Top 10 BigCommerce Alternatives

While BigCommerce is certainly a powerful and popular ecommerce platform, there can exist a number of reasons why you might be considering and evaluating alternatives to this platform for creating a new online store or for migrating an existing one.  If this is where you are at, you will find my list of top 10 BigCommerce alternatives along with a short review of each to be useful.

BigCommerce Alternatives: Shopify

As a market leader in the ecommerce platform space today, Shopify is definitely a strong alternative to BigCommerce. Priced just about at par with the industry average ($14/mo. to $179/mo.), Shopify is a platform worth the consideration of any online store.

bigcommerce alternatives - Shopify ecommerce platform

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BigCommerce Alternatives: SquareSpace

Carrying probably the lowest prices in the industry ($8/mo. to $24/mo.), you will not find SquareSpace cutting any corners in terms of features. In fact, over and above the standard ecommerce features, SquareSpace also provides some specialized extras for professionals like artists, musicians, bloggers etc., making it a worthy alternative to BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Alternatives - SquareSpace ecommerce platform

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BigCommerce Alternatives: AmeriCommerce

Despite the somewhat steep pricing ($24/mo. to $299/mo.), AmeriCommerce is certainly a feature-packed ecommerce platform worth a look as a BigCommerce alternative, especially as it brings an uncommon feature – the capability to manage multiple stores from a single account/login.

bigcommerce alternatives - AmeriCommerce ecommerce platform

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BigCommerce Alternatives: 3dCart

Providing all the standard ecommerce platform features, prices matching the industry average ($19/mo. to $129/mo.) and also offering some rare features like affiliate marketing and drop shipping support etc., 3dCart can be a worthy alternative to BigCommerce.

bigcommerce alternatives - 3cart ecommerce platform

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BigCommerce Alternatives: Volusion

With all the standard ecommerce features and pricing ($15/mo. to $135/mo.) to match the industry average, Volusion is one of the top ecommerce platforms today, certainly capable of being a viable BigCommerce alternative.

BigCommerce Alternatives - volusion ecommerce platform

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BigCommerce Alternatives: CoreCommerce

In addition to the standard set of ecommerce features, CoreCommerce also provides some useful extras such as in-built multi-lingual capability, a large number of third-party integrations etc. All this goes to make it a worthy BigCommerce alternative despite the above-industry-average pricing (at $39.99/mo. to $199.99/mo.).

bigcommerce alternatives - CoreCommerce ecommerce platform

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BigCommerce Alternatives: Big Cartel

Offering the industry standard ecommerce features, Big Cartel is even free to use if you sell 5 products or less. For selling higher number of products (up to a maximum of 300), you will find that their monthly plans ($9.99/mo. to $29.99/mo.) are priced somewhat below the industry average.

bigcommerce alternatives - big cartel ecommerce platform

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BigCommerce Alternatives: Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

If you sell digital goods like software and apps, games, license keys etc. via an online storefront, Easy Digital Downloads – a free WordPress plug-in can be a good BigCommerce alternative for you.

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BigCommerce Alternatives: PrestaShop

This ecommerce platform with the industry standard features is not only free to use but can also be deployed to create a self-hosted store. Even their hosted service is available for free. If you're looking for a good alternative to BigCommerce, you should definitely check PrestShop out.

bigcommerce alternatives - PrestaShop ecommerce platform

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As stated in the title of this article, I've provided 10 alternatives to the BigCommerce ecommerce platform above. I hope at least one of these would be a good option for your requirements.

Would you like to add anything here? Feedback, Ideas? Questions? Please share using the comment form below.

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