How To Set Up A Shopify Loyalty Program With Growave

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With 79% of consumers admitting that loyalty programs exceedingly convince them to commit to brands, this is an opportunity you certainly might not want to miss out on in your Shopify store. Besides, setting up a loyalty program in an ecommerce store has been shown to increase the average order quantity by 319%.

Sadly though, the default Shopify platform doesn’t exactly prioritize customer loyalty features. That means you won’t be getting a robust set of tools for setting up and managing dynamic customer loyalty programs.

Thankfully, however, you can always turn to the Shopify App Store. And, when it comes to that, one of the most outstanding apps we’ve tried out so far is Growave.

Enter the Growave app:

growave - shopify app store

If you happen to run a search on the Shopify App Store, one thing that’s bound to hit you right off the bat is the app’s impressive user rating. Growave has managed to attract an average score of- get this- 4.9 from more than 1,000 user reviews.

How, you ask? What’s so great about leveraging Growave?

Well, wonder no more because this article answers all the questions you might have. It walks you through all the features you’ll find on Growave, and subsequently explains how you can use the app to set up a dynamic loyalty program on Shopify.

So, having said that, how about we start from the top?

Overview – What Is Growave?

growave homepage

By now, one obvious thing you must have figured out about Growave is that it’s a pretty robust app for setting up loyalty programs in Shopify stores. Otherwise, how else could it have won all those positive reviews?

Well, you’re right about that. Growave has indeed built quite a solid reputation as an app for creating and managing customer loyalty programs on Shopify. But, it doesn’t end there. It turns out Growave is much more than just a loyalty program tool.

What does that mean?

In essence, Growave helps Shopify-based businesses enhance not just customer loyalty but also their overall engagement, plus conversions. And to achieve that, it combines customer loyalty and rewards programs with automated emails, social sharing, user-generated content (UGC) campaigns, wishlists, as well as Instagram gallery shopping.

And how exactly do these features work in tandem?

Well, the reviews tool, for instance, is intended to help you build social proof, as well as trust and loyalty through product reviews. It gives you the power to import and display product reviews that’ll convince prospective buyers to go ahead with the purchase.

Then the wishlist tool, on the other hand, is great for keeping prospects in your sales funnel even when they are not quite ready to checkout.

But, for the few that happen to be ready for conversion, Growave helps you sell faster through Instagram shopping and user-generated content. You’ll find tools for creating and embedding shoppable galleries that are stunningly convincing.

And once a customer is successfully converted, the loyalty programs subsequently come into play. This is where you get to connect with customers through automated emails and social channels to encourage them to make repeat purchases. Consequently, therefore, you get to increase your customers’ lifetime value by retaining them for the long haul.

Then get this. It just so happens that while Growave’s premium features come at a price, the app is generous enough to get you started for free. Yes, that’s right. In addition to a 14-day free trial of the premium packages, it offers a free plan, which is best for about 100 orders a month.

We’ll be looking into that and other Growave pricing packages shortly. In the meantime though, let’s review the principal features you’re bound to find on the Growave app.

Growave Shopify App’s Key Features


From the look of things, Growave is seemingly built with simplicity in mind. The installation process, for instance, is completely free of charge and quite straightforward. You don’t need any technical skills to get it up and running.

And the same apple to the subsequent customization procedures. Growave allows you to set up customer engagement and loyalty programs without coding. The whole process only takes a couple of clicks and voila!

Then once everything starts rolling, Growave is not the type of app that charges beyond its monthly subscription. You won’t be paying any hidden fees or commissions for the conversions you make.

Social Login

Growave creates a seamless shopping experience by giving customers the option of logging in via their social media accounts. They should have an easy time proceeding with their Amazon, Tumblr, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, or Facebook account credentials.

In the meantime, you get to set up the accompanying customer profiles, from where you should be able to track their corresponding activities and information.

Social Sharing

Closely related to the social login functionality is yet another social feature that revolves around your customers’ social networks.

This specific one is intended to boost your store’s reach by having customers share the word through social media. Growave essentially adorns your product pages with social sharing icons that connect to the specific platforms you choose.

And what’s in it for the customers who proceed to share?

Well, it turns out Growave incentivizes the system by offering both referrers and referrals various forms of rewards. The choice is all yours.

Instafeed Shopping

Turns out we are not done with the social features yet. In addition to social sharing and social login tools, Growave comes with an embeddable Instafeed element that allows your customers to shop directly from Instagram posts.

The app simply integrates with Instagram through the social platform’s API to create multiple shoppable galleries. Then through the galleries, you get to publish curated photos and set up stunning visuals for intuitive shopping experiences.

Product Reviews

Growave further gives you tools for leveraging the full power of product reviews. Basically, it helps you collect high-quality reviews from multiple engagement channels (push notifications, social, email, etc), after which you get to publish them with photos- to boost your store’s credibility and subsequently drive conversions.

It doesn’t stop there though. Growave also manages to share and publish your product reviews on social media. Plus, Growave’s Google Shopping integration allows you to export your customer reviews and showcase them right on Google Shopping’s feed.

And speaking of Google, you might also be pleased that Growave tops all that off by displaying the reviews even on SERPs. They are basically pushed to Google’s search results as part of your SEO strategy.


As part of its sales optimization strategy, Growave tends to capitalize on even prospects who are not quite ready to buy. The principal feature here is wishlist, and it allows prospects to save their desired items straight away without logging in.

What’s more, shoppers can proceed with different variants, share their wishlists via social media, as well as set up wishlists for different occasions.

You, on the other hand, should find it easy to retarget the prospects using their wishlists. And while you’re at it, you could even build your brand’s social proof by displaying the number of wishlist additions each product in your inventory has attracted.

Loyalty Programs and Customer Rewards

Growave is particularly exceptional when it comes to customer loyalty programs. While most platforms stop at customer loyalty points and discount coupons, Growave stretches well beyond the basics to help you strengthen your relationship with customers.

It gives you automated tools for engaging customers over the long haul while rewarding them for repeated purchases, referrals, product reviews, social follows, etc. There are dozens of customer actions you could build your loyalty programs around, as well as multiple varieties of reward systems you could choose to apply.

You can, for instance, set up tiered customer loyalty programs, with different rewards for each level. Then to increase loyalty even further, you might want to offer even personalized rewards like birthday gifts. Growave is flexible enough to accommodate all these variations.

Email Automation

Although Growave isn’t an automated email marketing solution per se, it behaves exactly like one.

It’s capable of targeting customers and prospects with personalized emails based on what they’ve viewed, discussed, purchased, or added to their wishlists. The goal here is driving conversions by capitalizing on shoppers’ interests and behaviors.

Then for the best-possible engagement, Growave additionally hands you tools for designing attractive emails. Its email builder gives even non-coders the power to create email templates from scratch, as well as customize the layout elements to fit their brand design.

Reports and Analytics

Growave has a fairly decent analytics tool for keeping tabs on your engagement strategies and customer activities.

You can, for example, assess your campaign performance based on the subsequent sales metrics, as well as email stats such as open rate and click rate.


Although Growave is primarily built for Shopify, it’s not confined to a single platform. Rather, you can seamlessly integrate it with a range of third-party applications to enhance your campaign capabilities.

If you fancy supplementing Growave with an advanced email marketing solution, for instance, you just need to embed it with Klaviyo or Omnisend. Then when it comes to push notifications, you can choose between PushOwl and FirePush.

Other notable Growave integrations include Gem Pages, Ambify, Gorgias, Boost, Searchanise, Tobi, and ShippingEasy,

Growave Shopify App’s Pricing Plans

  • Free: This plan is completely free of charge, and it comes with just the basic features for social login, product reviews, and wishlist.

Although the package is open to stores of all sizes, we’d particularly recommend it for a Shopify store with about 100 orders or so per month. But, don’t get us wrong- there are no order limitations here.

  • Starter: The Growave Starter plan costs $29.99, and it comes with automated emails, social sharing, Instagram shopping, loyalty and rewards with points program, social login, plus basic wishlist, and product review features.

While there are no product limitations here either, we’d say the Starter package best suits a Shopify with about 500 orders or so per month.

  • Growth: The Growave Growth plan takes it up a notch at a cost of $69.99 per month. Some of the features you can expect here include Shopify POS support, Google Shopping integration, automated emails, social sharing, Instagram shopping, loyalty and rewards with points, VIP, and referral programs, social login, reminder emails for wishlists, plus product reviews with custom questions, as well as regular questions and answers.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is the costliest package on Growave. And for $299 a month, it hands you features that are specifically optimized for large Shopify stores.

These include; phone support, integration engineer, Klaviyo integration, Shopify Flow integration, API access,, automated emails, social sharing, Instagram shopping, loyalty and rewards with points, VIP, points at checkout, custom actions, free product feature, and referral programs, social login, reminder emails for wishlists, plus product reviews with custom questions, as well as regular questions and answers.

Pros and Cons of the Growave Shopify App

Growave App Pros 👍

  • Growave offers exemplary customer support. Its responsive customer support team is available 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat.
  • All the tools on Growave are optimized for simplicity and ease of use. Installation is conveniently straightforward, and you get to set up loyalty programs and sales campaigns without any technical skills.
  • Growave offers a permanently free plan with social login, wishlist, and product review tools.
  • Growave facilitates migrations from other apps. What’s more, the whole procedure is conducted professionally by a dedicated success manager and developer.
  • Growave is an all-in-one sales optimization app that supplements loyalty and rewards programs with wishlists, product reviews, social login, social sharing, Instafeed shopping, and email automation.
  • The loyalty and reward programs here are incredibly flexible. You can customize your Growave system to automatically reward customers for dozens of high-value actions. And while you’re at it, the app further gives you a wide range of rewards to choose from. You could even set up a loyalty program with multiple reward tiers.
  • Growave goes ahead and tracks its campaigns using relevant metrics.
  • Growave is capable of engaging prospects and customers through multiple automated channels. In addition to email, it typically connects with shoppers via push notifications, on-site messages, pop-ups, etc.
  • All the emails, widgets, reviews, and display elements on Growave can be customized to suit your needs and business brand.
  • Growave’s product reviews are displayed automatically on Google’s search results, and can be shared via social media.
  • Growave is capable of targeting shoppers with personalized messages based on a range of relevant parameters.
  • Growave allows shoppers to create wishlists without logging into their accounts.
  • Growave gives you the privilege of embedding shoppable Instagram galleries on any web page.
  • Shoppers get the benefit of registering with their social media accounts.

Growave App Cons 👎

  • The free plan offers very limited capabilities. It doesn’t even give you tools for setting up a loyalty program.
  • Growave can be costly to budget users. The most advanced package, for instance, supports checkout points, custom reward actions, and Shopify Flow for $299 a month.
  • Growave supports only a handful of pre-built third-party integrations.
  • Growave can only be leveraged on Shopify-based stores.

How To Create a Loyalty Program On Your Shopify Store Using Growave

Step 1: Install The Growave Shopify App

Since everything occurs within the Growave app, the first step is, of course, integrating the app with your Shopify store.

So, log into your Shopify admin panel and proceed straight to the Shopify App Store. You should then search for the Growave app and click on its Add App button. The system will automatically install the app for free.

Once you’re done, you’ll notice that Growave is accompanied by all its features by default. Its dashboard packs not only the loyalty and reward program tools, but also social login, social sharing, automated emails, Instagram galleries, and wishlists.

Step 2: Set Up a User Account on Growave

To use Growave, you have no choice but to register an account.

And when it comes to that, there are four pricing plans to choose from. You could either sign up for the Free package or settle for one of the premium options- Starter for $29.99 a month, Growth for $69.99 a month, or Enterprise for $299.99.

It’s worth noting, however, that although the Free plan is particularly tempting, it’s not the best package for setting up loyalty programs. Instead, you might want to go for either Starter, Growth, or Enterprise. You can try out any paid plan for free, 14 days for the Starter and Growth plans and 30 days for the Enterprise plan.

But, if you choose not to proceed with your selected premium plan after the trial period, Growave will downgrade your account back to the free package.

Step 3: Choose Your Preferred a Loyalty Program

When you finally land on the Growave dashboard, you should ignore the rest of the tools for now and proceed straight to the Loyalty and Rewards area.

Here, you’ll find three major types of loyalty programs to choose from- Points, Referral Program, and VIP Tiers.

Now, Points, for starters, is all about awarding repeat customers loyalty points based on their purchase patterns. Then the Referral Program, on the other hand, is only ideal when you need to expand your brand’s reach through your customers. They spread the word and you subsequently reward them based on their referrals.

That said, I’d pick VIP Tiers as the best loyalty program on Growave. This is a rather dynamic system of rewarding customers, which allows you to set up multiple levels with varying points and reward ratios.

You can, for example, roll out three membership tiers- each with its own unique set of rewards and qualification criteria.

Step 4: Tweak Your Loyalty Program Options

To set up and tweak your preferred loyalty program, you should click on it and proceed to its settings page.

When it comes to VIP Tiers, for instance, hitting the VIP Tiers option on the Loyalty and Rewards page should lead you straight to its settings page. This is where you get to add a new VIP Tiers program, create its tiers, as well as determine the corresponding reward and point formulae.

So, go ahead and click on the Add New button. The Growave system will immediately launch a setup window, complete with fields for the program name, program description, plus tier, points, and rewards criteria.

Now, if you happen to choose the Referral Program, its settings area will give you options for customizing the rewards for both senders and receivers. Also, you can check the engagement progress by tracking all your customers’ events in the referral program.

Then the Points Program, on the other hand, allows you to specify the program’s rewardable actions, plus the corresponding reward points.

Step 5: Design The Rewards Page

On the Loyalty and Rewards page, you’ll see the Appearance Settings tab right below the loyalty program options and the Notification Center. This is where you get to adjust the design of your rewards page.

So, click on Appearance Settings to launch Growave’s editing canvas. It’ll give you tools for changing not only the page’s layout, but also the accompanying color scheme and logo.

Step 6: Customize The Program’s Email Notifications And FAQs.

When you’re done with the Appearance Settings, you can switch to the Notification Center. Clicking on it will direct you to the email and FAQ sections, which offer various editing tools.

You can then design the type of emails you’d like the system to dispatch automatically at various stages along your customer journey.

Over To You

At this point, your loyalty and reward system should be ready to roll. So, I guess it’s now over to you.

That means you’re free to deploy the various programs at your convenience. And when you do, you might want to keep an eye on their performance metrics. It’s only by adjusting the parameters and tracking their subsequent performance trends that you can establish the best settings for your loyalty programs.

And with that, I wish you all the best in your campaigns. Remember to leave comments about your overall experience with the Growave Shopify app.

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