand for office supplies.

The global office supplies market is expected to continue growing steadily in the years ahead, reaching around $149.4 billion in value by 2028. You can even create journals and planners on Printify to suit a range of needs.

16. Aprons

Since the pandemic, the home cooking trend has skyrocketed. Many consumers started cooking meals at home during this time. What’s more, as the economy has continued to struggle, a lot of consumers are exploring the concept of producing their own meals with various ingredients.

By 2028, the market for aprons is expected to reach around $901.42 million, and you can appeal to a wide variety of buyers by experimenting with fun and quirky custom designs.

Printify’s sellers offer apron options in a range of styles, including those with adjustable neck sections, to ensure your customers can always get the perfect fit.

17. Coasters

If you’re looking for an affordable way to build out your collection of print-on-demand home accessories, coasters could be an excellent choice. They’re easy to design, with a clean flat surface that comes in a range of shapes, from circles to squares.

Coasters aren’t just visually appealing, they’re also practical, giving consumers a way to protect their expensive furniture from water stains and deterioration. With Printify, you can produce a beautiful selection of coasters, from corkwood sets to hardback coasters.

You could even think about creating product bundles, offering coffee mugs with their own matching coaster to increase your chances of higher sales.

18. Baseball Caps

Hats of all kinds can be an excellent way to complete an outfit, and showcase your personality. They’re often practical too, giving users a useful way to keep the sun out of their eyes, or avoid the wind during more blustery seasons.

Baseball caps are particularly popular because they’re so versatile. They appeal to a wide range of customers of every age and gender. In fact, according to reports, the market for baseball caps is expected to reach a value of around $31.5 billion by 2030.

With Printify, you have the opportunity to create a wide range of baseball caps with different slogans and designs. You can even use embroidery to create premium-looking baseball caps with a raised pattern on the surface.

19. Stickers

stickers - Best Selling Printify Products

For those looking to sell cheaper products for a higher margin, stickers are an extremely popular option in the print on demand market. They’re easy to design and reproduce, and can even be used to help market your business and increase brand awareness.

For instance, you could add a free sticker to every product you sell, boosting your chances of customers remembering your brand name and business. Stickers sell well in bulk too, and have minimal shipping costs, because they’re so lightweight.

Printify offers an excellent selection of kiss-cut, die-cut and bumper stickers. Plus, you can expand your product collection by exploring magnet designs too.

20. Jigsaw Puzzles

They might seem a little old-fashioned in today’s digital world, but jigsaw puzzles are far more popular than most vendors realize. By 2028, the market for puzzles is expected to reach a value of $3.4 billion, and you can earn an amazing income by selling custom designs.

Puzzles appeal to a wide range of consumers, including parents and guardians looking for fun ways to teach motor skills to their youngsters. Plus, they’re extremely popular around the holiday season when people are looking for interesting gifts.

You can even offer your buyers the opportunity to customize their own puzzles, uploading their favorite family photos onto the canvas.

21. Laptop Sleeves

Virtually everyone has either a computer, tablet, or a laptop these days. These devices have become essential not just to our professional lives, but for accessing entertainment too. Like phones, consumers want an effective way to protect their laptops when they’re on the move.

By 2030, the market for laptop sleeves is expected to grow to a value of $2.79 billion. If you can offer your customers a durable and padded sleeve, capable of protecting the sensitive components of their expensive computer systems, you can make a great profit.

Printify even offers a range of sizes to choose from, so you can connect with customers shopping for standard laptops with varying screen sizes, and mac books too.

22. Shower Curtains

Another popular choice for those producing home décor items, shower curtains are both aesthetically appealing and practical. They offer an easy way for consumers to adjust the appearance of their bathrooms, while also protecting floors and surfaces from exposure to water.

Shower curtains are extremely easy to customize with a range of patterns and designs, and they’re relatively affordable to produce. Printify offers dye sublimation shower curtains, which ensure your designs look vibrant and beautiful, no matter what.

The products sold by Printify’s vendors are also resistant to water and damage, making them an excellent, durable solution for homeowners.

23. Custom Socks

Everyone needs socks. The global socks market is expected to reach a value of $24.16 billion by 2025 alone. What’s more, these products are easy and affordable to create. These essential basics represent one of the most popular and profitable print-on-demand products for beginners.

As an affordable novelty, and a practical item, these products appeal to a huge range of customers. They also make for fantastic gifts, thanks to their one-size-fits-all design. Printify offers a variety of mid-length and crew socks, sublimation socks, and even recycled eco-friendly socks.

You can even produce cushioned socks to deliver more comfort to runners and athletes. Alternatively, you could consider creating a monthly sock subscription service.

24. Baby Clothes

Every parent wants the best for their children, which means they’re more likely to spend a little extra on comfortable, durable, and attractive clothing items. Whether you’re interested in creating infant t-shirts, jerseys, or body suits, there are plenty of options on Printify.

Baby clothes give you an excellent way to build out your print on demand apparel business with products that appeal to all kinds of consumers. You can even create eco-friendly items on Printify, ensuring you connect with the growing market of sustainable shoppers.

With a potential market size of around $291.76 billion by 2030, baby clothes aren’t going to lose their value any time soon.

How do I Increase Sales on Printify?

Notably, Printify isn’t a print-on-demand marketplace, so you don’t sell products through the platform directly. Instead, you integrate Printify with your ecommerce platform, marketplace, and other selling tools, to sell custom items through various channels.

If you want to boost your chances of higher sales with Printify products, you can try the following strategies:

  • Optimize product photos and descriptions: Customers shopping for customized products on your ecommerce store can’t see the item in person. They’re reliant on you to provide useful images and product descriptions. Ensure your product pages are informative, SEO-optimized, and useful, with access to sizing charts and delivery information.
  • Provide clear insights into shipping: While some customers are willing to wait a little longer to receive a customized product, they still want transparent insights into shipping times. Make sure you’re clear about how long shipping takes from your store.
  • Create urgency: Consider leveraging the power of “FOMO” by using limited-time discounts, countdown timers, and other methods on your store. You can even use a pop-up tool to show how many customers are buying your products already.
  • Connect with email subscribers: Creating an email contact list is an excellent way to consistently connect with and nurture your audience. Create an automated email marketing strategy so you can connect with email subscribers about new products and promotions.
  • Boost your social media presence: Social media is fantastic for showcasing your print-on-demand products. Channels like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest can help you to attract a wider audience. Plus, you can even consider working with influencers to boost reach.
  • Offer free shipping: Shipping costs cause almost 50% of customers to abandon their carts. Offering free shipping is one of the best ways to increase sales. It can also increase your income, if you offer free shipping as a bonus to customers who spend a certain amount.

Additional Tips for Increasing Printify Sales

There are plenty of other ways to increase sales with Printify too. For instance, with Printify, you’re not limited to selling exclusively through an online ecommerce platform like Shopify. You can also sell your print-on-demand products through marketplaces and social media.

You can also boost your conversions with the following tips:

  • Create exclusive or limited edition designs: POD vendors offer a no-risk way to experiment with unique sales strategies. You could consider creating limited edition products for your customers, or exclusive designs for certain periods.
  • Be sustainable: Countless consumers are now focusing on sustainability when purchasing fashion products and other items. Printify offers a range of eco-friendly and sustainable garments, which can help to differentiate you from your competition.
  • Offer personalization: With print on demand, it’s easy to add specific requests to each order for personalization. You can allow customers to get their name embroidered onto a shirt, or request a specific picture or photo be added to a product.
  • Use custom branding: One of the biggest benefits of POD over dropshipping is it gives you an opportunity to make your brand stand out. Work with Printify to create custom unboxing experiences with unique labels and branded invoices.
  • Understand customer behavior: Use the analytics you collect from your website and social media sites to learn more about your customers and their purchasing behaviors. The more data you gather, the easier it will be to create high-selling products.
  • Experiment with your portfolio: Branch into new product categories, and consider offering garments and products in different sizes. The more options you have to offer, the more sales you’ll potentially earn.
  • Offer discounts: Discounts and deals are some of the best ways to convince any customer to make a purchase. Experiment with strategies like discount codes for your subscribers, or unique sales events.

How do I start selling on Printify?

Purchasing products through Printify and selling them on your online store is much easier than it seems. First, all you need to do is create a Printify account, and connect it to the marketplace, or ecommerce platform you’re going to be using. Printify offers a range of simple integration options so you can add products to store pages instantly.

From there:

  1. Select your products: Use Printify’s product library to find items you want to add to your store. You can then use the mock-up generator offered by the platform to add your customized designs, logos, and other features.
  2. Choose your vendor: With Printify, you’ll have a range of manufacturers or vendors to choose from for every item you produce. You can sort through vendors based on their location, rating, and other factors.
  3. Set your pricing: Choose a price for your products based on the core cost of producing the item, and the average profit margin you want to achieve. Remember to think about shipping costs too if you’re going to be offering free shipping.
  4. Create product pages: On your marketplace or website, use your Printify mock-ups and photos you take of sample products to create an attractive product page. Make sure you include plenty of useful details about the product in your description.

Once you add your products to your website or storefront, every time a customer places an order, you’ll be able to automatically send their information through to your vendor. They’ll then handle the process of creating, packaging, and shipping the order for you.

The full list of Printify top selling products above should give you some useful insights into the best products you can sell on your store. T

Here are a few other places you can look for inspiration if you’re struggling, for instance:

Use Google to search for product ideas, or access Google trends to look at the level of interest connected to specific products you’re considering. You can even compare products on Google Trends to see which one gets the most search volume.

Social Media Channels

Social media is a goldmine of valuable information for anyone who’s struggling to find product ideas. You can use social monitoring tools to find out what customers are talking about, or tools like Pinterest Trends and YouTube trending topics.

SEO Tools

SEO tools like Google Ads and SEMRush are fantastic for finding out which search terms are getting the most volume. Typing a word for a product into one of these platforms will let you know how popular it is.

Influencer Websites

Checking out the products promoted by influencers and market leaders in your space can help give you an insight into what kinds of products are generating the most attention. For instance, eco-friendly products are popular among influencers right now.

Good luck finding the best products to sell from Printify!

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