The Best CRM Software Guide (10 Top CRM Tools in 2020)

Yes, we’ve heard your requests and finally, here’s the ultimate guide to 10 of the best CRM software you can get for your business.

But, before we begin exploring them, have you ever wondered why most people in the ecommerce space now consider sales CRM systems to be critically important?

Well, the thing is, managing a growing business, however small, is a lot like having an extensive circle of tight friends.

So, imagine trying to keep up with hundreds or possibly thousands of friends at the same time. Where would you even begin?

Now that sums up a problem that today’s businesses are grappling with. While they are always seeking to expand their business processes and take in more customers, maintaining the subsequent relationships over the long haul can be a huge challenge.

Well, that’s exactly where CRM software comes in.

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A Detailed Cart2Cart Review: One the Best Shopping Cart Migration Tools

If you’re reading this Cart2Cart review, then I guess you’re probably not a newbie in the field of online selling. Hence, you must have noticed the speed at which ecommerce tech has been changing of late.

Going by the numerous reviews we’ve done so far, it’s pretty evident that ecommerce is constantly growing, and at an exponential rate. The year 2019 alone has seen a wide range of feature improvements and updates being implemented by various selling platforms, as they try to outdo each other in an industry that’s already extremely competitive.

Well, you could argue that ecommerce platforms are enjoying the advantages that come with superior tools. Fair enough. But, all things considered, online merchants are the biggest beneficiaries here.

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Going by the range of reviews we’ve sampled from the web, efficient ecommerce order fulfillment sure is one heck of a challenge for all businesses, big and small. Well, it turns out I’ve been there too. More specifically, I ran a small online store that dealt in relics, with the bulk of its customers coming from the UK as well as the US. And yes, I’ll admit that I enjoyed everything about the business except the process of fulfilling orders.

Then with time, it became apparent that I was not the one that hated it. In fact, the biggest issue for many ecommerce entrepreneurs today is handling the logistics that come with order fulfillment. It takes a lot of resources and time to coordinate the movement of products between warehouses, and then subsequently pack them accordingly, plus ship every single item safely to its right destination.

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Managed WordPress Hosting Vs Regular Shared WordPress Hosting Vs VPS WordPress Hosting

Lately, there has been a lot of noise about managed WordPress hosting, shared WordPress hosting, and VPS WordPress hosting. Three completely different types of services you can purchase from the best WordPress hosting providers.

Don’t get me wrong though. That’s not all there is to WordPress hosting. Some of the WordPress hosts offer additional options like dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and reseller options. But, we’ve decided to focus specifically on regular, managed, and VPS hosting since they are, undeniably, the three most prevalent solutions among WordPress ecommerce websites.

The type of features and tools your WordPress hosting provider eventually allocates depends significantly on what you choose between the three.

So, what’s the difference between managed WordPress hosting, shared WordPress hosting, and VPS WordPress hosting? Which one would we recommend for a WordPress-powered online store?

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Best POS System for Restaurants (April 2020)

A reliable restaurant POS system is the difference between a coffee shop or bar that feels like a disorganized open market, and one where customers enjoy the convenience of ordering remotely from their mobile phones, or perhaps booking tables beforehand and then having their orders delivered right on time.

It doesn’t stop there though. As you’ve probably noticed by now, the modern restaurant business is much more than just fine dining. In other words, your success depends on not only the type of dishes you’re offering your customers, but also your restaurant management strategy.

And that’s precisely where a POS system for restaurants comes in. It’s the one application you need in your food truck, coffee shop, fast food service outlet, or bar to streamline the entire business. Apart from inventory management, you should be able to coordinate customer orders, process payments, track all the restaurant elements, as well as manage your staff right from the point of sale system.

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The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers

Ok, I know “best” and “cheap” do not usually go together, especially when we’re discussing WordPress hosting options. But, here’s the thing- a tight budget for a WordPress site doesn’t have to translate to unreliable hosting services.

Well, of course, great service comes at a cost, I admit. But then again, the level of competition on the market right now is forcing most hosting providers to reconsider their pricing. They are increasingly giving in to the pressure by providing cheaper packages without over-compromising the corresponding quality.

So yes, I can confirm there’s hope for websites that find high-level managed WordPress hosting to be a little above their budget grade. It’s indeed possible to get yourself a cheap WordPress hosting solution that provides a perfect balance between performance features and pricing.

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TouchBistro POS Reviews for 2020

If you’ve been following our blog keenly, then you’ve probably noticed that we’re not the type of guys who’d miss out on the trending POS systems.

Yes, that’s right. TouchBistro is certainly one of them, at least going by the numerous TouchBistro reviews posted all over the web.

In fact, according to figures published by the company, more than 23,000 restaurants are currently leveraging the TouchBistro POS system. And guess what? The users themselves are spread out across over 100 countries and counting.

Come to think of think, that’s no easy feat, especially for a specialized POS solution that exclusively caters to the food service industry.

So, what exactly makes TouchBistro an option worth considering?

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Looka Review 2020 (Formerly LogoJoy)

It’s no secret that machines have been ruling the world of production for quite some time now. But, admittedly, we never thought they’d start taking over even the field of design this early.

All in all, welcome to the era of AI design! And more specifically, welcome aboard the as we roll out the red carpet for AI-based logo creators.

So far, Looka is one of the few that are increasingly generating buzz not only among designers, but also online businesses, plus digital marketers. And for a good reason, it seems.

You see, it might seem like an ordinary logo maker at first. But the fact is, nothing could be further from the truth. Under its hood is a machine learning engine that drives its entire logo design framework. And that’s the one thing that sets it apart from most of the other design software.

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