Wix Ecommerce Pricing (2023) – A Guide to Wix Ecommerce Fees

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If you’re looking for a simple but effective solution for designing your own online store, Wix could be a perfect choice. Not only is Wix widely regarded as one of the simpler builders for small business owners, but it’s feature rich and affordable too.

Wix is a name that most people have already heard of in the website builder world. Countless companies have started life with a Wix website as an easy way to build their presence online.

However, Wix has a separate solution for those who want to sell in the digital world. With a Wix ecommerce plan, you get the same intuitive drag and drop editor that you’d expect, plus extra features.

When you build a Wix website, you don’t need tons of experience in things like coding and development. There are templates included and drag-and-drop functionality to simplify your site-building experience. You can move elements like images and text boxes around with ease. Plus, all of Wix’s ecommerce options come with a host of sales tools too.

If you’re looking for an alternative to options like Shopify and Magento, Wix could be the ideal solution for your website builder. The question is – how much will it cost to build a Wix website?

Wix Ecommerce Pros and Cons

Before we get into the various plan options you can expect from your Wix ecommerce solution; it’s worth considering why you would want to use this service in the first place. Offering features like unlimited bandwidth and simple building for every package, Wix is one of the leading solutions in the current marketplace.

Wix makes it easy to accept online payments from your consumers and build a site that’s easy to use and navigate. You can even combine your Wix site with your email marketing and social media channels. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider:

Pros 👍

  • Simplify site editing: Wix will show you how your store edits can appear on the storefront so that you’re not making changes blindly.
  • Multilingual performance: There’s no limit to who you can reach with Wix, thanks to the multilingual support.
  • Effective app market: Choose from a host of paid and free apps perfect for adding functionality to your digital store.
  • Multichannel selling: Use the option to sell on social media channels like Instagram when you want to expand your brand reach.
  • Great for beginners: You don’t need to be an online site pro to succeed with Wix, you can choose from a range of website plans and build the way that suits you.
  • Various ecommerce tools: Just like other leading sales solutions, your Wix account will come with various tools, like abandoned cart recovery.
  • Flexibility: Add functionality and transform your Wix.com website however you choose. Wix give you the freedom to evolve with your customers.

Cons 👎

  • · Some missing features: Although Wix has a lot of functionality to offer, it doesn’t provide things like stock level alerts for inventory management.
  • · Issues with creative freedom: Being able to adjust any aspect of your site can make it harder to ensure everything works properly.
  • · Not the biggest app marketplace: The app marketplace still isn’t the biggest option available.

Wix Ecommerce Pricing Options

wix ecommerce pricing plans

Wix’s pricing for ecommerce packages differs from the kind of price you’ll pay for the standard Wix website builder experience. If you want an ecommerce package, your cheapest option will begin with Business basic, which is available for $23 per month. After that, you can upgrade to Business Unlimited for $27 per month or Business VIP for $49 per month.

In comparison, the basic website plans for Wix start at around $14 for the Combo option, but this doesn’t come with the necessary ecommerce features you need to sell.

Let’s take a closer look at your ecommerce options.

Wix Business Basic: $23 per month

The first, and least expensive plan from Wix is the Business Basic plan. This is the cheapest ecommerce plan, and an ideal option for companies that are just starting out. $23 per month is a competitive, and reasonably cheap price point for such a feature-rich tool. With this package, you get:

  • 20GB of storage space for all site assets
  • Wix Store ecommerce platform
  • Unlimited bandwidth for all your customers
  • Free domain name (custom), so you can brand yourself
  • No Wix ads on site pages
  • Ad vouchers worth $300 for advertising on Google
  • Five hours for video support
  • Wix Site booster app to improve Google rankings
  • Wix visitor analytics app for insights about audience
  • Google analytics for data on what clients are doing

Wix Business Unlimited: $27 per month

The Business Unlimited plan is a little more expensive than the Basic option from Wix. However, this is also one of the most popular choices for growing companies. Business Unlimited gives you more freedom to expand your site to suit your needs. It’s cheaper than the lowest-price plan on Shopify, and you get everything from the Basic plan, plus extras such as:

  • 35GB of storage space
  • 10 video hours
  • Social media logo files
  • Wix logo maker to create a brand image

The unlimited plan represents some decent value for money if you want access to plenty of tools for growth. Although it’s not the cheapest plan from Wix, it is one of the more impressive options.

Wix Business VIP: $49 per month

Wix’s most expensive option for ecommerce business owners is the VIP plan. This is a better choice for companies that need access to the most advanced tools for online sales. For the $49 per month price tag, you’ll get everything you expect from the Business Unlimited plan, plus additional features like:

  • Unlimited video hours
  • 500GB of storage
  • Priority response and support

The extra support and guidance that comes with the Wix Business VIP plan is great for companies that require a fuller package and can’t afford to be waiting around for help when they need it.

Wix Pricing: Extra Points to Note

Notably, there are a selection of other plans available from Wix. However, those “Business” plans are designed for those who just want to run a website, and perhaps an online blog. You will need to focus exclusively on the ecommerce packages if you want to sell things using a digital store.

The “Business” premium plans for those who don’t need any ecommerce features are as follows:

  • Combo: $14 per month per user. With this you get a custom domain (free for one year), removed Wix ads, a free SSL certificate, 3GB of storage, and 30 minutes of video
  • Unlimited: $18 per user per month – you get everything in Combo, with 10 GB of storage space, an hour of video, ad vouchers, and site builder solutions. Video analytics app access is also included
  • Pro: $23 per month: Everything from Unlimited, as well as 20GB of storage space, 2 hours of video, events calendar app access, professional logo design, social media logo design and 24/7 customer care.
  • VIP: $39 per month per user, this VIP package comes with 30GB of storage, 5 hours of video support, and all the features of Pro, plus priority customer support.

There’s also an Enterprise plan available if you need a specialist package designed specifically for your needs.

Although there’s no free plan from Wix, per se, you can create your initial website for free. However, you wouldn’t be able to connect your domain until you added a premium plan to your purchase. Premium plans do come with a free voucher for one year of domain usage, as well as various vouchers for advertising on Bing and Google, to help your business grow.

If you don’t connect your domain, then you’ll end up with a subdomain from Wix, which doesn’t look very professional. Subdomains usually look something like this: username.wixsite.com/name. Custom domains allow you to choose exactly the name that’s right for you.

Once you have a personalized domain for your website, you can purchase a mailbox from G-Suite and get a custom email address as part of the package. The Wix team partnered with G-Suite and Google Cloud to deliver 40GB of storage and inbox storage for users, as well as access to crucial tools like Google Docs, Calendar, and Sheets.

Wix Ecommerce Pricing: Value for Money

The value for money for the Wix ecommerce plans is pretty decent overall. Remember, you are getting a lot of features for your cash, including everything from SEO, to credit card transaction management, and beyond. Unfortunately, there is no free plan available today as there used to be. However, the premium plan options do come with a 14-day money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with any features or functionality.

If you’re an enterprise business, you can probably find a few more advanced features from alternatives to Wix. However, for budget-conscious smaller companies, Wix is a decent choice. Remember, Shopify’s pricing plans range from $29 to $299 per month, and BigCommerce pricing plans can go all the way from $29.95 to $224.95 in comparison.

There are a few slightly cheaper products than Wix out there, such as Squarespace, but it’s worth balancing the functionality that you get with both providers. Wix is generally a better tool if you’re planning on scaling your business in the long-term.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

  1. Runner up:
    Features 9/10
    Ease of Use 10/10
    Pricing 8/10
    Templates & Design 9/10
    Inventory 8/10
    SEO & Marketing 9/10
    Payments 9/10
    Security 9/10
    Customer Support 9/10

Wix comes packed with all the tools you need to get digital and physical products virtually flying off your shelves. This solution keeps everything well-organized to help you make the most of your online selling strategy. Additionally, there’s no limit to the various kinds of products you can sell. There’s support for everything from eBooks to hand-made items.

If your company needs to take bookings from potential customers, then Wix has you covered there with the Wix Bookings app. There’s also a variety of great ways to display your products on your website so you’re more likely to attract customer attention. For instance, there are tons of product zoom options that come built-in, and you can add up to 15 images of your product.

If you want extra help showing everyone how great your items are, then Wix can help with that too. Adding product videos to your pages can showcase how effective your goods are and deliver a great customer experience.

Some of the multi-year plans from Wix also come with advertising vouchers, which means that you can increase your presence on Google and Bing without having to pay for the ads initially. That’s a great way to get started when you’re building a presence in the digital world.

As we mentioned above, you also get a free domain with most of the yearly or multi-year premium plans too. This means that you get a domain name voucher with Wix that lasts for one year, which you can use to name your website anything you choose. You even get to pick from popular suffixes like .com and .net too.

Alternatively, if you already have your own domain name, you can replace your Wix free URL with a custom domain instead. Once you’ve got your domain set up, you can also purchase your email mailbox and custom email address with Wix.

Wix Ecommerce Features: Worth the Cost?

Although Wix has some expenses to consider for ecommerce site owners, it’s surprisingly affordable, and pretty great in terms of value. It’s worth noting that getting the right plan from Wix means that you won’t have to pay for other things elsewhere, like priority support or even inventory management.

While Wix doesn’t give you the most powerful inventory management on the market, it does mean that you can sell various unlimited products without issues, and mass import information in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the Wix stores app will allow you to choose how you manage your inventory, track numbers, and mark when an item is out of stock.

As you go beyond the combo plan and other basic Wix pricing options, you unlock more features that help you to sell more through everything from credit card transactions to PayPal. You can even access abandoned cart recovery, which means that you automatically reach out to customers who have left products in their cart and then left the site.

For those who want to boost their sales opportunities as much as possible, there’s also the option to experiment with multi-channel selling. You can sell on social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, to strengthen your appeal to a range of audiences. Wix is one of the few site builders that also allow you to sell on Instagram. However, if you want to sell through platforms like Pinterest, then you might need to work with a third-party tool like Ecwid.

One of the most appealing things about Wix, beside it’s wide range of themes, and options for VIP support, is that it comes with a pretty robust app market. Like other market-leading ecommerce tools, Wix knows that it might not have everything you need in one place. That’s why the Wix app market helps you to expand your ecommerce website with new functionality to suit your customers.

There’s also the Wix stores app, which is definitely worth mentioning for those who plan to sell in a range of environments. The app allows you to sell unlimited products, create discount codes, create product galleries and so much more from your smartphone, you can also:

  • Create a mobile optimized store where you can take credit and debit cards
  • Accept various kinds of offline and online payment options
  • Access popular payment processes like Stripe, Square, and PayPal.
  • Create automatic email strategies to reach your audience
  • Connect with premium order management tools
  • Access secure SSL encryption as part of your paid plan

Extra Features: Wix Ascend

If you’re committed to getting the most out of your Wix pricing plans, then you might decide to tap into some of the “additional options” that are available alongside the standard Wix cost. These add-ons are designed to help you with a range of things, including reaching your target audience. The most popular business solution for those who need help with marketing, is Wix Ascend.

Out of the box, Wix already comes with various tools too make you stand out online. Your Wix premium plan will come with access to Search Engine Optimization tools. These solutions make it easier to optimize your site for the search engines and embed keywords into your content.

You can enhance your website pages with meta tags and make various other adjustments to the way that your store ranks on the web. Wix even gives you the guidance you need to get started. There’s a built in “SEO Wiz” that can help you to choose the best strategies for search engine management. For instance, it can suggest potential keywords for you to use.

However, SEO is just the beginning for Wix users.

Wix Ascend is the next level of marketing support and customization. Wix Ascend is an all-in-one offering to help you promote your brand, connect with customers, automate workflow, and more. It makes managing your marketing as simple as possible.

Promising sensational ease of use and loots of marketing options to discover, Wix is all about taking your branding and promotion strategies to the next level. It could be an excellent way to strengthen the position of your online ecommerce store. Some of the things you’ll get access to include:

  • Advanced SEO features to help you stand out on Google
  • Social media marketing campaigns with templates
  • Promotional video support with templates
  • Google analytics, Google Ads, and Google tag manager
  • Facebook integrations for social advertising
  • Connections with email marketing tools
  • A/B testing and experimentation for ads

Wix Ascend is also available as a separate subscription with around 3 pricing plans to choose from. Unfortunately, that does mean that you have more expense to deal with. The good news is that Ascend is pretty affordable, ranging from $9 to $45 per month depending on the features you need.

Is Selling with Wix Ecommerce a Good Idea?

For those in search of an affordable monthly plan and a host of great features, Wix is a pretty great choice. Compared to other market leaders like Weebly and WordPress, Wix makes it really easy to get started online and begin selling your products. There aren’t a lot of huge transaction fees and extra expenses to worry about once you choose your pro plan. However, you will need to pay a little extra for premium apps and extras.

Company owners can get started by building their own free website to see how everything works – which is great for freelancers who aren’t sure what kind of store they need yet. There’s also plenty of guidance to get you started from SEO support to FAQ documentation.

Wix also makes it really easy to get paid. Once you set up, connect domain names, and do all the other basic stuff, you can choose from a host of payment gateways to give your customers. PayPal, Stripe, Square, and other options all make it more likely your customer will want to checkout with you. Plus you get SSL security for extra peace of mind.

Customers can store their credit card details in your site, so checking out is easy too. Then there’s integrations with things like ShipStation to help you with fulfilling orders. You can even connect your online store to dropshipping companies if you want to keep costs as low as possible.

Wix Ecommerce Pricing Review: The Verdict

With plenty of great bonus benefits to offer, like a comprehensive form builder, and extra support for your first year, Wix is a great option for a lot of brands. Although you only get 2Gb of bandwidth for the initial package, it’s enough to give you an insight into what’s possible with Wix.

As you continue to develop your business, you can upgrade to the plan that’s better for you. Plus, the extensive app market means that if the integrated ecommerce features available from Wix aren’t enough, you can add more. Options exist to offer everything from Favicon generators, to SEO tools.

Whether you’re looking for the simplicity of a drag-and-drop solution for ecommerce, or you want something that’s reasonably affordable to help you get started online, Wix has a lot to offer.

Why not check it out for yourself?

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