Sellfy Review (Dec 2021): An Affordable and Beautiful Storefront for Selling to an Established Audience

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Creators need ways to monetize their work. Whether youโ€™re a musician, YouTuber, streamer, artist, or writer, the ultimate goal is to make money from your creativity, whether that means selling content subscriptions, merchandise, videos, or graphics. Unfortunately, itโ€™s not always the easiest process to add sales buttons to your current social platform or website. Not to mention, many ecommerce platforms lack features for selling multiple product types like subscriptions, digital, and physical products from one storefront. Sellfy seems to have an answer for creators interested in monetizing. In this Sellfy review, we cover the basics of the ecommerce platform, talk about its pros and cons, and dive into the features.

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What is the Creator Economy?

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Creation as we know it has evolved due to the coming and going of certain mediums, control of those mediums, and consumption habits of the average consumer. In the past, media corporations held a considerable amount of control over the flow of news and entertainment. That came with pros and cons. The world benefited from these “gatekeepers” since it ensured most news came from multiple, credible sources, with low potential for misinformation. However, that gatekeeper infrastructure also made for inequalities, especially for new creators.

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What is Live Shopping: A Guide for Ecommerce Professionals

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Live shopping, or live stream shopping, combines the worlds of live streaming, social media, celebrity, and ecommerce, and it provides an interesting look into what could be in store for some facets of ecommerce selling in the future. If you're asking yourself, “What is live shopping?” this is the right place for you, as we take a look at the growing ecommerce trend, expand upon its purposes, significance in the ecommerce world, and how brands are finding success in the space. We'll also touch on some real-world examples to demonstrate how live shopping works.

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The Ultimate Checklist for Every New Ecommerce Site (Dec 2021)


When you start an ecommerce site you realize that there are loads of items that need to be checked, cross-checked, and tested to ensure that your customers have a quality user experience. From the website design to a sleek, quick checkout module, you must set up all of these elements to make the most efficient online store possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of customers encountering broken links, unfinished product page content, or a checkout that's far from user-friendly. Thatโ€™s why we put together an extensive ecommerce launch checklist to guide you through the initial stages of running an online store.

Consider this ecommerce checklist as your roadmap to success prior to making a single sale. It allows you to create the ideal interface, a beautiful website without any problems, all before the big show of launching your ecommerce store and building your business.

Take a look at the ecommerce launch checklist below, and feel free to bookmark this page in your browser for future reference.

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What Would Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Mean for Ecommerce?


The Zuckerberg beast is at it again; it wants to consume your eyeballs by way of Oculus, absorb your innermost thoughts through Facebook data collection, and now, it craves more. With plans to hire 10,000 workers for the job, the Zuckerberg wants to build a metaverse. And the shift has just begun with Facebook's new name: Meta.

If you're wondering, the term “metaverse” was created by science fiction author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel “Snow Crash.” The story takes place in a virtual, dystopian world that's run entirely by a dictatorship corporation. Oh yeah, the citizens are mainly broke and manipulated by the previously mentioned corporation. In short, Zuckerberg is a fool for using the term. It's not meant to evoke images of community but separation, not individuality but depersonalization, not equality but servitude.

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How to Sell Videos Online: Essential Best Practices and Tips

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From YouTube to video on demand (VOD) stores, it's clear that video content has a foothold in the worlds of learning, entertainment, and ecommerce, considering many creators make solid incomes selling tutorials on topics like photography, business, and even unique areas like gardening, romance, and fingernail art. Videos make sense for aspiring online entrepreneurs: it's easy to launch a website to sell them; all you need is a topic you're passionate about; most people can learn how to produce a high-quality video to post for sale. What's more, is that you don't need to know everything about a topic to be considered an expert; that's what research is for! So, whether you'd like to teach people about cryptocurrency, storytelling, or customer success management, we're here to help you learn how to sell videos online.

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Is Dropshipping Worth It? Find Out the Truth About Dropshipping Success


It may sound surprising, but dropshipping has been a profitable form of business model for fulfillment since the 1960s, even before the internet was around. Mail order catalog companies like CompuCard partnered with larger retailers like JCPenney and Sears to sell their products at a markup, so a brand like Sears would store, package, and ship items to the CompuCard customers, but only when a purchase came through (just like on-demand dropshipping). So when we look at the question, “Is dropshipping worth it?” it becomes very clear that it has been worth it for quite some time, and it continues to offer valuable cashflow options for a wide range of retailers. The bigger question is how to actually make dropshipping worth it when factoring in changing trends, oversaturated markets, and the fact that much of the product comes from places like China.

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How to Use Printify With Shopify (The Ultimate Guide)

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Printify and Shopify: What do these have in common? They're both platforms for helping you sell products online, and they each work together to provide a print-on-demand fulfillment process for selling those items. Essentially, running a print-on-demand store – where designs are only printed on products like shirts and canvases once a customer orders them – requires two major elements: an ecommerce platform for building an online store and a product design and fulfillment platform. The ecommerce platform is Shopify, allowing you to make an online shop; the product design/fulfillment platform is Printify. In this article, we'll show you how to use Printify with Shopify to establish an efficient product creation and sales process.

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