Siteground Review: Is It The Best Hosting Platform?

This SiteGround review evaluates all the critical stuff you’d like to know – from its main features to the pricing schedule, and notable weaknesses.

Some praise it for its excellent support and security. Others love it for its exemplary performance and uptime. And then there’s the group of users who argue that it’s the leading web hosting solution today.

But, c’mon. Is SiteGround really that impressive? It has got to have a couple of drawbacks, right?

Well, one thing’s for sure. This is no ordinary web hosting service. It has been around for over a decade. And word on the street is- it means business.

So, let’s find out what the business is really all about…

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SendPulse Review: A Dynamic Platform that Goes Beyond Email Marketing

Before we even start reviewing the SendPulse features, let’s first state the obvious. That digital marketing tools have been proven effective over and over again, especially when you holistically leverage several of them across multiple channels.

Finding a perfect balance, however, can be a huge problem to business owners. The world of marketing solutions happens to be quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing an ideal set of tools. Figuring out which tool is optimized for your type of audience, and how they integrate with each other can be very confusing.

Sometimes even downright scary because you can’t afford to make a mistake.

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Ecwid Review 2019: Is it the Best Free Ecommerce Solution for Any Website?

Ecwid, for starters, is not like most of the other ecommerce platforms we’ve reviewed before. But then again, it turns out Ecwid is not that different when it comes to online selling functionalities. Very contradicting when you come to think of it.

So, what is Ecwid, and what’s the difference between Ecwid and other ecommerce platforms?

Now, before we look into Ecwid’s system, allow me to ask this…Have you ever wondered if you’re using the right ecommerce platform for your ecommerce business? Do you sometimes stumble upon a new service that’s more functional and cheaper than what you’re using now?

Well, count yourself lucky if you have. But guess what? You might not be able to shift to the new ecommerce platform or even just modify your site at all. And that has, in fact, been one of the major problems facing small ecommerce merchants for many years.

Well, at least until solutions like Ecwid came along, and proved to be revolutionary.

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The Best POS (Point of Sale) Systems for 2019: The Ultimate Guide

Store management and payment processing - the two functions that pretty sum up what you should expect from a POS system. In other words, leveraging an efficient point of sale system software should help you streamline all your in-store operations.

But, here’s the thing. Choosing the best POS system, sadly, is not that easy. Today’s commerce environment has a wide range of solutions for brick-and-mortar stores, most of which are essentially multifaceted point of sale systems. Therefore, while the numerous options trigger increased competition among providers, your selection process can be a bit overwhelming.

Luckily for you, however, you’ve found the ultimate best POS system guide for 2019. We’ve extensively analyzed a wide range of POS system software to prepare a comprehensively detailed collection of the best solutions today. And to help you make your decision even faster, we’ve included their most important features and pricing information, plus the corresponding pros and cons of each POS solution.

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The 10 Best Email Marketing Services for 2019

Going by the wide range of email marketing services on the web today, selecting the perfect one for your email campaigns is no walk in the park. It can, admittedly, be a very overwhelming process.

One interesting thing you’ll notice, for starters, is that various email marketing services offer pretty much the same range of features. I bet you can already name several email marketing platforms that come with email scheduling, as well as social media integrations, email templates, and free trails.

So, what’s the big fuss about email marketing companies? Why should you be very specific about what you ultimately leverage for your email marketing campaigns?

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Planet Express Review: Everything You Need to Know

Is Planet Express legit? Quite a common question, I’d say. And understandably so, because Planet Express is a young company in the goods and mail forwarding space. At the time of writing this Planet Express review, it had barely earned two candles on its birthday cake.

Admittedly, the good thing with startups, as you probably know by now, is the aggression they come with. And Planet Express managed to hit the ground running with arguably the lowest rates in the market, combined with flexible services. That alone aroused my interest and I decided to give it a try.

So, after my experience, I can report that yes- Planet Express is indeed a legit package and mail forwarding company based in the US. It essentially receives stuff on behalf of international shoppers, before shipping them to their rightful buyers anywhere in the world. Additionally, it offers order fulfillment handling for dropshippers and typical ecommerce merchants.

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80 Most Common Ecommerce Website Mistakes in 2019 Explained

If you’ve tried running an ecommerce website, then you already know how fierce the competition is out there. The number of ecommerce businesses is increasing quite exponentially because we all want a piece of the action- especially considering that the volume of digital buyers globally in 2019 is about to hit 2 billion.

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Big Cartel vs Shopify – The Ultimate Comparison

As an ecommerce merchant, you’ve probably noticed that Big Cartel vs Shopify is one of those debates that are seemingly here to stay. While Shopify boasts of a huge following, BigCartel, on the other hand, has its fair share of fans who are convinced that it’s the best balanced online selling platform.

Whichever side you lean towards, one thing’s clear- you want the best for your online store. Shopify is, admittedly, one of the most renowned platforms on the market because of its reportedly powerful ecommerce features. That alone would have made this easy contest- but then again, Big Cartel is no easy pushover. It’s also a well-respected ecommerce platform, particularly when it comes to simple selling for creatives.

So, how about we settle this Shopify vs Big Cartel issue now? We’ve comprehensively assessed each ecommerce platform individually to prepare a detailed Big Cartel vs Shopify report.

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