The Ultimate 3dcart Ecommerce Reviews (Dec 2022)

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3dcart was founded in 1997 and is a well-known ecommerce platform designed to help e-store owners be as competitive as possible. With a plethora of features built directly into the software, opening and running an online store is fast and effortless. As of 2014, they power more than 17,500 global merchants. Read this 3dcart review to see why this company is regarded as one of the top ecommerce platforms.

3dcart Reviews: Features

The features through 3dcart are rather plentiful, with mobile selling, and some of the best tools for selling on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Pretty much everything is built-in, giving you access to things like a blog, newsletters, CRM, and email. The backend dashboard is super easy to play around with, and they have a responsive version of the dashboard for making quick updates while on the go.

What's most interesting is that 3dcart has a powerful API for integrating with various other apps and tools. We like this for more advanced developers who really want to get in there and customize.


Along with selling through social sites, you can connect your store to places like Amazon, eBay, and Shopzilla.

They also offer an app store with a substantial number of add-ons, even though the platform doesn't offer as many add-ons as Shopify or BigCommerce they still offer access to the most important ones such as Quickbooks, Shipwire, and ShareASale.

3dcart Reviews: Ease of Use


Upon landing on the 3dcart dashboard, you'll be able to recognize where to go to start building little pieces of your website. It looks similar to WordPress and Shopify, and both of those are fairly easy to understand, with the navigational bar on the left-hand side. We particularly enjoy the fact that 3dcart has a few intro and tutorial videos right on the dashboard. This isn't always the case with ecommerce platforms, so the support here is smooth.

In addition, the steps you need to take are all outlined right in the dashboard, walking you through tasks like customizing your store, adding a product, selecting a payment method and setting up your shipping methods. Other tabs on the left include Orders, Products, Customers, Marketing, and Reports.


So, let's say you want to add a product. Is it easy to do? It's really not that bad, but I would say that the product pages look a little more intimidating than that of Shopify and BigCommerce. However, everything is there like images, categories, pricing, shipping, descriptions, keywords, discounts and upselling. In fact, I would argue that the product page is more similar to BigCommerce because they have tons of product features built-in here. Whereas Shopify is more simple and watered down, but you are expected to use apps.

3dcart Reviews: Pricing

The pricing is 3dcart is pretty straightforward, as the company offers five plans to choose from. Some people may think that this will make the decision a little tougher, but it's always for the better that you have more pricing options. This way, you don't have to get stuck paying for a plan that's too robust or one that doesn't have enough features.

  • Nano Plan – For $9.99 per month you receive support for up to 25 products, a maximum of 2,000 monthly visitors and 1,000 newsletter sends.
  • Mini Plan – For $19.99 per month you receive support for up to 200 products, a maximum of 4,000 monthly visitors and 1,000 newsletter sends.
  • Starter Plan – For $35.99 per month you receive support for up to 1000 products, a maximum of 8,000 monthly visitors and 2,000 newsletter sends.
  • Professional Plan – For $65.99 per month you receive support for up to 10,000 products, a maximum of 20,000 monthly visitors and 5,000 newsletter sends.
  • Professional Plus Plan – Advertised as the most popular option from 3dcart, the professional plus plan goes for $99.99 per month, and you receive support for an unlimited amount of products, a maximum of 50,000 monthly visitors and 20,000 newsletter sends.

Keep in mind that you get no transaction or setup fees for all of the plans. In addition, each plan includes the following:

  • Domain Registration
  • API access
  • 24/7 support
  • Over 100 payment providers
  • A Bing Ads credit
  • Facebook store

Also, if you decide to pay for your plan on a yearly basis, the monthly costs drop a bit. And you get three extra months for free.  Finally, a 15-day trial is offered.

3dcart Reviews: Templates


The theme store is connected to the dashboard, so you can quickly jump in and out of it by choosing and testing out different themes that catch your eye. Over 100 conversion optimized templates are available, and they all look nice on mobile devices.

Upon first glance, I felt like the templates were a little rudimentary, but I just wasn't looking at the right ones. They actually have a strong variety of designs, so if you'd like to go with a more modern look, that's available. If you're more into a professional design, with a simple header and navigation buttons, that's an option as well. Overall. The themes are quite impressive, and you don't need to pay for any of them, which is a huge bonus.

Not to mention, one thing you'll notice with Shopify is that many of their themes are super similar, with a few colors or items modified. That's not the case with 3dcart, as each theme is unique in its own way, and they have some wonderful solutions catered to certain industries as well. For example, if you'd like to sell music equipment, they have a theme for you.

3dcart Reviews: Inventory


Managing inventory is pretty smooth, considering you can check in on your orders and quickly see which items you need to restock. In addition, all of your items are outlined in a huge list, which has filtering and inventory management fields provided. We also enjoy that you receive a page reserved just for a waiting list, meaning that customers waiting for products show up here. This you can't find in most ecommerce platforms.

3dcart Reviews: SEO & Marketing

In terms of SEO, 3dcart has the tools compiled under the Marketing tab. This is much easier to find than with other systems, and it's all compiled into one page. The SEO settings look a little confusing, but most of the check boxes you need are already checked off. For example, you have access to settings for changing URLs, canonical URLs, robots.txt, Google Analytics, social links, rich snippets, sitemaps and much more.

You might also be interested in a separate article to find out which is the best shopping cart software for SEO.


The Marketing tab is packed with items for you to promote your store. Some of these nifty items include like buttons, social bookmarking, promotions, auto responders, email newsletters, group certificates and connections to shopping engines.

3dcart reviews: Payments

Just about every payment option you need is in the 3dcart system. You can accept credit cards, cash, check, money order, split payments and more. And it has the functionality to work with brick and mortar stores as well. Over 160 payment options are available to choose from, and there's a quick key on the dashboard for going to the right page to set it up.

You'll also get a smooth integration with QuickBooks for managing your accounting records in one place.

3dcart Reviews: Security

3dcart is Level 1 PCI compliant, which means that you get the same security used by large financial institutions and banks. Your customer data should always remain safe, and you shouldn't have to worry about losing anything on your end. The company also uses a tool called FraudWatch, which monitors certain transactions, alerting you when something looks fishy. A free SSL certificate is also given to you with your plan.

3dcart Reviews: Customer Support


If you go with 3dcart, the customer support team is available 24/7. We'd argue that those who crave the ultimate customer service will find exactly what they need with 3dcart. You can call the company at anytime, send in an email or go to the knowledge base to complete your own research. User manuals, videos, webinars, blog posts and something called Ecommerce University is all there for you to educate yourself on the system. They can even connect you with third-party design experts if you'd like to work on your branding.

3dcart Reviews: Conclusion

3dcart offers most of the tools you need to sell your products online. As you can see in this review, it does have a few drawbacks compared to other platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify.

One advantage 3dcart does have over other competitors is the fact that the platform is very easy for everyone to use, while still offering more advanced features for those designers who need it. In addition, the customer support team is amazing and the themes are rather tempting. If you are still on the fence, then I suggest you sign up for this 30-day free trial, or you can check out my Shopify and BigCommerce reviews.

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