Looka Review 2020 (Formerly LogoJoy)

It’s no secret that machines have been ruling the world of production for quite some time now. But, admittedly, we never thought they’d start taking over even the field of design this early.

All in all, welcome to the era of AI design! And more specifically, welcome aboard the as we roll out the red carpet for AI-based logo creators.

So far, Looka is one of the few that are increasingly generating buzz not only among designers, but also online businesses, plus digital marketers. And for a good reason, it seems.

You see, it might seem like an ordinary logo maker at first. But the fact is, nothing could be further from the truth. Under its hood is a machine learning engine that drives its entire logo design framework. And that’s the one thing that sets it apart from most of the other design software.

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The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers for 2020

While general WordPress sites should be fine with typical WordPress hosting solutions, the bare minimum for online stores is managed WordPress hosting.

But, here’s the thing about it. Compared to other types of services, managed WordPress hosting doesn’t come cheap at all. It would cost you anywhere between tens of dollars to thousands of dollars a month.

Now, going by this cost range, it certainly wouldn’t make sense settling for any random hosting provider. Let’s leave that to novice merchants for now.

A serious WordPress-based ecommerce website, on the other hand, should go for nothing but the best managed WordPress hosting services. The type of hosting that’s truly optimized for WordPress, offering specialized capabilities that are indeed worth every single penny.

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Constant Contact Pricing for 2020 – The Complete Guide

Constant Contact is one of those brand names that almost everyone in the ecommerce and digital marketing spaces is seemingly familiar with. The company has promoted its products widely and it continues to make a name for itself, especially when it comes to email marketing. We’ll give them that.

But, while many people are now vaguely aware of its powerful email marketing features (which you can learn from our detailed Constant Contact Review here), there’s a lot of confusion surrounding Constant Contact pricing.

The problem is, although you might find a “Plans” page on Constant Contact’s main site, it turns out the pricing information s pretty sketchy. You’ll only see two plans, yet in reality, Constant Contact’s pricing options vary quite extensively.

There are about 20 different cost packages you could choose from.

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Vue Storefront Review – Everything You Need To Know

The future is here!

Ok, drop everything for a moment and listen to this. Imagine a free ecommerce application that could drastically improve your online store’s user experience and SEO ranking as well. A revolutionary system that is so flexible that it can comfortably run on any ecommerce backend.

A bit of a stretch, you think?

Yes, I know how that sounds because I’ve been there too. Well, at least until I ultimately tried out this crazy thing they call Progressive Web Apps, or PWA in short.

Now, there are good reasons why businesses are increasingly falling in love with PWA. I’ll reveal all of them shortly. For now, though, allow me to introduce a specific application that will help you understand the whole concept of leveraging PWA.

Ever heard of Vue Storefront?

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Firepush Review – Omnichannel Re-Marketing App for Shopify Stores

If you’re a Shopify user, I bet you’ve already tried out some of its default marketing and promotion tools. So, of course, you must have noticed that while a few of the features are pretty decent, the bulk of its default customer engagement functionalities leave much to be desired.

Call it what you want, but the truth of the matter is, Shopify just doesn’t offer the marketing features you need to properly drive conversions. But, on the bright side, at least the platform is flexible enough to support a wide range of third-party app integrations.

Now, at the top of my integrations wish list are marketing apps. I’m always on the lookout for the best marketing apps on the Shopify App Store. Consequently, an omnichannel marketing app with an overall rating of 4.8 stars from more than 600 reviews is one thing you can bet I wouldn’t fail to notice.

And that’s how I discovered Firepush, which happens to be an omnichannel marketing app for Shopify, capable of email marketing, SMS marketing, web push messages, plus Facebook messenger marketing.

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Creating a Custom Brand and Logo for Your Small Business with Tailor Brands

Ever wondered why Gucci is so darn expensive?

Yes, I know stuff about quality and all, but let’s be honest here. You can find almost the same quality for a fraction of Gucci’s price.

So, what’s the fuss about Gucci?

I’m no fashion expert, but I know one thing for sure. It’s mostly about the brand. Sorry to say, but consumers have this cult-like following of some brands.

A lot of it has to do with a brand’s consistency when it comes to quality. Maintaining great quality throughout is a great way to drive customer loyalty. But, all in all, the journey begins with the branding process.

And how do you create a brand with the potential of growing as big as Gucci? Any specific software out there that can save you the trouble of hiring designers?

Fortunately yes. And that’s precisely what this post covers.

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5 Best WordPress Hosting Services in 2020 Compared and Reviewed

If you’ve been looking for the best WordPress hosting solutions, then here’s one situation I bet you’ve gone through already…

You stumble upon a random web hosting service. They don’t necessarily specialize in WordPress hosting, but they happen to support it. They are more like a jack of all trades- The give you the freedom of running any application you want, including WordPress. And to top it off, they even throw in a conveniently automatic WordPress installer.

Sounds familiar?

Personally, I’ve come across all sorts of web hosts and that, I must say, tops the list. There are way too many web hosts claiming they are capable of availing and running WordPress on their servers.

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DreamHost Hosting Reviews 2020 – Everything You Need to Know

Some refer to it as Dream Host, others simply write it as DreamHost. Whichever tickles your fancy, this is one of those names that might come up whenever you’re seeking an ideal host for your online store.

Now, when you check out its homepage, DreamHost might strike you as one of those cheaply-priced hosting providers that come with standard features. But after scrutinizing it further, it then hits you that the company is much more than that.

DreamHost, in a nutshell, is a jack of all trades. Apart from shared hosting, it specializes in VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, as well as managed WordPress hosting.

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