ShipBob Reviews (Jan 2023) – The Ultimate Order Fulfillment Solution?

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Are you starting an online business from scratch and aren’t sure where to start with the shipping process, or are you an established company in need of a more scalable shipping solution? Consider ShipBob, a fulfillment company that helps you streamline ecommerce shipping, from inventory storage and distribution to fast delivery and returns.

ShipBob consistently delivers next-day and 2-day shipping options to leading Shopify Plus, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce brands. Discover more on how you can get Amazon-level shipping and logistics, while maintaining your brand here.

What is ShipBob?

ShipBob is an ecommerce fulfillment solution – a service that helps you to provide your customers with the products that they’ve bought from your site. If you're selling physical items to your audience then you need someone who’s going to help you get those products from A to B. That’s exactly what ShipBob does.

Designed to help companies build stronger relationships with their clients, ShipBob offers next-day and 2-day delivery options to brands who want to drive growth through excellent customer experience. What’s more, you can integrate this solution with the ecommerce websites that you’ve already started building. That means that you don’t have to start from scratch if you already have a website with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magnento.

If you’re in a hurry, get started using the link below:

With the saturation of ecommerce retailers, shipping speed and cost are often major factors for customers when making a purchasing decision. Therefore offering fast, affordable shipping can influence buyers, drive sales and boost customer loyalty.

Still not convinced?

👉 Here are just a few statistics to give you a clearer picture of the importance and impact of ecommerce delivery.

  • 38% of customers say that they’ll never buy from the same retailer following a negative delivery experience.
  • 45% of buyers have abandoned a shopping cart primarily because of unsatisfactory delivery options.
  • 60% of buyers have opted for a competitor who offers more convenient delivery options.
  • 74% of customers rate free shipping as a major buying factor in the checkout process.

Fact is, consumers have become accustomed to free shipping and even two-day delivery for online purchases. This has led them to create some high expectations for businesses in terms of shipping speed as well as prices.

This may be without a doubt easily attainable for large enterprises. However, this expectation can seem insurmountable for small business owners. Yet, by fulfilling these set expectations, your brand stands out effortlessly and your business creates a great customer experience that converts buyers into lifelong customers.

👉 Brands that outsource ecommerce fulfillment to ShipBob have experience the following by offering the right shipping options to customers:

In truth, if you were to keep fulfillment in-house, this would require a lot of behind-the-scenes work to refine your shipping strategy in order to smoothen fulfillment processes. To make it worse, you have to accomplish all this without increasing your prices to unacceptable levels.

✨Luckily, the process becomes way easier if you outsource fulfillment to a company like ShipBob that has the technology, fulfillment services, geographic footprint, and scalability to support you as you grow.

ShipBob Pros and Cons:

As mentioned above, ShipBob is best-suited for small and mid-sized businesses shipping at least 100 products each month. If you’re selling less than that, you may end up simply visiting UPS or FedEx on your own instead.

Used correctly, ShipBob can save you essential time and money. However, it won’t be the right option for everyone.

ShipBob Pros 👍

  • Saves you a lot of time with product fulfillment processes
  • Excellent customer service compared to other fulfillment provider options
  • Fantastic way to go beyond things like eBay for online selling
  • Access to plenty of educated ShipBob employees for additional help
  • Good shipping rates that are adjusted to your specific needs
  • Lots of cost and location options to choose from, so your business can expand
  • Excellent interface that’s easy to navigate when sending WRO orders

ShipBob Cons 👎

  • Can have a bit of a learning curve for beginners (try the support team for help)
  • Some pages load slowly when you’re using the service
  • You might have a hard time understanding the pricing structure at first

Are you ready to discover whether ShipBob would be the perfect match for your shipping needs?

Let’s get started.

How Does ShipBob Work

ShipBob review - homepage

ShipBob is one of the top order fulfillment services that provides two main services. The first is as a software solution that allows online businesses to manage orders, inventory and customer communication at no cost. The second service is providing logistics to fill orders and warehouse inventory at the back end. This helps businesses grow and scale by freeing up time. Brands have experienced:

Its main advantage is that it’s situated in five of the largest regions of the United States: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and New York. This close proximity to merchants and customers enables ShipBob to provide next- and 2-day delivery services just like Amazon but at an affordable cost for small businesses.

ShipBob bases its value proposition on the drawback most online retailers face when selling on Amazon- you can’t control brand experience. ShipBob allows retailers to use their own custom branded boxes to give their customers a unique first impression during unboxing. This helps a business determine the perception customers will get about their brand. Plus, a ShipBob, you will have a dedicated account manager, so you can always contact them with questions or for consulting on ways to expand your business.

Lastly, ShipBob has control over the entire logistics stack: the inventory management software that you will use, the warehouse management software that their fulfillment centers will use, and the actual fulfilment centers themselves. Most of their “competitors” only control one or two of those three critical features.

ShipBob Reviews: Pricing

shipbob pricing

Pricing is likely to be the first thing that you’re going to consider when deciding which shipping fulfillment solution you should use. Every ecommerce business, no matter how small, has fees to worry about. From full-time employees to supply chain logistics, you’ve got a lot of costs that you need to keep on top of. You need to ensure that your fulfilment strategy is affordable.

At first glance, ShipBob’s pricing can seem a little complicated. However, the pricing, as the brand puts it, is reflective of the full warehouse-to-customer experience that you get. The standard fees in each service model available from include:

  • A service customized to you: ShipBob will accommodate your business needs at no additional cost – no matter how specialist your requirements might be.
  • Exceptional growth support: ShipBob prides itself on being more than just a pick-and-pack warehousing solution. The best-in-class technology available from the company helps you to grow rapidly, and start onboarding customers in new locations.
  • Built-in support: Because ShipBob owns and operates all of their own fulfilment services, you can expect excellent customer service if you have any problems.

The pricing model for ShipBob is relatively transparent, with no hidden fees. For instance:

  • Receiving: $25 for the first two hours, then $35 per man hour for every hour after that.
  • Storage: A monthly charge of $40 per month per pallet, or $10 per shelf per month. You can also choose bin storage for $5 per bin per month.
  • Pick and pack: This is included in the cost for the first five picks in an order, then it’s $0.20 for the sixth pick and beyond.
  • Standard packing: This is included in the box for free plain boxes, tape, mailers, and dunnage. However, you may need to pay more for extra branding.
  • Shipping: Specific to your order: This will vary depending on the weight of the product, the dimensions, shipping requirements and so on.

ShipBob Review: Ease of Use

shipbob ease of use

ShipBob’s inventory management solution is cloud-based, providing the massive potential for increasing fulfillment efficiency, monitoring in real-time, and forecasting your business.

This helps you make quick and stress-free installations, automatic updates and get a secure backup for data. Therefore, you won’t have to exhaust your IT department setting up special hardware and manually updating software.

In addition, it provides a real-time view of our stock. This gives you an in-depth look at the business at any given time. This helps you make better decisions when it comes to switching products, redeveloping your marketing strategy as well as introducing new services.

ShipBob’s cloud-based feature also enables data to be backed up automatically. So if by chance you delete a file or your hardware malfunctions, regaining access is just by locating the file in the cloud.

ShipBob Reviews: Key Features

👉 Below are some of the top features that ShipBob has to offer.

ShipBob Reviews: Inventory Management

shipbob Inventory management

Inventory management helps you determine the amount of stock that you should always have on hand. This is because too much inventory may lead to ‘dead stock’ while too little stock will make you fail to meet customer demands and miss out on making a sale.

To manage inventory strategically, ShipBob utilizes third-party logistics (3PLs) software. This system uses historical order information to give you insight into how you should distribute your inventory across their warehouses. This way, you can provide faster shipping at lower costs based on where the majority of your customers are located.

Similarly, ShipBob’s inventory management feature lets you set reorder notifications for stock levels that you want to be automatically reminded to restock such as your bestsellers. This helps you link manufacturing activities to supply the demand for your products and ultimately make sales.

ShipBob Review: Order Management

shipbob Order management

ShipBob’s order management system can keep track of all shipments from receiving, processing, delivery, and returns stages. It can also automatically transfer tracking details to your customers.

When you connect your store to ShipBob, you send your inventory to fulfillment centers that are convenient for you to ship from. This way, when ShipBob receives the inventory, it gets processed and stored in the designated locations.

Each order placed by your customers gets forwarded to ShipBob’s order management system. Then ShipBob assigns it to the most convenient fulfillment center based on your customer’s location and inventory levels.

Then ShipBob will pick, do the packaging, ship the order and provide an order tracking number to your customer to follow order status. You also get access to track the progress of all your orders using the ShipBob dashboard.

Advanced Filters

shipbob Advanced filters

ShipBob allows you to search for what you need and save your reports for later. It helps you filter orders by tracking number, order date, fulfillment center location or even by the destination country.

ShipBob Review: Advanced Reporting

shipbob Advanced Reporting

Using ShipBob, you are able to keep track of what matters most to you such as:

  • Expense breakdowns
  • Peak fulfillment hours
  • Revenue of orders shipped
  • Sales of orders by USPS zone
  • Sales by channel
  • Forecasted revenue

This information provides insights that can help you plan ahead and make better fulfillment and inventory decisions.

ShipBob Review: Returns Management

ShipBob Returns management

Returns management is an often overlooked aspect of order fulfillment. Customers can also base their purchasing decisions on how easy they can return a product if necessary. So it’s important to streamline the processing of your returns as well.

ShipBob helps automate returns processing in a cost-effective way. For instance, you can have returned goods sent back to the warehouse or have them recycle any defective or damaged goods.

Furthermore, ShipBob offers a return link on your website so that customers can generate a return shipping label. This lets you view tracking information for the returns until it gets restocked.

ShipBob Review: Customer Support

ShipBob Customer Support

When working with an outsourced order fulfillment partner, communication is vital. You always need to know whether your customers will receive their orders on time.

Before reaching out to their customer success team, you can scan their Help Center to get answers from their extensive knowledge base. You could also receive direct help using their live chat button during business hours or their contact form for non-business hours.

If you need assistance with a particular order, go to your ShipBob dashboard and click on Orders in the left side menu. Depending on the status of the order, select either Processing, On Hold, Completed, Exception or Cancelled.

Next, click on the relevant order ID and click on the Get Help button located on the top right corner of the page. Once a form pops up, select the category of the issue you’re experiencing and provide a description of your request. Then click Send and a representative will help you out.

ShipBob Review: Integrations

ShipBob review - integrations

Integrations are a powerful way to take your ecommerce fulfillment solution to the next level. Fortunately, ShipBob has plenty of great integrations to offer.

👉 These are just some of our favorites:


Shopify offers Shopify Shipping but it requires you to ship your orders from a selected post office. This results in some manual backend work that gets difficult as your customer base grows. Hence, the need for Shopify’s integration with ShipBob to automate fulfillment.

Integrating your Shopify store with ShipBob can enable you to make options like 2-day or same-day shipping affordable. Shipping labels get automatically generated once an order is placed on your store. Then, ShipBob handles the picking, packing, and shipping.

>> ShipBob + Shopify Plus = Winning Combination <<


ShipBob also integrates with BigCommerce to let you offer free shipping on your store at a price that doesn’t hurt your margins. Its fulfillment centers enable you to split inventory across multiple locations close to your customers. This helps you reduce time in transit to speed up deliveries. Find the BigCommerce review and how it integrates with shipping platforms.


SquareSpace lets you create regional shipping zones that allows you to limit where you ship your products or even set shipping fees depending on location. Even though there are some restrictions on what you can sell on SquareSpace, the shipping restrictions depends on ShipBob, carriers and your customer’s country.


WooCommerce offers numerous tools to group products and other shipping methods using ShipBob. For example, you can offer free WooCommerce shipping, offers 2-day shipping that’s more affordable using ground shipping instead of going for expedited air.


ShipBob integrates with your Magento store as well. Here, shipping costs depend on destination zip codes, package weight, dimensions and the shipping method used. Even though Magento has its built-in Magento Shipping where you can create shipping labels, you have to do packaging and shipping. ShipBob takes care of this for you.


BackerKit is a shipping and fulfillment software tool designed specifically for crowdfunding. It integrates with ShipBob to give you a backend system that helps you manage your crowdfunding campaigns. This helps you handle custom reward packages and automatically generate SKUs for processing.


ShipStation is a top web-based shipping solution that decided to partner with ShipBob in June last year. This platinum partnership will help ShipStation customers who outsource their fulfillment using ShipBob partnership get access to fulfillment centers in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Brooklyn, and San Francisco.

Read our full ShipStation review.

Who Should Consider Using ShipBob?

ShipBob was specifically designed to help fast-growing small businesses and medium-sized businesses without distribution and warehouse capabilities to streamline their order fulfillment processes. It also serves the crowdfunding industry to ship their products.

Whether you are shipping 500 products per month or 50,000 products per month, ShipBob is your partner to scale your business across evolving customer and market demands. Turn your shipping and fulfillment from a cost center to a revenue driver!

ShipBob Review: FAQ

Do you still have questions about ShipBob and how it works?

This FAQ section could help.

How much does ShipBob actually cost?

A: The software is free to use for all customers, but you will need to pay for your fulfillment services. Completing your orders is a full-time job for ShipBob employees, so you need to pay for their work, plus the cost of hiring a pallet, bin, or somewhere to store your products.

Does Shipbob ship internationally?

A: Absolutely, ShipBob can send orders to more than 220 territories and countries. You’ll have to request a quote to get the price for international shipping though.

Where is Shipbob located?

A: ShipBob is in Chicago, in the United States, with fulfilment centers dotted across Los Angeles, Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Which shipping carriers does ShipBob work with?

A: ShipBob has negotiated bulk discount deals with some of the largest shipping carriers in the world, including DHL, UPS, FedEx, and USPS. This means that it can pass discounts onto you and your business.

Does ShipBob offer Wholesale support?

A: Yes, this service can support larger wholesale orders, although it will cost you extra. You’ll need to ask ShipBob for a quote for this.

ShipBob Review: Conclusion

With so many ecommerce fulfillment and inventory management solutions on the market, it can be overwhelming to know for sure which one will best serve your business shipping needs. The right solution depends on your size, needs, and goals.

ShipBob ticks all the boxes of the features you should look for in a fulfillment solution such as owning the entire stack (their inventory management solution, their warehouse management solution, and the fulfillment centers), being cloud-based, easy to use, provide inventory alerts, returns processing and providing reports and analytics.

It empowers merchants to complete the order fulfillment process with ease. For instance, the ability to split inventory across different fulfillment centers located in major cities is a HUGE win.

This helps you store your products closer to where your customers are located to help you reduce shipping costs and increase the speed of delivery. This, in turn, helps you meet your customer’s expectations.

Over To You

What’s your take on this ShipBob ecommerce order fulfillment software? Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and questions in the comments section below.

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