BigCommerce Pricing Plans: How Much Are You Going to Pay With BigCommerce in 2020?

If you're looking for BigCommerce pricing, this is the right place.

BigCommerce (read our full BigCommerce review) serves as a way for legitimate businesses to make a fluid move to online selling. By legitimate, I mean that the majority of plans from BigCommerce provide extensive tools and product options for turning your already profitable, or upscaling, business into something special.

So, how much does BigCommerce cost? Is it more expensive or cheaper than the competition? That's what we're here to find out, so keep reading to learn more about BigCommerce's prices from the monthly plans to the themes and integrations.

What Can you Expect to Pay for BigCommerce?

Ultimately, a BigCommerce store price starts at $29.95 per month for the Standard plan. The Plus plan is available for $79.95 per month, and the Pro plan comes for $249.95 per month. The service offers a 30-day free trial, which is great for testing out if you have any interest in BigCommerce at all.

In short, BigCommerce has more features in its standard plan than most platforms provide in their higher plans. Even so, it becomes a little tricky figuring out which of the BigCommerce plans are for you, and how much you can truly expect to pay in the end.

That’s why I put together a detailed review of every little fee and payment you can expect with each plan. I also outlined who each plan is designed for. Keep reading to find out which one is best for you.

What Do You Get with All BigCommerce Pricing

Designing the perfect online store can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

The more features that you want to have access to, from real-time editing systems in your back-end, to an abandoned cart saver, and integrations with amazon and ebay, the more you pay. However, while most ecommerce platform tools will require you to pay more for extra services, some tools are cheaper than others.

Purchasing BigCommerce enterprise or other high-tier plans from BigCommerce like BigCommerce pro will cost you more due to the company’s pricing model. However, when you consider the amount of features you get, from social media buttons, to reporting tools and priority support, you can quickly see how valuable the plans can be.

Regardless of your pricing model, you’ll still have access to:

  • An incredible single-page checkout: Make sure that your checkout is quick and seamless for your customers, with an easy checkout tool to collect credit card and paypal payments.
  • Unlimited products: No matter how much you pay on your BigCommerce pricing plans, you’ll be able to host unlimited products, with all the file storage and bandwidth that you need. There are no limits to worry about, even with the BigCommerce Standard package
  • Responsive website: Ideal for SEO purposes, BigCommerce gives you a responsive website that looks ideal on desktop and mobile.
  • Real-time shipping quotes: Getting products to your customers quickly is crucial if you want to succeed in the ecommerce world. Your BigCommerce plan will include access to the lowest possible shipping prices.
  • No transaction fees: Your monthly fee from BigCommerce doesn’t include any requirements for transaction fees. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the pro plan, or the plus plan. However, you may need to pay something for the payment gateways you’re using.
  • 24/7 priority support: BigCommerce ensures that all of its pricing plans come with pro customer support, including the standard plan. This means that you can easily get answers to any questions you have.

Let’s take a closer look at the BigCommerce pricing model.

Comparing BigCommerce Pricing Plans

BigCommerce Pricing: Standard Plan

If all you need from your BigCommerce pro solution is a selection of critical tools like a payment processor, checkout, and high-level ecommerce platform, then you should get everything you need from the standard plan.

The features are rather plentiful for such an affordable plan from BigCommerce. To start, you receive support for unlimited products and storage, meaning that even large companies can possibly use the Standard Plan and make it work. Accept credit cards or payments from PayPal, and pay the 1.5% transaction fee. This does not include the credit card processing fees, so this can add up if you’re not careful.

bigcommerce pricing

You get to choose from dozens of design themes and use the web-based web editor to build and modify the theme to look right for your company. Most themes are mobile friendly, and the plan offers sales tools for SEO, social media, blogging, gifting, coupons and promotions. The integration is wonderful with options for connections with Facebook, Square, SocialShop and Amazon. Not to mention, you can set up product reviews, product searches, wishlists and more.

Finally, no transaction fees are charged for any of these plans–besides processing fees.

Price: $29.95 per month

Who is This Plan Best For?

The BigCommerce Standard Plan is truly a unique breed, because it provides so much more than you would find on other platforms that sell their starter or standard plans for beginners in the online selling realm. I would argue that small to large businesses could all benefit from the BigCommerce Standard Plan, because it comes with everything from unlimited products to dropshipping integrations.

Smaller shops may even find that this initial plan is too complex or expensive for their taste, so I would recommend that companies with just a few dozen products look elsewhere for an online store solution.

BigCommerce pricing: Plus Plan

The BigCommerce Plus Plan comes with all the Standard Plan features. Other additions include real-time carrier shipping for accurate rates, the best payment providers possible and an abandoned cart saver.

Advanced customer segmentation is perfect for honing in on the people you really want to target. Another cool bonus is that your checkout page is hosted on your domain, meaning that customers are never redirected to a third party payment page. This is great for keeping customers around to buy more. EBay listings are supported, and the wholesale and retail pricing groups work well to open up new revenue streams.

Price: $79.95 per month

Who is This Plan Best For?

It's really unclear if the Plus or Pro plans are useful for any business. Since the beginning of 2016, BigCommerce made some drastic changes with its pricing plans, adding the Pro account you'll see below, and significantly raising rates for users that go past $125,000 in revenue per year.

Some of our readers have reported that they have been forced into the Enterprise plan, which can range from $900 to $1,500 per month. It certainly seems like BigCommerce is trying to use the Plus and Pro plans in order to coax people into paying even more. Therefore, we honestly can't recommend the Pro or Plus plans for anyone until we start to see if Bigcommerce reverts back to its regular fixed pricing.

BigCommerce pricing: Pro Plan

Once again, the BigCommerce Pro Plan seems like the logical next step for businesses scaling up, but those that surpass over 3,000 orders per year are going to get slammed with additional fees. Sure, you get everything from the previous plans, but that doesn't negate the fact that the BigCommerce pricing model is out of whack.

Based on our feedback from readers, you're going to be almost forced into a higher priced Enterprise plan.

Price: $299.95 per month

Who is This Plan Best For?

Although the $299.95 per month might sound nice, our readers have spoken and told us that many have been pushed into the Enterprise plan, boosting the rates to $900 per month, or even all the way up to $1,500 per month. So, as of right now, we can't say the Pro plan is good for any business that wants to have full clarity on how much their costs are going to be.

BigCommerce pricing: Enterprise Plan

If you’re looking for something truly bespoke from your BigCommerce pricing, then you’re going to need to check out the enterprise plan.

The BigCommerce Enterprise Plan is all about supporting high volume businesses, and it includes all the features talked about in the plans above. Not only that, but you receive custom setup and data migrations, leaving you to work on your own business. Priority support is always available for these customers, since your store is most likely a little more complex, and you deserve priority help from the experts.

Note: Yes, the features and services are solid, but the pricing is absurd. What's even worse is that many of the Bigcommerce customers are being forced into the Enterprise plan after surpassing certain revenue points. That's actually not that rare in the industry, but the rates are way too high.

Bigcommerce Enterprise plan

Anyway, the advanced reporting tools are a nice touch, and dedicated account management is available for sitting down and strategizing about your site and even passing over some of your site responsibilities to an expert. Product filtering is one of my favorite features, and the dedicated IP and SSL addresses secure your site and make you look more credible. Once again, no transaction fees are incurred through this plan, and the product uploads are unlimited.

Price: You must contact BigCommerce for custom pricing to fit your business

Who is This Plan Best For?

The Enterprise plan should work well with companies that are moving fast, but it turns out so many customers are being pushed into the plan that we have a tough time endorsing it. Some of our reports state that people are getting charged up to $1,500 per month for going over the $125,000 per year revenue limit. That's no good at all.

What is Bigcommerce Pricing like for Domains and Hosting?

You can choose to purchase a domain from BigCommerce or transfer a previously bought one from another service. The domains generally run for around $12.27 per year. Many other domain selling sites like GoDaddy have better prices, so feel free to check those out as well. All domain support is provided here.

Hosting is provided with every BigCommerce pricing plan. This includes enterprise level security that protects both you and your customers. Keep in mind that you need to transfer over or buy an SSL certificate from BigCommerce. Pricing varies, but you can expect to fork over around $80 to $100 per year. Learn more about SSL certificates here.

What About BigCommerce Prices for Apps and Themes?

The BigCommerce Platform is known for its rich App Store and versatile themes (here a selection of the best BigCommerce themes on the market). To start, the apps range from anything for syncing your email marketing tools to setting up an affiliate program. Many of these apps are free, but you may pay a one-time or monthly fee depending on your app needs, For example, the S Loyalty app is free, but the ReferralCandy app is $49 per month.

Themes are both paid and free. Many of the free options are actually quite useful, but you can opt to pay from $100 to $250 for the premium themes. As for the newest, most modern themes, BigCommerce plans on releasing 67 modern options on March 23, 2016. They can be found on the theme store, and they range from $145 to $235. We still haven't tested them, but supposedly they provide modern merchandising features for fully expressing the power of your brand and growing your business.

That’s it for learning how much you can expect to pay for the BigCommerce ecommerce platform. As of right now, smaller companies will get the features they need for a reasonable price, but as you move to the Plus, Pro and Enterprise plans, BigCommerce has shown they are not afraid of spiking rates to an obscene level.

BigCommerce Pricing: Payment Providers

All of BigCommerce's pricing plans start with processing fees at 2.9% + $0.30. This includes processing for debit and credit cards.

You can also qualify for a special rate through PayPal by Braintree. It's best to speak with a BigCommerce representative to understand all of the requirements to become eligible for that. One of the requirements for the special rate is that you run your business in the United States.

The specials from PayPal are as follows:

  • Standard Plan – 2.9% + $0.30¢ per transaction
  • Plus Plan – 2.5% + $0.30¢ per transaction
  • Pro Plan – 2.2% + $0.30¢ per transaction
  • Enterprise Plan – 2.2% + $0.30¢ or lower per transaction

As mentioned, we suggest that you speak to a sales rep for the special rates, but here is most of the information you need:

No matter what plan you pay for, you're getting a pre-negotiated rate. Therefore, most of your credit and debit card processing fees should be a bit lower on BigCommerce than they are on other platforms.

As you move up to higher plans, the potential for lower rates increases. In addition, the Enterprise plan could potentially get lower than the 2.2% + $0.30.

Other than that, none of the BigCommerce plans charge transaction fees. It's only the processing fees you have to worry about.

Choosing Payment Gateways that Make BigCommerce Pricing More Affordable

Obviously, there's an advantage to going with PayPal through BigCommerce. There's a much better chance that your processing fees decrease over time, and you don't have to negotiate the rates yourself (not that the payment processors would allow that).

You can choose from over 65 integrated payment gateways, some of which support countries and local payment methods all over the world. In fact, your location plays a big role in which payment gateway you decide on. Out of the over 65 gateways, BigCommerce supports options from over 100 countries and 250 payment methods.

The majority of them have their own one-click setups, and you could potentially find that another option like CyberSource or or Adyen has more desirable rates for your situation.


Many ecommerce platforms charge extra fees for using third-party payment gateways. For instance, Shopify doesn't charge anything for its own native payment gateway, but you get stuck with up to a 2% fee if you plan on going with a third-party. This is kind of rotten, especially since many companies need to go with third-parties based on their locations or customer bases.

BigCommerce, on the other hand, doesn't charge a dime for any of these third-party integrations. Sure, you might find that some of the payment gateways have higher fees, but that's where your own research comes into play. You can at least rest easy knowing that BigCommerce isn't taking an additional fee as well.

Some of the payments solutions through BigCommerce include:

  • AfterPay
  • BlueSnap
  • NetBilling
  • Skrill
  • Realex
  • Many more

You can even go to this page and click on the best payment solutions based on which country you run business in.

For example, when I click on Italy I can see that some of these major payment gateways are supported in Italy:

BigCommerce Pricing: Experts and Consultants

At some point, you'll most likely run into a situation where you either don't have the skills needed to make a change or development on your site, or your in-house developers are having trouble with a problem.

Whether you need to construct an entirely new website or move around some checkout elements, your best bet is to spend some money on an expert developer or designer.

It can be a real pain to start searching on places like Craigslist and other job boards to locate reliable developers. That's why BigCommerce has several programs to set you up with the right person or firm.

Speak to a Consultant

Your first option for understanding the BigCommerce platform and maybe getting some advice on plans and possible development strategies is the consultant program. You might argue that this is basically a sales/support line, but BigCommerce does have a phone number (1-888-248-9325) for you to call if this is all you need.

From our experience, this consultant line isn't going to cost you any money. In fact, the entire point of it is to answer any questions you may have without creating an environment that seems like you're being sold to. So, if you have pressing questions about features or pricing, this is the phone line to call.

Tech Support Customization

Sometimes all you need is a little tweak to your colors or the movement of an image. Most of the smaller jobs don't require a specialist, so you can call the technical team to see what they can do for you. The number for this team is 1-866-991-0872.

You can call in and discuss anything from integrations to customizations. They are known to help out with tips and even some potential development assistance. I'm assuming it all depends on who you get on the phone, but you at least have a person to call whenever you need to start troubleshooting. The reason I like this support line is because it's completely free and you might just be able to get some simple development help from them.

Not only that, but you might not realize that the task you're asking about is pretty easy and can be completed by yourself. So, you'll learn something and make these fixes by yourself in the future.

The BigCommerce Partner Program

Most of the expert assistance we've highlighted so far is free. So, where would you end up spending money?

With the BigCommerce Partner Program.

This is the page you would go to if you need serious help building, customizing, or growing your website. In short, the partner program guides you to the right people for each job you might have. There's no reason to go to a job board online and mess with the crapshoot that is the internet hiring scene.

All of these experts are vetted and recommended by BigCommerce. In fact, many of the developers and design firms are well-versed in working with BigCommerce either exclusively or frequently. Therefore, they know the ins and outs of the system and take most of the design and development work away from you.

What's the reason you might pay for an expert like this? Well, you may need to construct a brand new store from scratch. Or maybe you're looking for a full-service ad agency to get the word out about your new product. Maybe you're more interested in a product development expert to guide you through the process of creating and releasing a new item.

Regardless of your situation, BigCommerce experts are there to help you. These experts are divided into two groups: Agency Partners and Technology Partners.

The pricing depends entirely on the firm or individual you go with, but here's an explanation of the difference between the two:

  • Agency Partners – For when you need assistance with your paid advertising and marketing. These folks are there to boost your SEO and work on conversion rates. The idea behind it is to get someone who knows more about advertising and marketing than you.
  • Technology Partners – For when you're thinking about adding an element to your design or when you need to customize the shopping experience. The technology partners are basically third-party integrations. So, you won't necessarily be working with a designer, but you'll get some reach out from a representative from the software you're attempting to integrate.

Let's start with the pricing for Agency Partners. Some of the categories include designers, developers, ad agencies, marketing services, and ecommerce consultants.

Most of the firms don't post pricing on the BigCommerce website, so you'll have to call them to make sure. Having said that, it all depends on the scope of your project and which company you decide to go with. Some smaller projects might only be a few hundred dollars, while an entire redesign or something more complicated with your customization could get to the 10-15k range or even higher.

Some of the technology partners include Shogun, Rivet Works, and Lucky Orange, and the categories include options like merchandising, payments, CRMs, and shipping.

Once again, it depends on the integration you try to connect to. You typically don't pay for the integration, but for the service you're integrating with. This is similar to how many of the BigCommerce apps work.

For instance, you don't have to pay any money to integrate with the Shogun Page Builder. However, the actual Shogun Page Builder service starts at $49 per month after a free trial.

Another example would be the Insightful by Beeketing analytics integration. Once again, they're not going to charge you to make that connection to BigCommerce, but after a 30-day trial, you'll have to make payments of $20 per month.

Overall, it's important to remember the types of extra payments you may need to make into the future. Hopefully, all of these expenses allow your store to expand and grow to make even more money.

So, How Much is the BigCommerce Pricing Going to Be For You?

Let's piece this together.

A BigCommerce Standard Plan costs $29.95 per month. So, that's the least amount of money you're going to spend. Once you start making sales you have to factor in the processing fees per transaction.

The good news is that you don't have to pay for any hosting, since that's all included with your monthly fee.

Other than that, you may have some expenses in the form of themes and plugins. You can most definitely find free themes and plugins to keep your costs low, but I tend to think that most serious business people will spend a little money on at least a nice theme. So, expect to pay around $100 for that, then potentially another monthly fee for relevant plugins.

If you have any questions about BigCommerce pricing, let us know in the comments section below!

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I'm a web design blogger and started this project after spending a few weeks struggling to find out which is the best ecommerce platform for myself. Check out my current top 10 ecommerce site builders.