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6 Best Landing Page Builders for 2023: Pros, Cons, and Features

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We've spent an extraordinary amount of time and dedication over the past few weeks to determine the best landing page builders on the market, and our investigation concludes that Instapage is the best landing page builder, seeing as how it has impressive features, the pricing is reasonable, and you receive features such as conversion-ready templates, heatmapping a lead generation system and various integrations. HubSpot's Free Landing Page Builder is currently the best free solution.

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How to Fix Shopify Duplicate Content

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In this article, we explain how to fix Shopify duplicate content because, although much of your duplicate content may be purposeful, you want to get rid of the clutter that could hurt SEO rankings.

Duplicate content: it can happen to almost anything, from blog posts to product URLs, and category pages to website tags. This is particularly true with ecommerce platforms like Shopify.

Online retailers often sell multiple versions of the same product and may move product pages across different categories. As a result, duplicate content may appear on various unique URLs.

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How to Remove Powered by Shopify From Your Store Footer – (4 Methods)

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You created your Shopify store and used its nice themes, but now you're having trouble because there's a “Powered by Shopify” tag at the bottom of your website. This tag clashes with your branding plan, which is not good.

It's not a huge problem, but it's better if you know how to remove the “Powered by Shopify” tag from your online store.

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Shopify vs Teespring (2023): What’s the Best Way to Sell Print On-Demand Merch?

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An author needs a way to sell merchandise. As does a podcast host. As does an Instagram influencer. The best way to go about selling merchandise is by using an ecommerce platform with print-on-demand capabilities. Shopify is one, and Teespring is another.

In this comparison of Shopify vs Teespring, we lay out their dramatic differences, and help you decide whether it’s best for your business to use a powerful, fully featured ecommerce platform (like Shopify), or a simplified, extremely beginner-friendly print-on-demand (POD) system like Teespring.

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Essential Ecommerce Statistics To Strengthen Your Strategy in 2023 (with Infographic)

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Ecommerce statistics: we all love them. Whether it's to motivate our urge to start a new business, marvel at the rapid growth of the ecommerce industry, or to find little tidbits of information that may help our own stores, these ecommerce statistics often clarify/verify our decisions and lead us to new conclusions.

The only problem is that most statistics you find online are either outdated or extremely inaccurate. Some of this is because statistics articles rarely get updated, or you might just encounter some blog posts trying to sensationalize information, or “cherry pick” to get their points across.

That's the reason we've compiled this list of ecommerce statistics.

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Shopify Card Readers: Options to Pick and How to Get One

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In this article, we’ll explore all the Shopify card readers available. We’ll also dive into how to get a card reader from Shopify. 

For retail stores, there are two highly functional and reliable Shopify card readers to consider. You could opt for a third-party card reader, but Shopify provides options already configured with its Shopify POS software, making them easier to set up and integrate with the rest of your business.

Not to mention, Shopify card readers are affordable (allowing merchants the opportunity to purchase several of them without breaking the bank) and mobile (giving retailers more options for roaming the floor, browsing your product database from anywhere, and even accepting payments from places like the curb). 

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How to Create a Screencast – Complete Guide for 2023

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Video content often requires you to show your computer screen and either record yourself at the same time or the descriptive audio.

These are called screencasts, and they require special preparation and tools in comparison to things like webinars and livestreams. In this guide, we’ll explain the best methods on how to create a screencast, allowing you to quickly capture movements on your screen while also presenting in a professional fashion. 

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9 Best Ecommerce Platforms for 2023 – Our Expert Recommendations

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In this guide, we get right into what you want from an ecommerce platform: top-notch features, affordability, and solid customer support. We’ll explore the absolute best ecommerce platforms in general, then narrow them down based on certain use cases.

The best ecommerce platforms are the tools that help business owners to connect with their audience, and make a profit in the digital world. Leading tools come with virtually everything an organization needs to thrive online, from customizable checkout pages, to payment processing tools, and even marketing solutions for email, social media, and SEO. 

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