The Best Etsy Alternatives to Consider in 2023

Excellent Alternatives to Etsy for Creative Selling

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The best Etsy alternatives offer todayโ€™s creative professionals a variety of convenient platforms they can use to connect with a global audience of potential buyers.

These dedicated sales solutions are specially designed for those looking to make a profit from handmade, customized, and unique products. After all, while Etsy is one of the most popular creative marketplaces available today, itโ€™s far from the only solution for those with imaginative items to sell.

Today, weโ€™re going to going to be exploring the pros, cons, and features of each solution, to help you make the right choice for your budding business.

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What is Etsy?

Etsy represents one of the most popular platforms for creative professionals selling handmade products on the market today. Focused on connecting buyers with entrepreneurs selling unique, personalized items, Etsy offers access to a huge community of potential customers, convenient sales tools, and listing features. However, Etsy isnโ€™t the only platform available for creative professionals.

What are the Best Etsy Alternatives for 2023?

Here are some great alternative options if you find youโ€™re not earning the best revenue from your Etsy shop, or you want to expand on the income earned from your Etsy store.

1. Shopify

shopify - The Best Etsy Alternatives to Consider in 2023

One of the better-known ecommerce platforms available today, Shopify is a comprehensive solution for online sellers, designed to support any kind of growing business. With Shopifyโ€™s built-in tools and comprehensive app marketplace, entrepreneurs can build just about any kind of business, selling everything from print-on-demand and dropshipping products, to unique hand-made items.

Itโ€™s even possible to utilize Shopify as a solution for selling online and offline at the same time, thanks to integrations with the Shopify POS service. Plus, users can take advantage integrations with platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.

Pricing for Shopify starts at $5 per month to simply add a buy button to an existing website or blog. Alternatively, companies can leverage the full ecosystem from prices starting at $39 per month.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘

  • Huge variety of multichannel selling tools for any ecommerce business
  • Easy integration with various convenient apps and plugins
  • Lots of payment options to choose from
  • Excellent back-end environment for building your store
  • Built-in marketing tools for SEO and social media

2. Wix

Wix - The Best Etsy Alternatives to Consider in 2023

If youโ€™re looking for a convenient way to develop your own online brand with a customized, comprehensive ecommerce website, then Wix could be the perfect alternative to Etsy. The popular website builder comes with a host of user-friendly templates which make it easy to develop your own store. You can even set up your own custom domain.

Wix allows users to track orders, accept credit card and PayPal payments, create coupons, and set shipping and tax rules for various locations. Youโ€™ll need to pay at least $23 per month for a Wix plan to access a range of ecommerce capabilities. Plus, there are transaction fees to pay on each conversion. Wix does have an Etsy integration too, but you may need to pay additional fees to access this functionality.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘

  • Easy to use environment with great templates
  • Lots of branding and customization options
  • Marketing tools to help you reach your audience
  • Integration with other sales channels
  • Excellent support and community platform

3. Squarespace

Squarespace - The Best Etsy Alternatives to Consider in 2023

Great for retailers who want to showcase their creative side, Squarespace is a comprehensive online store builder, with some of the most attractive templates on the market. This user-friendly solution for modern retailers comes with drag-and-drop tools, making it perfect for beginners in the digital landscape. You can also import products directly from your Etsy site if you already have one.

As one of the more straightforward alternatives to Etsy, Squarespace comes with everything you need to get started online, including inventory management solutions and marketing tools.

You can also sell gift cards and subscription products alongside everyday products. Squarespace charges transaction fees on sales, however, and you will need to pay at least $18 per month to access the ecommerce capabilities. There may also be additional processing fees to think about.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘

  • Beautiful and professional store templates
  • Amazing range of marketing and sales tools
  • Fantastic social media capabilities
  • Relatively affordable pricing
  • Easy-to-use backend environment

4. Bonanza

Bonanza - The Best Etsy Alternatives to Consider in 2023

Similar to eBay and Etsy in a number of ways, Bonanza is an online platform which focuses on empowering businesses to sell unique items to their customers. You can use this platform to sell everything from collectibles to hand-made arts and crafts. Like with Etsy, youโ€™ll also have access to a comprehensive marketplace where you can find lots of existing customers.

However, unlike other platforms, Bonanza will also allow you to create a standalone online store, so you can develop your brand image online. You can also build automated listings for eBay and Google Shopping.

Sellers on Bonanza pay a commission of around 3.5-5% of their final sales price for each product, as well as shipping fees, to access the service. Keep in mind, however, itโ€™s common to haggle with customers on prices within this platform.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘

  • Excellent access to an existing marketplace environment
  • Integrations with existing online sales tools
  • Great for building connections with a target audience
  • Free listing for items
  • Included marketing and analytics tools

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5. Big Cartel

bigcartel - The Best Etsy Alternatives to Consider in 2023

Another online store and website builder intended for growing professionals in the digital space, Big Cartel is a fantastic platform for creative entrepreneurs. The solution comes with plenty of tools built for artists, craft sellers, and those experimenting with the handmade ecommerce space.

Unlike Etsy, Big Cartel gives sellers the freedom to use their own domain. Plus, there are a host of helpful marketing tools to boost your appearance online. You can either set up a store for free, or pay a flat monthly fee for access to all the services.

If you opt for the free service, youโ€™ll only be able to list five products on the commerce platform. However, the paid plans are relatively affordable too, starting at $9.99 for up to 50 products.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘

  • Fantastic marketplace and online marketing tools
  • Branding for your own store, and custom domains
  • Affordable pricing for beginners
  • Convenient range of tools for managing your sales
  • Customer contact options

6. Artisans Cooperative

Artisans Cooperative - The Best Etsy Alternatives to Consider in 2023

If your favorite thing about Etsy is its ability to connect you with an existing audience of potential buyers, then youโ€™re likely to appreciate the functionality of Artisans Cooperative. This is a creative community website, where retailers can list their handmade items alongside solutions created by a range of other online sellers.

The platform is committed to selling only the highest quality items, so itโ€™s great if you want to earn a positive reputation in your niche. Plus, there are plenty of resources available to help beginners, including an active forum of users, a blog page, and a range of help tools. Itโ€™s easy to get started and begin showcasing your products online.

Thereโ€™s no monthly fee to pay, but you will need to pay commissions on all of the sales you make, which can vary depending on how much money you make.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘

  • Excellent online marketplace with an existing audience
  • Lots of help tools and resources
  • Great reputation for selling high-quality items
  • Lower fees than on the Etsy platform
  • Easy-to-use interface

7. Storenvy

Storenvy - The Best Etsy Alternatives to Consider in 2023

Another fantastic solution if youโ€™re searching for a way to build your brand with access to an online community of avid shoppers and sellers is Storenvy. This social marketplace is specially designed to address the needs of creative sellers. You can connect with a range of customers, selling everything from books and recorded music, to beauty items and tech products.

Unlike other Etsy alternatives, Storenvy gives business owners access to a free online store, hosted on its platform, alongside a commission-based marketplace.

If you choose to sell on the marketplace, Storenvy will charge a 15% commission on all of the products you sell. However, there are no monthly fees or listing fees to worry about. Plus, you can list up to 500 products at any given time.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘

  • Multiple online selling options
  • Options to build your own website and brand
  • No monthly fees to pay for your online store
  • Excellent range of resources and help tools
  • Great reputation for creative sellers

8. Folksy

Folksy - The Best Etsy Alternatives to Consider in 2023

Specially designed for sellers in the United Kingdom, Folksy is an online craft marketplace, where business leaders are encouraged to sell their own specialist solutions online. Here, customers can find a range of products created by artists and designers, sold across a range of categories like homeware, art, jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

Folksy does a great job at drawing attention to the products produced by its artisans, with pages dedicated to showcasing the latest and most popular products.

Plus, there are no fees for signing up with the platform, although you will be required to pay a commission for all of the sales you make. Youโ€™re also responsible for getting items to your customers, which means paying for fulfillment services for your ecommerce business.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘

  • Excellent for online sellers in the UK
  • Great for grabbing the attention of an existing audience
  • Easy-to-use environment for setting up your shop
  • Lots of support and help resources available
  • Affordable commissions

9. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane - The Best Etsy Alternatives to Consider in 2023

If youโ€™re looking for an environment where you can sell quality vintage products and antiques, Ruby Lane is an excellent choice. Relatively new compared to other platforms like Etsy, Ruby Lane is quickly gaining attention among customers in search of unique products online.

The platform makes it easy to capture the attention of your target audience, with a collectorโ€™s hotspot section where it advertises some of the most popular products from categories like fashion, furniture, and jewelry.

The fees for Ruby Lane are relatively straightforward too. While you can list items for free, you will need to pay a monthly maintenance fee for showcasing your items online. This fee only applies if youโ€™re selling around 15 items per month. However, thereโ€™s a 9l.9% sales fee on every transaction.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘

  • Great for selling vintage items and antiques
  • Easy to draw attention to products online
  • No fees for listing your products
  • Simple backend environment for sellers
  • Excellent customer service and support

10. Cratejoy

Cratejoy - The Best Etsy Alternatives to Consider in 2023

Finally, if you want to take advantage of the growing popularity of online subscription boxes, then Cratejoy could be the ideal Etsy alternative for you. This all-in-one subscription ecommerce platform makes it easy for business leaders to start earning recurring income from buyers. You can choose between selling on the marketplace, or designing and launching your own website.

With Cratejoy, business leaders gain access to millions of active shoppers, plus a range of tools to help them boost their profits.

Itโ€™s free to list your products on the Cratejoy marketplace, but you will pay transaction fees based on the performance of your business. Alternatively, if you want to create your own website, youโ€™ll pay $59 per month, plus extra transaction fees.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘

  • Various ways to sell online
  • Direct access to subscription and rebilling tools
  • Customer management and analytics features
  • Access to a huge range of existing buyers
  • Plenty of customer support and assistance

11. Amazon Handmade

Amazon handmade - The Best Etsy Alternatives to Consider in 2023

Similar to Etsy, Amazon handmade focuses exclusively on creative, unique, and customized items, built for a specific audience. The platform also has a fantastic existing audience, making it easy for retailers to track down consumers in search of great products.

Whatโ€™s more, alongside accessing all the tools you need to create an online storefront, retailers can also take advantage of some fantastic fulfillment solutions offered by Amazon too. The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service ensures you can get products to customers as quickly as possible, and the team at Amazon can even help with managing refunds and returns.

While thereโ€™s no monthly subscription fee to pay when you sign up for Amazon, the commission costs can be a little higher than those on other platforms. Amazon takes 15% from each transaction, and there are extra costs to consider for fulfillment too.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘

  • Excellent reputation with existing buyers
  • Fantastic storefront building capabilities
  • Specially suited to sellers in creative categories
  • Help with fulfillment and logistics management
  • Great customer service and support

Choosing the Best Etsy Alternatives

When it comes to selling handmade goods online, Etsy sellers and creative professionals have a range of options to choose from. Small business owners can choose between building their own ecommerce site with solutions like Shopify and Wix, or using a marketplace environment like Ruby Lane.

Depending on the solution you choose, youโ€™ll be able to set up your own domain name, grow your online business with search engine optimization tools, and sell virtually unlimited products online. You may even be able to connect your own online store to Etsy, so you can take advantage of an omnichannel business plan, and increase your earnings.

Just keep in mind, every Etsy alternative comes with its own fees to consider, from shipping costs, to commissions, and payment processor fees.

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