Best White Label Website Builders: 7 Options to Consider

Are you searching for the best white label website builder?

White labelling is a common concept for agencies and professionals in the graphic design space. Unlike other website building tools that are clearly designed by companies like Wix or Shopify, a white label website builder allows pros to put their own branding into the experience.

Imagine you were running a web design company and you wanted to show your customers how you’re bringing their design ideas to life.

Walking them through the steps that you use on a Magento or WordPress site won’t be as impressive as showing them a back end with your company’s logo and colors. White label solutions are the perfect way for a reseller or site builder to build a name for themselves.

So, which are the best white label website builders available right now?

That’s what we’re here to find out.

What is a White Label Website Builder?

As mentioned above, white labelling is a go-to-market strategy used by resellers, agencies, and freelancers alike. A white label solution erases all the branding from the service in question, so you can add your own image instead.

For instance, if you choose a Wix white label experience to build websites for your customers, they wouldn’t be able to see any Wix branding that indicates you used that service. Instead, they’ll just see your branding, including your colors, features, and logo. You can even use your white label website builder to create a customer portal where clients can update their website when they need to.

Whenever they log into the back end to update components, they’ll see your own branding, reminding them why they’re working with you.

White labelling comes with a lot of benefits for companies that create and resell websites. You can increase your customer base, improve website traffic, and even access more profit, because your customers don’t know how much it costs to build a website with your chosen tools.

White labelling is a strategy that companies use when they want to go beyond simply reselling solutions made by other companies. Although you still get to access the technology created by the company that you choose, you do it in a way that allows you to maintain ownership of the customer.

When you use a white labelling service, there’s not as much risk that your clients will decide that they’re going to cut out the middle man and just go and sign up for the website builder you’re using to create their site, and do things themselves. You get to offer a more memorable and meaningful customer experience.

Now that you know what it means to use a whitelabel website builder, let’s take a look at some of the most appealing options.

1. Wix – Best White Label Website Builder

wix whitelabel website builder homepage

Wix is one of the better-known website building solutions on the market today, offering excellent simplicity, convenience, and customization. The all-in-one website builder doesn’t come with a traditional white label solution, but you can become an affiliate to earn money generated on a Wix site or become a Wix “partner” which allows you to add your own branding spin to the mix.

The Wix partner program ensures that you earn points every time that you create a client website. You also get a range of exclusive benefits to help you scale your company. You can create a seamless experience with Wix, complete with client feedback, custom branding, and a comprehensive client billing system that you control.

Wix partners get access to a comprehensive backend environment for building website, but they also get a bunch of extra features too, like priority support, a dedicated account manager, and custom solutions. Some other features you can expect include:

  • Comprehensive service and support from Wix
  • Direct support from developers
  • 20% revenue earning share
  • Support to join the Wix marketplace
  • Feedback from customers
  • Custom client building
  • Unique branding

Pricing 💰

The pricing for the Wix partner program is a little less transparent than the costs of just building a Wix website. You’ll need to reach out to the team and provide them with some information on what you want to do. From there, they’ll give you a tailored quote.

Pros 👍

  • Great support and developer access
  • Wix marketplace support
  • Custom branding
  • Excellent range of feature
  • Lots of extra ways to serve customers

Cons 👎

  • Not true white labelling
  • Limited profits

2. HubSpot CMS Hub

hubspot cms hub - best white label website builder

HubSpot CMS Hub is a powerful website builder that allows you to take advantage of HubSpot’s world class CRM to personalize your website visitors’ experiences while staying true to your brand.

HubSpot is a CRM platform that was designed with the intention of helping grow your business and this website builder does just that, allowing you to optimize your marketing, sales, customer service, and operations.

Every interaction someone has with your website is automatically stored in the free CRM. This is valuable information you can use in your marketing campaigns, to close more sales, and to provide faster customer support.

It’s great for marketers as it requires little to no technical knowledge and the user interface is made to help you optimize your site and content. But for more advanced needs, it offers great resources and customizability for developers, and security is fully handled on HubSpot’s side, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up to date with plugins and constantly monitoring for attacks.

Features include:

  • Fully integrated CRM
  • Custom as-you-type SEO recommendations
  • Large selection of original website themes
  • Drag-and-drop website page editor
  • Adaptive page testing
  • Contact attribution reporting
  • Local website development
  • Serverless functions
  • ​​24/7 security monitoring & threat detection
  • Content delivery network & custom CDN configuration

Pricing 💰

HubSpot CMS Hub comes with a free 14-day trial that allows you to fully test out all the features. Plans start at $25 per month and you also get all of HubSpot’s free marketing, sales, customer service, and operations tools, as well as the CRM.

Pros 👍

  1. No technical skills required
  2. Custom SEO recommendations
  3. Built-in SSL certification and security features
  4. Free HubSpot CRM
  5. Website page personalization features
  6. Extensive developer documentation and active online community

Cons 👎

  • No free plan

3. Strikingly

strikingly whitelabel website builder homepage

Strikingly is one of the better-known solutions for white label website building on the market today. The company has been around for quite some time, with millions of professionals and creatives advocating the fantastic features. Strikingly aims to provide users with the simplest website editing experience they can get, and there are tons of ways to get involved.

The white label solution from Strikingly is a reseller and agency program that supports freelancers and companies in building stores and landing pages. The program offers a competitive bulk pricing strategy for companies that want to build many sites. Plus, you get access to the full editor suite and reseller tools too.

The reseller dashboard is co-branded, so you can add your spin, although you can’t get rid of the Strikingly design entirely. You will need to show your customers that you’re working with Strikingly, which might be a problem for some agencies. Strikingly is a good choice for digital agencies and freelancers who want to build quick profits, features include:

  • Simple site building with free hosting
  • No code or design experience needed
  • Robust functionality
  • Discount pricing
  • Extended pro trials
  • 24/7 support
  • Excellent collaboration options

Pricing 💰

As you might expect, the pricing for Strikingly depends on how many sites you’re going to build. Resellers need to commit to a minimum purchase of at least 20 sites to join the program, and you get those sites for a bulk price. Fortunately, there are a lot of features involved, including the option to offer eCommerce sites.

Pros 👍

  • Ecommerce and hosting built-in
  • No massive need for coding knowledge
  • Great discount pricing strategy
  • Tons of way to build customer loyalty
  • 24/7 support and service

Cons 👎

  • Co-branding, so not fully white-labelled
  • Can be a bit expensive

4. Squarespace

squarespace whitelabel website builder homepage

To get white label website building functionality from Squarespace, you’ll need to join “Circle”. The Circle environment offers Squarespace site builders the chance to access all kinds of tools, community support, educational components and perks.

With Circle, you can design your websites for customers using a fully customizable environment with all the features you know and love from Squarespace. Like many leading platforms on the market today, there are plenty of features to get you started, from a comprehensive resource hub, to optimized customer service support, and a comprehensive training program too. There’s also the option to boost your chances of leads with the Squarespace marketplace.

One of the best features of the Squarespace service is the community, where you can connect with other professionals and exchange ideas. There are circle events, and creative collaboration opportunities, plus a comprehensive forum. Features of Circle include:

  • Comprehensive community support
  • Discounts for new sites
  • Trial periods up to 6 months
  • Support for beta tests
  • Early release notes
  • Excellent range of features
  • Global recognition
  • Organized calendars

Again, with this Squarespace system, you don’t get a fully white labelled experience, as you’ll still be showcasing the Squarespace Circle badge.

Pricing 💰

Circle membership is currently free for freelancers and agencies. You’ll need to be eligible to get involved, however. There’s no extra fee to start using the service, but you will need to pay for the Squarespace sites and features you access for customers, so it’s important to keep that in mind.

Pros 👍

  • Great community support
  • Long trial periods
  • Great discounts
  • Excellent selection of features
  • Global recognition for your brand

Cons 👎

  • Not fully white-labelled
  • May not be suitable for all customers

5. Weebly

weebly whitelabel website builder homepageWeebly is a great website building tool with branding potential for smaller companies and freelance website designers. The Weebly designer’s system is intended for smaller companies. The platform comes with a backend dashboard that you can rebrand fully to suit your business, and there are absolutely no upfront fees to get you started.

With the Weebly Designer Platform, you can use the comprehensive Weebly back-end editor and get templates and hosting totally free of charge. You only have to pay when the site goes large, and you’ll usually spend around $8 to $25 per month on the published site. Weebly supports designers in charging their clients higher fees so you can make a good profit.

The advanced website builder comes with a WebPro plan too, which is a subscription service that offers access to things like unlimited hosting, free SSL certificates and the options to create entirely branded websites. Features include:

  • Comprehensive code control for your website
  • Ecommerce support for stores
  • Shared admin access rights
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop builder
  • Custom client portal
  • Comprehensive client permissions
  • Entirely free hosting and SSL certifications
  • Great extra package options

Pricing 💰

As mentioned above, it’s free to use the Weebly Designer platform if you’re just accessing the basic features. You simply pay for the cost of hosting the website once it goes live. If you do want extra features, you can use the bonus WebPro solution for $30 per month.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent code and branding controls
  • Ecommerce support
  • Shared administration options
  • Lots of free features
  • Great client portal

Cons 👎

  • Not intended for larger companies

6. Duda

duda whitelabel website builder homepageFinally, we come to Duda, an impressive solution for building an online store or your own website. There’s a white label program available to team and agency users, which comes with a variety of fantastic white label tools, from a full version of the store builder to site preview screens for checking out your white labelling creations.

The URLs for these tools are delivered under the name of the creator, so you can rest assured that you’re going to be able to maintain a great brand image. You can even access wholesale pricing options, so you can make the most of plenty of bandwidth and support when you’re designing websites for clients around the world.

From the custom domain name options to a comprehensive client login screen where you can interact with your patrons, Duda has plenty to offer. You can even set easy editing elements for your clients, so they can adjust parts of their site alone. Features include:

  • Landing pages for lead creation
  • Permission and control elements
  • Email notifications
  • Website previews
  • Easy editing
  • Client dashboard for your customers
  • Client login screen
  • Custom website builder with branding
  • Plenty of guidance and FAQ support

Pricing 💰

Like many of the white label website builders mentioned here, Duda offers a free trial to help you explore the features before you dive in. After that, you can purchase functionality per site, or access support for your team for prices of $14, $22, or $44 per month. For larger companies, there is an option to create a custom plan.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent range of white labelled features
  • Client login and portal options
  • Range of easy to use templates
  • Easy editing and website preview
  • Email notifications and updates
  • Permission and control options
  • Great for team-based website building
  • Sell sites with your own domain name

Cons 👎

  • Lacking some high-level functionality
  • Some limitations in support

7. Simvoly

simvoly whitelabel website builder homepageSimvoly is a website builder that promises a straightforward and reliable creation experience. You can design everything from eCommerce websites to sales funnels in one place. The white label builder allows you to go beyond the basics with things like SEO and design elements.

If you want to set up a store with all the functionality of Amazon, but you need to maintain a brand image, Simvoly could be the choice for you. This drag-and-drop builder is excellent for giving you full control over your web design, and you can really get into the smaller elements of website creation, perfect for agencies.

There are sales funnels included as part of your website design experience, and you don’t need a lot of HTML or API knowledge to start building. Most of the technology needed to start selling online is included without the need for plugins too. Some of the features include:

  • Drag and drop website building
  • Lots of beautiful templates
  • Funnel creation with A/B testing
  • White labelled content
  • Ecommerce functionality
  • Built-in CRM
  • Memberships
  • Appointments and booking
  • Custom checkout pages

Pricing 💰

Simvoly is extremely affordable for agencies, with a free trial available to get you started. Once you’ve checked out the technology, and you’re ready to invest, paid packages start from around $12 per month and range all the way up to $199 per month.

Pros 👍

  • Comprehensive white label package
  • Fees for agencies start very low
  • Lots of custom website options
  • Easy enough to operate with drag and drop builder
  • CRM and other unique features included
  • Useful for adding sales funnels to your business model

Cons 👎

  • Can be complicated in some areas
  • Not very well-known

8. IM Creator

im creator whitelabel website builder homepage

Another fantastic choice for companies creating custom websites, IM Creator will give you everything you need to design DIY websites. There are tons of CSS and coding choices, plenty of customer support, and various areas to add your own logo, or your own brand elements. You can start with a small initial investment and publish endless sites.

If you need more options with your site builder, such as cPanel options, and APIs, then you can access this through the “host it yourself” package. This solution is great for white labelling, and you don’t need a ton of technical knowledge -though extra options are available.

IM Creator allows you to adjust your white label experience according to your needs. The drag and drop editor is extremely easy to use, and you get a range of great templates to start you off too. There’s even app creation included. Features include:

  • Tons of beautiful themes and template
  • SEO support
  • HTML5 editing
  • Forms and eCommerce
  • Seasonal theme collections
  • Hosting and email options
  • Drag and drop editor
  • App creation

Pricing 💰

This white label solution from IM Creator comes with free initial trial to help you test out the features, then a premium account starts at $8 per month. You can access unlimited licensing and white labelling for around $350 per year.

Pros 👍

  • Great pricing options
  • Lots of editing options including widgets for social media
  • App creation
  • SEO support
  • Lots of great templates
  • Drag and drop functionality

Cons 👎

  • Can be an expensive initial investment

Finishing Thoughts

A white label website builder is an excellent tool for any agency or individual who wants to demonstrate their skills as a site creator. White labeling can help you to build a name for yourself as a designer or coding professional, while still giving you the functionality you need. There’s no need to design every website from scratch when white labelled tools are there to help you.

Remember, many of the options mentioned above do come with their own free trial options, so you can check how the functionality works, without spending a fortune jumping between packages. Good luck finding the white label experience that’s right for you.

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