Printful Review: Higher Quality Printing and Dropshipping

If you've been in the printing business for more than, say, a month, you know how difficult it can be to find a printer that provides quality prints, delivers on time, and answers the questions to your customer support. There's a large collection of printing and fulfillment companies out there, and Printful is one of them.

In fact, Printful also falls into the category of dropshipper, or a supplier that stores the products for you, packages them, and ships them out to your customers after a purchase. So, essentially, all you have to do is upload your designs and start posting them on your website to start selling. In this Printful review, we'll outline the benefits of the service and show why many users choose Printful over the alternatives.

Printful Review: Overview

The short story is that Printful doesn't have as large of selection of products compared to the competition. If I wanted to print and dropship some designs on coasters, I'd have to look elsewhere. The same goes for more unique items like yoga mats. However, there's an onslaught of user reviews out there that state Printful is their go-to printing press because of the quality of products. And that's a big deal.

You may have to cut down on the range of items you sell on your site, but at least you know that the shirts are sturdy, the printing isn't going to wash off quickly, and customers aren't going to get ticked off because of a late delivery.

Of course, not all printing and dropshipping companies are perfect. I've seen users post terrible Printful reviews, talking about how the customer service is lacking or how the print didn't come out as bright as they thought. However, the majority of merchants seem to agree that Printful is the leader in this market.

One thing to keep in mind is that it often depends on the type of product you're printing on, the supplier you choose, and the quality of graphic you upload. So, one type of shirt might look wonderful from Printful, but the tote bags might not look exactly right. The primary way to figure out if Printful is for you is to upload some of your designs and order samples. This way, you can compare pricing, quality, and shipping speed to other printing companies and see which one is for you.

For this Printful review, we'll avoid the quality of its products, since that really requires you to order some samples. However, we'll talk about pricing, ease-of-use, customer support, and the selection of products. That way, you'll have a better idea of how Printful can work for you and if the design and integration tools are enough for your business.

Printful Review: The Pricing

One of the main benefits of going with Printful is that there are no upfront costs. There are a few other printing companies like this, where you upload a product for no cost and sell it on some sort of marketplace or your website.

However, the main ones that also offer dropshipping include Printify (full Printify review here, easy to get confused with Printful), Print Aura, and Gooten. A few other ones exist, but there aren't many dropshipper/printers in the game.

So you're basically signing up for a free account, designing your products, and listing them on your website–all for no charge.

Printful makes money when you make a sale. The same goes for the supplier you're purchasing from. What happens is you choose a product to sell, and Printful lists a starting retail price for the product.

So, let's say I wanted to sell some t-shirts with my own custom design printed on them. Printful has a large collection of shirts from different brands and made with different materials. Each product has the information listed for pricing, colors, shipping locations, and reviews.

For my t-shirt, I can see that a Gildan Unisex is only $8.95.

As you walk through the product creation process, you'll see an option to create your own pricing and view the potential profit. I figure most t-shirts go for around $10 to $15, so I list mine as $14.99.

When I make a sale, my profit is just over $6. This can be done for all of the products on Printful.

One of the main reasons I like Printful so much is because it focuses on certain products, but does them well. For instance, t-shirts sound so simple, but some of the t-shirts are of incredible quality, so you can turn your store into somewhat of a high-end supplier.

I would argue that the Printful base prices are somewhere in the middle compared to the competition. I've seen some rather cheap prices from competitors like Printify and Gooten, but once again, those two options seem to have more trouble with shipping and overall quality.

I'm convinced that you can definitely turn a profit for most of your sales through Printful, as long as you're not pricing items above what people would usually pay. Folks know that custom printing is more expensive, so they're typically willing to pay a premium. In addition, you get to see the potential profit before publishing it to your site, so if an item doesn't yield a good return, simply look for a cheaper version or hike up the price a bit.

Printful Review: The Sample Order

Another cost to consider is the sample order. As I mentioned before, the only way to really see if the quality of the products from Printful are right for you is to send a sample to yourself.

The sample orders from Printful are reasonable. You get a 20% discount on the list price, along with free shipping to select locations.

This is how the free shipping works for samples:

  • Samples sent from the Printful facilities in California and North Carolina are shipped for free to Canada and all USA states and territories.
  • If you order a product that comes from a European Printful facility, the shipping is free for all locations in Europe.

For each of these sample orders, you get two products. In addition to that, the sample orders are limited to one per month.

This might cause problems for those trying to test out new products on a regular basis. But the company does have some ways to gain additional sample orders–like by integrating with an ecommerce platform or generating more than $300 in the previous month.

Printful Review: Is It Easy To Design and Sell?

Another big question most merchants have is whether or not it's quick and easy to walk through the print design center. Also, what's it like trying to get those products on your website?

To start, we'll outline designing a product from Printful.

You can create a new order right from the Printful dashboard and upload your designs onto the products.

For this example, I'm going to design a canvas print, starting at $29.95 from Printful.

I would choose the size that I'd like to sell, then upload the print file that's going to go onto that canvas.

In general, the guide from Printful is quite clear as to what you might need to change with your upload. For instance, most random JPGs you upload from your computer are going to be too small for printing on a canvas. You're going to want a large JPG or PNG that you exported from a RAW file in something like Lightroom or Photoshop.

Once you find the right print quality, you can crop it to fit and move forward.

Mockups of the products are provided for showing to your customers in a more real-world setting.

After that, you either place your custom order or save it to your connected ecommerce platform. If you do have it connected to a platform the product automatically syncs to your store.

Connecting Printful to an Ecommerce Platform

That begs the question, how easy is it to sync with your current online store platform?

Well, I've yet to find a printer/dropshipper that works better with more ecommerce platforms.

I've personally run Printful on WooCommerce and it works quite well.

Printful also has a highly reviewed app on Shopify, along with apps and extensions for platforms like Big Cartel, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Shipstation, Ecwid, Weebly, Etsy, Tictail, Amazon, and more.

There's even a custom integration tool for linking the Printful service to any website or app.

Printful Review: How's the Customer Support?

The Printful customer service has mixed reviews online, but the consensus seems to agree that it's better than most of the competition.

An FAQ page and blog are listed on the Printful website, and it has resources like printing tips, fabric facts, and embroidery files.

Shipping is quite fast, and the return policy is respectable, since it covers most situations where Printful is at fault.

The support team is available during the weekdays through a telephone number, and you can also access support through a live chat or email address.

Who Should Consider Printful?

Printful stands out compared to other alternatives that are lacking in fast shipping and quality products. Therefore, I recommend Printful to anyone interested in trying out dropshipping and custom printing. It links to your site quickly, you're able to get affordable samples, and the quality of products leads the industry.

If you have any questions about this Printful review, let us know in the comments below.

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