Fulfillment.com Review and Pricing: Everything You Need to Know

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Going by the range of Fulfillment.com reviews we’ve sampled from the web, efficient ecommerce order fulfillment sure is one heck of a challenge for all businesses, big and small. Well, it turns out I’ve been there too. More specifically, I ran a small online store that dealt in relics, with the bulk of its customers coming from the UK as well as the US. And yes, I’ll admit that I enjoyed everything about the business except the process of fulfilling orders.

Then with time, it became apparent that I was not the one that hated it. In fact, the biggest issue for many ecommerce entrepreneurs today is handling the logistics that come with order fulfillment. It takes a lot of resources and time to coordinate the movement of products between warehouses, and then subsequently pack them accordingly, plus ship every single item safely to its right destination.

Then to make matters worse, you still have to painstakingly track each individual shipment to make sure it’s delivered on time and in pristine condition.

So, let’s face it. The whole process is incredibly cumbersome, especially for beginners as well as startups. And sadly, even when you start getting experienced, the problems increase progressively as the business grows.

Now that’s exactly where companies like Fulfillment.com come in. And luckily for you, here’s the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about the service.

This Fulfillment.com review provides all the important details about how Fulfillment.com works, its main features, as well as the pricing you should expect. In essence, you get to find out all about its management system, fulfillment facilities, integrations, and the level of customer support.

That said, let’s begin by cutting to the chase. Who is Fulfillment.com in the first place?

Fulfillment.com Reviews – Overview

Just like the name suggests, Fulfillment.com is an order fulfillment solution. And to be more specific, it’s a cloud-based, fulfillment management service that handles the whole fulfillment process on behalf of businesses worldwide.


Well, Fulfillment.com basically provides shipping and storage solutions intended to help you streamline your order fulfillment, automate repetitive tasks, as well as expand your business systematically without worrying about its corresponding shipping logistics.

Make no mistake though. Fulfillment.com is not one of those random warehousing solutions. It’s much more than that. Apart from providing warehouses for your stuff, it comes with proprietary, cloud-based software it calls ShipStream™ for comprehensive fulfillment management and real-time tracking.

Then to top it off, Fulfillment.com throws in a dedicated customer service agent, who acts as your own personal assistant when you need anything. They’ll handle the whole order fulfillment process, leaving you to focus entirely on running and expanding your business.

If you’ve just learned about Fulfillment.com, I’d like to point out that it’s not an industry newcomer. The company has, in fact, been doing this since 2011. That means Fulfillment.com has about 8 years of experience in the industry so far, which has seen it process more than 16 million packages from a wide range of businesses.

That said, two things that Fulfillment prides itself on are ease of use and speediness. It tries to offer a smooth and efficient way of shipping your orders in the shortest possible time.

As a client, therefore, you get to pick a convenient packing option for your products right from the system. Then once the packages are received in one of the 8 strategically located warehouses, they are processed within 24 hours while you monitor their progress in real-time.

Other functionalities on the Fulfillment.com online system include order grouping, smart address validation, returns processing, prediction of inventory depletion, verification of postage fees, etc. Essentially all the core features you’d expect in a typical fulfillment management system.

Through such tools, Fulfillment.com intends to save you not only the headache of handling logistics, but also money and time.

Can it possibly achieve that though?

Let’s find out by reviewing the whole platform, starting with how it works.

Fulfillment.com Reviews – How It Works

Step 1: Get In Touch With Fulfillment.com’s Customer Support Team

One thing you won’t find on Fulfillment.com is a signup button. The main site doesn’t use a standard registration form.

Instead, you’re required to get in touch with the platform’s customer support team. They won’t process your orders straight away though. They begin by analyzing your shipping history to determine the most efficient distribution centers to ship from to reduce you postage cost,, then they review your product types and shipping requirements,, their intended markets, plus your corresponding fulfillment needs.

While they do that, you can take advantage of the opportunity to seek clarifications about their fulfillment management platform, plus the accompanying package handling services.

I found the agents to be quite helpful when it comes to that, and I can confirm they indeed answered all my queries.

However, that level of support can’t match up to what you get when you’re onboard. As soon as Fulfillment.com signs you up as a new client, one particularly exciting fact is, you’ll be getting a dedicated customer service agent. They are officially known as “Success Managers”, and every single one of them is sourced in-house.

Now, the success manager is essentially your go-to guy. You can think of yours as the principal contact agent at all times. And since they are adequately experienced, you can rely on them when it comes to setting up, plus running your order fulfillment processes.

Speaking of which, your success manager’s first role will be introducing you to the platform. They’ll assist you to get everything up and running by setting up the account, plus its corresponding product inventory. You can even request them to embed Fulfillment.com with your online store’s applications, particularly CRM and the accompanying shopping cart platforms.

Then to top it off, you’ll also get good onboarding to help you learn the ropes. Pay close attention as your success manager walks you through all the main functionalities on the dashboard.

Step 2: Deliver Your Items To Fulfillment.com’s Facilities

The final objective in the order fulfillment process is, of course, product shipping. And for Fulfillment.com to handle that for your online store, you first need to deliver your inventory items to 1 of 8 warehouses listed below.

Thankfully, Fulfillment.com has a number of warehouses spread out across the globe to help e-tailers expand into other english speaking markets, and each of them has implemented a systematic 5-point framework for processing clients’ packages.

Basically, your package is first delivered to its required warehouse, where the staff then kicks into action within minutes.

They’ll begin by assessing the items to ascertain their quantities and details against the accompanying package slip. Any inconsistency at this point will be subsequently communicated to your success manager, who’ll then raise the issue with you for a quick resolution.

After confirmation, the team enters the products’ dimension and weight details into Fulfillment.com’s system, before proceeding to place every single item in its designated storage location. Then consequently, your Fulfillment.com account is updated accordingly to show the resultant inventory volume.

At that point, you can bet everything is set and ready to go. However, Fulfillment.com doesn’t rush to launch. Your success manager and the company’s in-house development team has to first conduct comprehensive tests on your order fulfillment framework. Then once everything has been checked and confirmed to be operational, you can go live with your orders.

Step 3: Fulfill Orders With Fulfillment.com

When you go ahead and launch your inventory, you can proceed selling your stuff smoothly as Fulfillment.com’s system runs in the background. It only becomes active when orders start rolling in.

And speaking of which, the first thing after receiving an order is picking items from their designated storage locations. Fulfillment.com will then go ahead and pack each item according to your package specifications, place the appropriate postage labels, before eventually shipping the packages to their respective customer physical addresses.

Ok, I know what you might be thinking. Do you even get the chance to choose your preferred shipping method?

As a matter of fact, yes, you do. Fulfillment.com allows you to specify the shipping method you’d like for your packages. And in case you decide to proceed without picking one, the service will automatically pick the most cost-effective option. So, of course, you should be able to make significant savings, since Fulfillment.com shares its deeply discounted volume pricing with all of its customers.

Fulfillment.com Reviews – Main Features

Fulfillment Management

Since the principal purpose here is assisting online-based stores, Fulfillment.com’s system has been engineered to integrate with more than 50 of the popular CRM solutions and ecommerce platforms. Hence, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento users can comfortably embed the platform with all its functionalities without any problems. They even allow and assist with custom integrations via restful APIs.

And in the event you actually experience a technical issue, you can rely on success managers to help you out. Fulfillment.com has a solid customer service system that goes ahead and assigns every individual client their own dedicated account manager. Integrating the software, therefore, should be a breeze for everyone, including beginners.

Now, once you have everything up and running, the first thing you’ll notice about Fulfillment.com’s system is its rich set of control functions. The platform essentially gives you the power to control all the critical components of your logistics processes.

You can, for instance, select different shipping carriers for your package shipments, coordinate both shipments and return orders, verify addresses, as well as streamline inventories placed in different parts of the world. Then to keep you in the loop, the software will send you automatic notifications regarding your product shipments and returns.

Don’t get me wrong though. Fulfillment.com does not always require a hands-on approach. Remember it’s supposed to save you time?

Fulfillment.com manages to achieve that by handling most of the core processes automatically. As long as you’ve integrated it accordingly, you can rely on it to automatically proceed with package picking, packing, and shipping. This allows you to pay attention to other important components of your business.

Another important element you get to save by leveraging Fulfillment.com is money, thanks to a wide range of cost-optimization tools.

So far, we’ve mentioned that the platform will go ahead and automatically pick the cheapest shipping carrier for you. That’s a nice touch, but it doesn’t end there.

It turns out Fulfillment.com further assists customers control their shipping costs through automatic order grouping. This feature basically combines multiple orders into one collective package, which ultimately ends up being smaller and cheaper than shipping the items individually.

Thanks to all these automations, Fulfillment.com is indeed a user-friendly system for pretty much everyone, from growing to larger ecommerce businesses.

Fulfillment Facilities

While Fulfillment.com is a US-based company, it has managed to expand its network of warehouses beyond the borders. Consequently, it now boasts about establishing a global footprint, which is made up of multiple fulfillment centers spread out across several continents.

In the US, for instance, Fulfillment.com has so far built warehouses in four locations – Kansas City, MO; Salt Lake City, UT; Breinigsville, PA; and Savannah GA. All independent Internet retailers are faced with the challenge of economically meeting the Amazon Prime™ standard of delivery in 1-2 days. Fulfillment.com’s US fulfillment network features the fewest possible locations (four) to deliver to 99.97% of the continental US population in 1-2 days by inexpensive ground transport. Additionally, with balanced distribution from all four fulfillment centers, Fulfillment.com can hit 68% of the continental US population next-day by ground. Noting that inventory carrying costs are of utmost importance to all Internet retailers, Fulfillment.com's US network offers its customers three uniquely attractive options:

1. Ship from all four fulfillment centers for the fastest possible delivery at the lowest possible cost.

2. Ship from 1, 2 or 3 centers to provide fast, inexpensive delivery to the geographic customer concentrations.

3. Ship from Fulfillment.com in Kansas City to cover the entire continental US population in 1-3 days.

Then to facilitate international operations, there are supplementary distribution centers in Melbourne Australia,, Haelen in the Netherlands, Birmingham in the United Kingdom, plus Mississauga in Canada.

All fulfillment operations worldwide are coordinated through Fulfillment.com’s ecommerce order management software, ShipStream™ and your dedicated Success Manager.

In total, therefore, Fulfillment.com runs warehouses in eight major cities across four continents. And going from the company’s publications, they are just getting started. More locations will reportedly be unveiled pretty soon.

In the meantime, Fulfillment.com continues to use the eight warehouse locations to deliver orders to over 150 countries worldwide. Both B2C and B2B businesses are taking advantage of the facilities to conveniently process packages for their international customers in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, as well as North and South America.

Fair enough. But how do you send your items to the warehouses?

Well, it turns out Fulfillment.com is a flexible service that allows you to choose how you’d like to send your inventory items.

Some business owners, for example, prefer to pack their items beforehand and ship them to Fulfillment.com’s facilities as pre-sealed packages. The company then picks up from there by attaching shipping labels to the packages before shipping them to their respective customers.

While that’s a pretty straightforward method, I guess most of the clients usually choose the opposite option. Instead of pre-sealing their packages, they simply send the items to the warehouses for Fulfillment.com to take care of everything.

If you pick this option, you can count on the company to seal everything for you right before shipping. Fulfillment.com goes ahead and packs the items in boxes, envelopes or other secure pages, before placing shipping labels as well as assigning tracking numbers.

Now, as you compare these two options, it’s worth noting that the storage process is the same for both sets of packages.

At first, Fulfillment.com will analyze your package to verify its details. All the corresponding dimensions plus weight specifications are then recorded accurately, and the package is logged into the system for reference purposes. After that, the item is directed to its storage area and the process of receiving is finalized by updating your inventory quantities.

How long does the whole process take?

Well, interestingly, Fulfillment.com has trained its warehouse staff to process received packages with urgency and precision. Consequently, you should have your package fully processed in about a quarter of an hour or less.

And the same applies to order processing. Fulfillment.com has even meticulously synced its warehouse processes with the schedules of regional shipping carriers. As a result, all the day’s orders are usually ready by the time the carriers are scheduled to pick them up.

And how long do the carriers take to deliver shipments to customers?

According to Fulfillment.com, shipping times are very flexible. The time it takes to deliver an order depends on the shipping service you choose.

Domestic ground shipments in the US typically take about two days. But, if you need urgent delivery, you could expedite the shipping process and have the order delivered overnight. However, you should expect to pay more for expedited shipping.

And that’s pretty much the case even when it comes to international shipping. The faster the delivery, the more you’ll probably pay for the package.

But, if you happen to deal with international freight, you can expect a couple of delays here and there due to customs processes. Not too much though, because it turns out Fulfillment.com enjoys connections with the right freight professionals.

Another trick Fulfillment.com has perfected is grouping orders. Its software is capable of identifying different orders that could be placed in one package to reduce shipping costs. The warehouse crews usually pick up from there and bundle the orders accordingly, in a way that minimizes the shipping fees.

It’s also worth noting that Fulfillment.com has invested heavily in security. In addition to physical security measures, its warehouses are protected 24/7 by surveillance cameras, as well as fingerprint detection scanners. So, any infiltration attempt is bound to be detected and thwarted before it can inflict real damage or loss.


Considering Fulfillment.com is all about protective packaging, backorder and warehouse management, shipment tracking, as well as supply chain monitoring, the software certainly requires a wide range of integrations to operate smoothly. All these processes rely heavily on data, which can only be obtained by integrating the software with other platforms in the ecommerce ecosystem.

Well, Fulfillment.com might not provide numerous integrations, but it does offer a decent array. What’s more, it has seemingly prioritized the core ecommerce processes. Hence, apart from ecommerce platforms, it has so far built integrations for marketplace applications, CRMs, plus shopping carts. Apart from ecommerce platforms, Fulfillment.com also offers an “open API” so that any e-tailer can easily integrate its proprietary shopping cart with ShipStream™.

Currently, some of the notable applications you could embed with fulfillment.com include Magento, Shopify, Adobe Business Catalyst, Amazon, 1ShoppingCart, PayPal, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and many more.

While integration typically takes a matter of minutes, requisite testing may take a week before your shopping cart can go live. Then a select few, like CommerceHub and Channel Advisor, may keep you waiting for longer- typically about two weeks each. However, the wait is worth it, as no one wants orders to get lost between the shopping cart and the fulfillment provider.

Fulfillment.com Reviews – Customer Support

While the team at Fulfillment.com has done a good job on their software platform, the one area where they stand out the most is customer support.

I, for instance, admittedly felt like a valued client right from the moment I signed up for their order fulfillment services. Reaching out to the support team was incredibly easy way before I was even assigned a success manager.

Fulfillment.com’s customer service representatives are satisfyingly responsive and helpful not only on the phone, but also via email and live chat. But that’s not all. It turns out the platform also leverages social media and chatbots.

Overall, you should be able to get in touch with them at any time of the day or night. They are accessible 24/7.

Then to top it off, Fulfillment.com provides a dedicated success manager to offer personalized support. Therefore, you can rest assured that there's always someone who’ll keep tabs on your order fulfillment processes to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Fulfillment.com Reviews – Pricing

If you’re looking for the pricing details of Fulfillment.com, the bad news is, you won’t find them on the company’s website. In fact, you won’t find a pricing schedule anywhere on the web. And there are good reasons…

Fulfillment.com handles products as small as bookmarks and as large as plastic sheds banded to pallets. Consequently, its fulfillment pricing varies widely, dependent upon product size and weight. Other key variables for fulfillment pricing include SKU count, lot and/or serial number control, as well as issue control (FIFO, LIFO, etc.). Furthermore, Fulfillment.com offers 22 different kinds of standard packaging and several types of dunnage/void-fill. And finally, with 8 locations worldwide, it has 8 different cost bases; in many cases, resulting in differing pricing depending on the service location.

Many other reviewed fulfillment providers offering pricing on their websites provide pricing for the lowest common denominator, and not the pricing that each unique customer will receive.

The fact is, Fulfillment.com does not use a regular pricing schedule. And that brings us to the good part.

You see, instead of a typical pricing schedule, Fulfillment.com offers free quotes to individual customers. You can go ahead and apply for one by submitting your details through the main site. The sales team will subsequently get in touch to provide additional pricing details.

That said, what you end up paying for the service largely depends on the volume of orders you intend to process. And although most fulfillment solutions charge an account setup fee, Fulfillment offers the service for free.

But, make no mistake. You won’t get off scot-free. While there’s no setup fee per se, you still have to pay a non-refundable deposit of $1500 to get on board. This will cover your initial shipping, packaging, and picking fees, as Fulfillment.com uses prepaid billing. This equates to an average of 8-10 shipments per day. So, Fulfillment.com may not be the best solution for an e-tailer starting from scratch. They recommend doing your own fulfillment until you foresee an increased volume to take advantage and benefit from their services.

Some of the benefits that come with that include multiple warehouse locations, extensive storage capability, FDA-registered warehousing, climate controlled warehouses, complex returns processing capabilities, multiple packaging options, a dedicated account manager, payment reminders, email or SMS alerts, worldwide shipping, address validation, shipping costs reduction, optimal delivery times, real-time inventory tracking, real time order tracking, cost reporting, a consolidated online dashboard, multi-channel support, competitive shipping, transparency, and shopping cart integration.

If you choose to proceed, you could pay via ACH (automated clearing house) payments, wire transfers, or credit cards. The choice is yours.

Who Should Consider Using Fulfillment.com?

And now we can conclude that Fulfilment.com indeed combines the power of automation software with the reliability of secure, adequately-optimized fulfillment facilities. The end result is a system that not only saves you the headache of logistics handling, but also manages to maintain fast, efficient and cost-effective delivery.

All in all, Fulfillment.com is an excellent solution for growing and established Internet retailers.. It has the tools and capabilities for handling both domestic and international order fulfillment.


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