11 Best Ecommerce Fulfillment Services for Fast and Reliable Delivery in 2024

Exploring Top Ecommerce Fulfillment Services: ShipBob Leads the Pack, with Shopify Fulfillment Close Behind, and a Look at Other Top Performing Options

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Are you selling on Amazon and thinking about whether or not you should have some of your products fulfilled by them? Maybe you're trying to look for a completely different ecommerce fulfillment company to store and deliver your products. Either way, it makes sense to understand the differences between that and dropshipping.

The question is, where do you get started? How do you choose the fulfillment option that’s actually right for you, and where can you find the differences between some of the biggest contenders?

The choices are plentiful, but if you choose the wrong one you may end up with some hefty charges and angry customers. After all, you're putting the logistics of your company in the hands of a third party company. It better be a good one.

In a hurry? Shipbob is our overall fulfillment company, scoring 4.8/5, and  Shopify Fulfillment comes in second,scoring 4.8/5, in our research.

Top 5 Fulfillment Companies Compared

Here's our summary of the top 5 ecommerce fulfillment companies out there:

Fulfillment service provider Pricing: Editor's rating
ShipBob Starts at $5 per month 4.8
Overall Score
Shopify Fulfillment Custom rates. 4.7
Overall Score
Fulfillment.com Starts at $10 per month 4.2
Overall Score
Red Stag Fulfillment Custom rates. 4.1
Overall Score
ShipMonk Starts at $1 per month 4.0
Overall Score

What is Ecommerce Fulfillment?

On the surface, ecommerce order fulfillment is defined as the steps taken for receiving, processing and delivering orders to customers. Therefore, a fulfillment company is going to be that third party company that you hire to complete all of these steps.

Some ecommerce fulfillment companies offer more than others, but the general idea is that you don't have to store an item at all, you don't have to ship it out to the customer and the order and return processing is all done without you having to think about it at all.

Order fulfillment at its core can technically be done out of your own garage, basement or warehouse. It's when you outsource your order fulfillment when it becomes much closer to that of dropshipping.

How is Ecommerce Fulfillment Different from Dropshipping?

Technically, outsourced fulfillment and dropshipping are the same thing. The company that's completing the dropshipping or fulfillment for you is storing, handling and shipping all of your products. Most of them even take in returns without you having to lift a finger.

However, dropshipping generally takes one initial step out of the equation. When companies dropship they generally contact a manufacturer that is already making the products they would like to sell. Therefore, all the retailer has to do is put a product page on their website then communicate to the dropshipper when an item is sold.

This means that a company that makes proprietary, or unique, products doesn't have a chance to dropship. All of those items need to be built by a separate manufacturer or in-house. Therefore, you could say that fulfillment is different in the fact that your items have to be shipped to the fulfillment company at some point for them to store, while dropshipping often has a situation where the products are already in the possession of the manufacturer or dropshipper.

What Are Some of the Top Ecommerce Fulfillment Companies?

1. ShipBob – Best Overall Fulfillment Service

ecommerce fulfillment - shipbob homepage

ShipBob works great with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, SquareSpace, and Magento stores. It also provides shipping services for crowdfunding organizations. ShipBob offers fulfillment centers in major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, and Brooklyn. This way, you can split your inventory to the location closest to your customers in order to speed up deliveries and lower costs.

If you’re looking for something that can save you a lot of time on things like warehousing and order fulfillment, then this could be the ideal tool for you. Everything you need comes built into the back-end, for inventory management, to supply chain control.

You’ll love how easy it is to use this service. The easier it is for you to make the most out of your ecommerce platform, the more customer satisfaction you can unlock. You can even check for potential same day shipping in certain areas.

ShipBob is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a solution that is simple and easy to use. From order management to return management, ShipBob has it all. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any pick and pack fees. Flat-rate fees make managing your expenses easy. Plus, ShipBob is ideal for shipping bulk orders too.

ShipBob Main Features

  • Leading eCommerce integrations
  • Distributed inventory management
  • Network of fulfilment centers to choose from
  • Same day or two-day shipping
  • Order management
  • Return management
  • Wholesale and B2B orders
  • Product warehousing
  • Warehouse kitting
  • Reporting and analytics

ShipBob Pricing

The service is a little more expensive than some of the others that we’ve covered so far, as it’s $5 per month for storage of your items. There’s also package shipping fees to consider.

Pros 👍

  • Wide range of excellent features
  • Very easy to use
  • Complete control of your online business
  • No need to store your own products

Cons 👎

  • Pricey in some areas

Who is it Best for?

ShipBob is ideal for a company in search of a straightforward solution for ecommerce fulfillment. You only pay for storing your inventory and getting it sent to customers.

Plus, you get a flat rate per delivery. Bath fulfilment is a lot cheaper this way too, so if you sell a lot of products at once, ShipBob could be a great option. Advanced analytics and reporting is helpful for companies looking to grow fast too. You can make intelligent business decisions with in-depth reports on your orders.

Check out our ShipBob review.

2. Shopify Fulfillment

If you want to use Shopify for all of your fulfillment needs, then you’re in luck. The Shopify Fulfillment network is a worldwide network of environments intended to support intelligent forecasting and inventory allocation. This network ensures that orders are delivered to your customers as quickly and accurately as possible.

Aside from offering excellent support from leaders like FedEx, Shopify also supports customers by minimizing storage fees and using intelligent technology. Machine learning ensures that you have access to demand forecasting statistics which predict where you need to be prepared for more orders as quickly as possible.

The inventory allocation technology also helps you to predict which fulfillment centers and inventory solutions are best for supporting your clients as quickly as possible. The result is a fast and low-cost experience with delivery. Plus, you can even get items to your audience in two days. This boosts your chances of having happier customers.

Using the Fulfillment network from Shopify, you can increase your profits and customer loyalty as quickly and effectively as possible. Plus, you don’t need to think about things like packing, picking, or shipping. You’ll always be aware when you need to replenish your inventory, so you can continue keeping your business ahead of the purchasing curve.

Shopify Fulfillment Main Features

  • Machine learning
  •  Predictive reports for orders
  • Partnerships with leading shipping brands
  • Global partners
  • Excellent two-day delivery option
  • Support for return and exchanges
  • Custom branding and packaging
  • Multiple channels for selling
  • Very accurate shipping strategy
  • Great for building long-lasting customer relationships

Shopify Fulfillment Pricing

Pricing from Shopify Fulfillment is offered on a by-business basis. After the team has learned everything they need to know about your company, they’ll give you a quote to support the unique needs of your enterprise. Every plan comes with access to logistics experts to ensure that you’re getting the right solution to improve your bottom line.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent for Shopify users
  • Sync all your inventory info
  • Predictive strategies with machine learning
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Buy your own shipping labels

Cons 👎

  • Advanced features can be expensive
  • Limited control over third-party providers
  • A bit of a learning curve to get used to
  • Still quite new, so not as proven as other tools

Who is it Best for?

The Shopify Fulfillment network can easily appeal to anyone and everyone. However, it’s going to be the best choice for those who already operate with Shopify and want to improve their bottom line. Shopify as an order fulfillment company will give you everything you need to simplify order processing and shipping. With a vast network of fulfillment centers, you’ll have no problem improving customer experience.

For more info about this service check out our detailed Shopify Fulfillment review.

3. Fulfillment.com

Fulfillment.com is a simple easy-to-use cloud-based solution that has been automating repetitive tasks and streamlining order fulfillment for over 7 years now, which essentially translates to about 16 million packages.

Hence, the company has managed to perfect the art and it now runs 7 international warehouse locations, from where it delivers orders to more than 150 countries across the globe. 3 of the warehouses are in the US while others are based in Melbourne Australia, Mexico City in Mexico, Birmingham in the United Kingdom, and Mississauga in Canada. Every single package received in any of these warehouses is processed in less than 24 hours.

And while its agents handle processing, packaging, and delivery, you get to take advantage of Fulfillment.com’s online dashboard to manage the entire process. It’s pretty efficient when it comes to tracking your order fulfillment parameters, establishing the amount of time left before stock depletion, determining the appropriate dates to place new product orders, verifying shipment delivery addresses, grouping orders, reviewing your package postage fees, comparing shipping carriers, etc.

Customer service is also a huge plus here, as Fulfillment.com will assign you a dedicated customer support agent (or success manager) to help you with everything.

Overall, Fulfillment.com is worth considering if you’re interested in enterprise-level warehouse management, shipping carrier optimization and order grouping to minimize costs, backorder management, inventory tracking, as well as integrations with all the major ecommerce and dropshipping platforms.

Ideal for those who want full control over their logistics process, Fulfillment.com gives you access to everything from inventory tracking to address verification and more. There’s automatic order grouping available, multi-channel customer support, and the option to get multi-channel customer support through email, phone, and social media too.

Fulfillment.com Main Features

  • Worldwide fulfillment options
  • 2-day delivery for happier customers
  • Exciting and intuitive shipping software
  • Multi-channel customer support
  • Product manufacturing options
  • Logistics and inventory tracking
  • Access to various carrier options
  • Special services for crowd-funded projects
  • Warehouse security
  • Physical security

Fulfillment.com Pricing

Starts at $10 per month for the basic features. You may need to upgrade to something more advanced if you want to run a more comprehensive business.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent customer service
  • Great for managing your back-end
  • Fantastic for enterprise-level warehouse management
  • Plenty of advanced tools

Cons 👎

  • Can be complicated for beginners
  • Might not be best for small businesses

Who is it Best for?

Fulfilment.com combines all the power of automation software with the reliability of well-optimized fulfillment facilities. The end result is an experience that saves you time and headaches when it comes to shipping products to your customers. This service is excellent for anyone who wants to grow or build an internet selling solution.

Check out our detailed Fulfillment.com review.

4. ShipStation


ShipStation is known for working well with Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento customers, and it has some wonderful packages that start at $25 per month. The shopping cart integration is one of the best parts of the ShipStation interface, while orders and shipping are all automated on the backend. What's more is that ShipStation gives you the freedom to add your own branding to all the packaging and anything that goes in the packaging, strengthening the effectiveness of your company in the long run.

ShipStation has basically everything you need to run an ecommerce business with ease. There’s automatic order retrieval, a real-time calculator for shipping costs, and even customizable tracking information. You can even integrate your solution with various tools for things like third-party logistics and reporting tools.

In terms of feature richness and value for money, this is a solution that really does have it all. It could be the best addition to your eCommerce platform.

ShipStation is an extremely popular choice when it comes to order fulfilment. If you’re looking to make the most of eCommerce fulfilment, and you don’t want to worry about things like making your own carrier labels from scratch, ShipStation has you covered. This service comes with options to integrate all of your carrier accounts and selling channels.

ShipStation Main Features

  • Delivery management tools
  • Browse rates with pre-negotiated carrier options
  • Ship faster with packing slip scanning
  • Print your own labels
  • Generate documents
  • Update customers
  • Eliminate errors easily
  • Take time off your shipping projects

ShipStation Pricing

Packages start at around $25 per month. That means that it might not be the cheapest solution for ecommerce fulfillment, but it’s value is still through the roof.

Pros 👍

  • Calculate shipping rates in real-time
  • Tons of advanced features
  • Integrates with third-party tools
  • Works with your favorite ecommerce builder

Cons 👎

  • No phone calls for customer service

Who is it Best for?

ShipStation is ideal when you want to quickly generate professional experiences for your audience. With this service, you can find the ideal rate, print an appropriate label, batch orders for multi-label creation, and more. Additionally, with just a few clicks, you can spend more of your time working on your business, and less time shipping. There’s even support for integrations with leading marketplaces too.

For more info about this service check out our detailed ShipStation review.

5. Red Stag Fulfillment


Red Stag Fulfillment won an award for Best Fulfillment Service in 2016. It's a well-run operation that picks, packages and ships your products. You'll also notice that storage and returns are done through Red Stag Fulfillment. This company has become so popular because it promises (and delivers!) speed and reliability, so you don't have to worry about your customers getting mad. The best part is that you don't have to pay for any long term contracts, setup fees, hidden fees, account management fees or SKU management fees.

Red Stag works best with retailers that need to ship heavier and bulkier packages through multiple sales channels. Because of that, you need to actually contact the team if you want to figure out how much the fulfillment cost is going to be. On the plus side, there is a month of free trial support available, so you can test out how well the system will work for you first.

One of the best things about using Red Stag for your fulfillment strategy, is the fact that the management system is so easy to use. Figuring out how to keep track of your shipping orders and inventory is a piece of cake. Plus, the software integrates with a range of ecommerce solutions too.

Red Stag fulfilment is one of the more reliable tools on the market for fulfilment. The company has a 100% guarantee when it comes to things like inventory accuracy, receiving orders, and handling order shipment speed too. Fees are available on refunds for orders and shipments that aren’t up to standard, so you know that you and your brand are safe.

Red Stag Fulfilment Main Features

  • No set-up fees and a 30-day trial
  • Service guarantees for peace of mind
  • Excellent support for American consumers
  • Transparent service
  • Ecommerce integrations
  • Fast and affordable shipping
  • 2-day product fulfilment network
  • Easy and reliable back-end management

Red Stag Fulfillment Pricing

Business owners can only get pricing by contacting the team and finding out more based on their specific needs. Usually, your price will be based on things like custom packaging prices, inventory levels, and fulfillment operations.

Pros 👍

  • Great choice for companies with a lot of order volume
  • Ideal fulfillment solution if you have bulky products
  • Easy to use interface
  • A range of automated features to tap into

Cons 👎

  • Complicated pricing structure

Who is it Best for?

If you’re looking for something that’s going to give you peace of mind with a reliable fulfilment network, then this is the tool for you. Designed to fill all kinds of fulfilment needs, Red Stag ensures that you’re protected no matter what happens. Since building your own company and shipping to customers can be a little daunting at first, it’s nice to have the peace of mind that this company provides.

6. Deliverr

deliverr homepage - ecommerce fulfillment services

Deliverr promises a fast and convenient way to manage your eCommerce fulfillment requirements, whether you’re selling through Wish, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. The company advertises “Amazon Style” fulfillment processes. What this means is that you can easily handle marketplace and shopping cart orders while accessing fast shipping for your clients.

The affordable and transparent pricing structure of Deliverr is also a big hit with customers. The brand even helps you with calculating shopping cart shipping fees with a free calculator.

One of the best things about Deliverr is how easy it is to use. You can sign up for the warehousing and inventory management service using just your email address. The fulfillment provider will help to guide you through the rest of set up, supporting access to everything from 2-day shipping to Wish Express and free delivery options too.

One slight downside is that although Deliverr integrates with a lot of eCommerce order fulfilment sites, it doesn’t work with WooCommerce. You can sign up if you’re selling with Shopify, however. Sending inventory on Deliverr is also much easier because you can use unique SKUs and barcodes.

Although Deliverr has a lot of great features, most people agree that it’s not ideal for shipping smaller quantities.

Deliverr Features

  • All-inclusive and transparent pricing options
  • Cost calculator to help you understand your savings
  • Simple and fast shipping options
  • SKU testing (to get you started)
  • Integrations with Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Wish and more
  • Access to extra fast shipping
  • Filter inclusion to help customers choose the right products
  • Improved SEO with handy search features
  • Shipping support on a national level
  • Free account to get you up and running


Deliverr benefits from a transparent pricing strategy that customers love. You get all of your fulfillment costs combined into a single fee. Prices include storage and fulfillment, plus you can access advanced options like 2-day shipping. Deliverr Fulfillment starts at $3.99 per unit, with extra costs for Express and 2-day shipping. Storage starts at $0.72 per cubic feet of space.

Pros 👍

  • Easy to use interface (Amazon style)
  • Great for customer experience with 2-day shipping
  • Support for your warehousing and fulfillment needs
  • Great integrations with leading tools
  • Transparent pricing
  • 2-day shipping available

Cons 👎

  • Doesn’t integrate with some options, like WooCommerce
  • You may need to split your products and send them to different warehouses
  • Not ideal for shipping small quantities

Who is it Best for?

Deliverr is best for companies that need to ship a decent amount of products through websites like Amazon, Walmart, Wish, eBay, and even their own Shopify stores. The pricing is transparent, clear, and easy to follow, and it includes everything, so you don’t have to worry about nasty surprises. There are discounts for multi-unit orders too, which makes the service even more compelling for companies that ship a lot.

On the other hand, if you’re a smaller company that’s just getting started with ecommerce and order fulfillment, you might want to try something cheaper. Deliverr isn’t the best way to ship orders and purchase pallet storage for some small companies. It also doesn’t integrate with WooCommerce and WordPress.

7. ShipMonk

ShipMonk order fulfilment services

ShopMonk‘s custom API integrations allow users to sync new shopping orders automatically into their software. The products are then shipped without delay. They promise a scalable solution and promise the same type of service for every single order. They also offer some unique services like crowdfunding fulfillment and Amazon FBA Prep services. They have a coveted customer service section that boasts 24*7 availability and 1-1 service, and they promise super fast delivery without delays.

Shipmonk stands out as a convenient and reliable multi-channel e-commerce fulfillment service and inventory management solution. It gives you everything you need to adhere to your customer expectations when it comes to things like a wide selection of products and fast shipping. Because the company picks and packs your orders for you, the whole experience is easy and totally customizable.

You can even decide how fast you want your fulfillment provider to send your items to your customers, from amazon prime style shipping to two-day delivery from your ecommerce store.Most importantly, the pricing is affordable for virtually every kind of business.

ShipMonk is another of the leading tools for fulfilment that can make life easier for today’s business leaders. This company has a powerful impact in the marketplace because of it’s transparent shipping process. Plus, the warehouse management options means that you have more access to the way that you serve your customers.

ShipMonk Main Features

  • Easy back-end store management
  • Best-in-class support
  • Support to help you save on shipping
  • Massive shipping discounts
  • Lots of customization options
  • Transparent shipping process
  • Free integrations
  • Multiple warehouse options
  • User permissions
  • Freight management

ShipMopnk Pricing

There’s no free trial with ShipMonk, but the pricing starts at $1 per month depending on how much you need.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent range of shipping options
  • Good fulfillment cost for some companies
  • Wide range of services for ecommerce companies
  • Good checkout experience

Cons 👎

  • Bit of a learning curve

Who is it Best for?

ShipMonk delivers an ultra-scalable solution that’s ideal for any size of business. You can even get involved as an enterprise because the security is so significant. The company takes the privacy of the customer’s data very seriously, so they also take all the necessary measures required to protect privacy and data. Plus, there are actionable reports and insights to help you grow your business too.

Check out our detailed ShipMonk review.

8. Shippo


Consider Shippo if you're looking for yet another international order fulfillment service with quality service. The API is open for you to integrate with your store upon signing up, and they have an interesting pricing model that takes the price of shipping plus five cents. The shipping tracking lets you understand where all your packages are located, while the intuitive dashboard allows you to connect with your data from anywhere you want. You have the option to add insurance to your shipping, and the deep discounts are nice for saving money on USPS labels. Along with address verification, return labels and international parcels, you can't go wrong with Shippo.

Probably one of the most popular multi-carrier shipping solutions on the market, Shippo is very user friendly and easy to use. You can purchase shipping from a range of companies in the same place, and get discount rates in some cases too.

As an API platform, Shippo is a very different service to most of the order fulfilment options available today. However, it could be just the thing for you if you’re looking for an easy way to connect to various carrier companies. You can benefit from carriers that have the freedom tos hip orders quickly and effortlessly, with minimal costs. Through Shippo, businesses get a reliable shipping API that really supports them in getting things done.

Shippo Main Features

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Complete maintenance for documents
  • Libraries in a range of popular language
  • Only pay for shipping
  • White-label or branded performance
  • Carrier account agnostic
  • Order sync from dashboard
  • International support

Shippo Pricing

There’s a free version, and a solution that starts with $0.05 as a one-time payment. The pricing goes up depending on the fulfillment operations you need.

Pros 👍

  • Very easy to use and intuitive
  • Fantastic pricing
  • Range of shipping rates to choose from
  • Excellent customer service

Cons 👎

  • Can come with a learning curve
  • No mobile app

Who is it Best for?

If you’re looking for a really flexible multi-carrier fulfilment option, this is probably the right choice for you. Having access to your own API solution means that you have more freedom to work with.

9. ShipBots

ShipBots fulfillment companies

ShipBots is a Los Angeles-based order fulfillment service with an expedited process where they sync software to your online shop, store products at their facilities, then ship out orders from the fulfillment center nearest the customer. ShipBots provides four software elements, including inventory, order, shipping, and warehouse management modules. This way, you can complete tasks like identifying successful SKUs, syncing sales channels, creating tracking reports, and distributing products to the right warehouses all from one interface. Although the ShipBots headquarters is in Los Angeles, the company owns three fulfillment centers in Los Angeles, California; Kansas City, Missouri; and Rocky Mountain, North Carolina.

All ShipBots merchant partners receive shipping discounts from the top carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx. This allows you to gain a competitive advantage and keep costs low at every step of your business development. ShipBots also has a reputation for stellar customer service where you can reach out to your personal account manager for situations like onboarding, training, and questions about specific fulfillments.

We like ShipBots for its affordable pricing, along with its ability to reach every part of the United States in just a few days. Not to mention, the ShipBots online portal integrates with most popular sales channels and ecommerce platforms. Along with same-day shipping, and plenty of other shipping options to offer customers, you can't go wrong with ShipBots.

It's a streamlined fulfillment partner with a track record for handling special cases like when merchants require temperature controlled storage and shipping, or when you'd like to send out subscription boxes or include promotional inserts in packaging. They also have several advantages for helping you manage your organization and look into the future, such as user permission controls and actionable reports. Wrap all of that in with transparent, affordable billing and we think you've found a winner.

ShipBots Main Features

  • Standard ecommerce fulfillment as well as specialized projects for things like retail fulfillment, subscription boxes, merchandise, apparel, FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon), and delivered duty paid.
  • A robust online fulfillment software which syncs all products from your store and offers modules for inventory, orders, shipping, and warehouse management.
  • Access to three warehouse locations in the United States, with guidance on where to store the inventory based on the location of customers.
  • Powerful integrations for leading marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.
  • Integrations with popular ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.
  • Shipping discounts with all major carriers, along with automated shipping cost calculators to understand the fastest and most cost-efficient ways to ship.
  • Shipping and tracking reports, as well as tracking numbers sent to customers and merchants.
  • A complete returns processing system so customers send inventory back to the ShipBots warehouse instead of your office.
  • SKU management tools for identifying the best-selling SKUs, spreading inventory across sales channels, and blocking SKUs you no longer sell.
  • Temperature controlled fulfillment rooms for those merchants selling perishable items.
  • Enterprise grade security to keep all customer and merchant data safe while transmitting sales information.
  • User permission control to ensure the right people have access to the inventory portal.

ShipBots Pricing

As with most order fulfillment services, you must contact ShipBots to receive a custom quote.

However, ShipBots does a wonderful job of listing projected pricing based on the type of fulfillment, storage volume, and more. This is just one way ShipBots remains transparent with merchants.

Here's what to expect:

  • ShipBots states that you can pick, pack, and ship online orders for as low as $5.29.
  • They include receiving with your ShipBots plan. Keep in mind that they say it's free for “standard” receiving, so there may be some exceptions.
  • Storage comes in at a monthly charge based on which types of storage units used. It's $36 per pallet per month, $10 per shelf per month, and $5 per bin per month. It appears that all bins cost the same, or maybe they only use one sized bin.
  • They include picking and packing for all ShipBots users, at least for the first four picks in an order. Once an order has over four picks, it goes up to $0.20 per pick.
  • Standard packing with plain dunnage, tape, boxes, and mailers is free for all ShipBots customers. Custom packaging materials cost extra.
  • Shipping fees depend on many factors, including the shipping carrier, package dimensions, weight, destination, and more.

After that, you must consider the uniqueness of your particular operation. Although these fees cover most standard online store operations, you may find that pricing varies if you require temperature controlled storage, subscription kitting, or Amazon Fulfillment prep.

Here are some additional features included with all warehousing services:

  • Address validation
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Warehouse receiving photos
  • Freight coordination
  • Order processing and prep
  • Management of claims
  • The order and inventory software

Pros 👍

  • Aspects like receiving, picking and packing, and standard packaging materials are all included with your warehousing plan.
  • ShipBots integrates with a wide range of marketplaces (like eBay and Amazon), alternative marketplaces (like Bonanza, Newegg, and Wish), and ecommerce platforms (like Shopify, Magento, and Bigcommerce).
  • Other unique integrations include Salesforce, Brightpearl, ShipHero, and GeekSeller.
  • The prices are fair, the company is transparent, and you get an idea of what you can expect to pay before even contacting a sales representative.
  • You receive several services for free, a powerful 4-module management software, and shipping discounts.
  • ShipBots is more like a small business where you can get in touch with a knowledgeable person whenever you want. It's a boutique business with people who seem to truly care about their customers.
  • Next day shipping keeps your customers happy.
  • ShipBots offers quite a few unique fulfillment services with support for regular ecommerce fulfillment, subscription box fulfillment, retail fulfillment, and Amazon fulfillment. They even have freight coordination wrapped into the service.

Cons 👎

  • Some elements of the pricing look higher than some of the competition. For instance, it's nice that ShipBots standardizes bins at $5, but some order fulfillment brands have smaller bins for $2 or $3. Why pay for larger bins when you don't need them?
  • It doesn't have as many fulfillment centers as some of the more established players.

Who is it Best for?

ShipBots seems like a sound choice for many types of online stores. First, consider ShipBots if you plan on fulfilling for special projects like subscriptions or through Amazon. We also like ShipBots for its temperature controlled storage option and for brands interested in integrating with several marketplaces. Finally, you can't beat the ShipBots pricing and its customer support, so it's a wonderful choice if you value those.

10. James and James

The James and James ecommerce fulfillment company is ideal for businesses located in the UK. International shipping is certainly available, but it seems to have some strong benefits for those in the UK. The same day dispatch and packing accuracy is the kind of stuff that all online stores like to see, while the storage of your items is performed in a way that nothing gets damaged and all of your boxes go out to the right customers.

James and James has delivered a reliable order fulfillment process to various top brands, including those like cards against humanity. The company is committed to helping businesses to grow their sales with a reliable inventory storage system, and the ability to ship orders quickly.

You can even implement tracking into your fulfillment solution so that your customers never need to worry about where their products are. It’s a great choice for those in search of reliable pallet storage and fantastic customer service.

We like James and James for the simple approach that it offers today’s business owners. You can access a global shipping environment that’s not complicated or overwhelming for beginners. Plus, the powerful back-end of this shipping fulfilment solution means that you get the comfort of knowing that your fulfillment services can grow with you.

James and James Main Features

  • Tons of marketing insights
  • Customer support
  • Trackable order fulfilment
  • Optimized back-end
  • Access to insights on couriers and inventory
  • Cloud-based fulfilment portal
  • Reliable solution for confident growth
  • Excellent reliability

James and James Pricing

You can only check the costs by emailing the team for a tailored price. This means that the cost will depend on what you want to do with your ecommerce business.

Pros 👍

  • Lots of advanced features for satisfied customers
  • Reliable and easy to use software
  • Fantastic brand with lots of high-level clients
  • Reliable performance

Cons 👎

  • May be too much for beginners

Who is it Best for?

James and James order fulfilment gives companies the freedom to simplify every aspect of their order fulfilment strategy. You can delight your customers every time without having to worry about damaged parcels and late deliveries. If you want to build a business that’s all about excellent customer service, then this is the company for you. The service even gives you insights and reports to help you improve your customer service strategies.

11. Rakuten Super Logistics


Rakuten Super Logistics is one of the more popular solutions you can choose from, and they have strategically placed fulfillment centers located all over the world. We like the idea of the SmartFill feature, which is a cloud-based platform for keeping track of your fulfillment process, anywhere in the world and at any time. They also have a SmartStock solution for keeping items on the shelves at all times and getting people their products when they need them.

Yet another company that only delivers pricing when you contact the team for a specified quote, the Rakuten Super Logistics team can be a little costly for bigger brands. However, it’s a great option for people who want to ship a wide selection of inventory choices. You can even send products overseas with a limited shelf life.

One of the features that really makes this product stand out, is the fact that it integrates well with a range of other software solutions, ranging from PayPal to BigCommerce and Amazon. That means that you can support your business through a host of great sales channels.

Rakuten Super Logistics is an excellent tool for those who have a passion for more in-depth and technical fulfilment services. There’s a lot of technology tools to explore here, including ecommerce fulfilment service tools, which include shipping organizing services, and smart tools for order and inventory tracking. The company also guarantees accuracy on all orders, which is a nice touch.

Rakuten Super Logistics Main Features:

  • Smartship Organizer for optimizing costs
  • Smart fill order fulfilment
  • Inventory tracking
  • Freight support for inbound shipment
  • Smartstock inventory processing
  • Excellent customer support
  • 100% guaranteed accuracy on shipment
  • 1-day order fulfilment

Rakuten Super Logistics Pricing

You can only get a price by contacting the team for a personalized quote. The price will depend on your order volume and the size of your business, among other things.

Pros 👍

  • Reliable and feature-rich technology
  • Excellent performance
  • Great for complex deliveries
  • Works well with a range of third-party tools

Cons 👎

  • Pricing can be high depending on your company
  • Bit of an old-fashioned interface.

Who is it Best for?

Rakuten Super Logistics is an excellent service for those who want to get behind the scenes of their logistics strategy with more advanced analytics and services. The 100% accuracy means that you can provide the kind of excellent customer service that your audience expects. Additionally, there’s a 1-day order fulfilment option too.

Over to You…

Now that you've had a chance to understand the differences between ecommerce order fulfillment and dropshipping, along with some of the best ecommerce fulfillment services in the world, feel free to give one of them a call to see what else they can offer you. I'm sure you'll be pleased with each of the five we recommended above.

Hopefully you’ve found the perfect fulfillment partner for your needs.

If you have any more questions about order fulfillment, feel free to drop a line in the comments section below.

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  1. The best I’ve ever used in the UK is Selazar, their prices are good and their service is amazing. They pick and pack my orders less than 30 minutes after I receive them on my website. Plus they offer Next day shipping for all order before 8.30pm.

  2. Shippo is actually not a fulfillment provider, just a provider and price comparison tool for shipping *labels*. You still have to store and ship your items yourself.

      1. As a follow-up, the same actually holds true for ShipStation. They, as well, are not a fulfillment provider. No offense, but you might want to spend a little more time on the research next time. Doesn’t really make me trust the descriptions you provided for the remaining fulfillment providers…

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