Top 9 Shopify Alternatives: Best Solutions Reviewed (Sep 2020)

While we simply can't deny the fact that Shopify is at least one of the top ecommerce platforms for creating and managing online stores today, there can exist some reason/s for which you wish to explore its alternatives. No matter why you wish to look at them, here are the top 10 Shopify alternatives for your ready reference, with my brief review of each.

The Best Shopify Alternatives

If you’re searching for the ultimate eCommerce solution to help you build your online store, you’ve probably considered the benefits of Shopify before. After all, as ecommerce solutions go, Shopify is one of the best-known tools on the market. Offering everything you need to get started, from web hosting to unlimited bandwidth, Shopify can form a crucial part of your business plan.

However, as the digital world has continued to grow, companies of all shapes and sizes have found themselves searching for a wider selection of web design tools. After all, while Shopify offers a lot of benefits, like the option to choose your own domain name, and select integrations from a comprehensive app store, it’s not the best tool for everyone. Some people will want to do more with their storefront and backend design than Shopify canotther. Certain business leaders will want more flexibility with their web design, or access to unique eCommerce software.

Just before you start though, you might want to take a look at our Shopify reviews and Shopify Pricing guide.

Btw, here's a video review of Shopify created by my colleague Joe. 🙂

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Shopify Alternatives: BigCommerce

An industry leader with a comprehensive set of standard ecommerce platform features and some extras on top. The Standard plan is quite affordable at $29.95 per month, and the rich feature-list makes it a Shopify alternative worthy of your consideration.

BigCommerce stands out among the SaaS market as one of the leading tools for helping companies to build their own custom website. The product comes packaged with a wide selection of custom templates to help you get started. All you need to do is pay an affordable monthly subscription, and you get a sensational Shopify competitor and website builder perfect for larger companies.

The BigCommerce builder comes with support for unlimited bandwidth, search engine optimization, a range of checkout options and more. It’s great for building a user-friendly ecommerce store.  On the downside, there’s no support for RSS feeds, and it can be difficult to manage your store on the go, as there aren’t any mobile apps at this stage.

shopify alternatives - bigcommerce

Shopify Alternatives: Squarespace

Not limiting itself as a generic ecommerce platform for traditional businesses, Squarespace also provides specific features for various types of professionals such as artists, musicians, bloggers etc. too, at a price range that starts at $26/mo, making it one of the top Shopify alternatives.

Squarespace is one of the better known website builders on the market today, particularly well suited to small businesses thanks to its ease of use. If you’re looking for an eCommerce solution that will help you to sell unlimited products online, then Squarespace could be just the tool for you. Great for use with a range of plugins and social media site, Squarespace offers access to a wide selection of helpful capabilities.

You can access a cover-page builder, G-Suite integration, and Getty image installation. There’s also a better blogging tool with Squarespace than you have with most of the best Shopify alternatives. If your plan is to build a reliable presence online with incredible content, then this could be the tool for you.

shopify alternatives - squarespace

Shopify Alternatives: Volusion

With plans and prices just about at par with Shopify (ranging from $15/mo.  to $135/mo.) and lots of features to match including hundreds of modern, responsive themes etc., Volusion is certainly one of the top Shopify alternatives.

Volusion is one of the market leaders in the world of Shopify competitors for a number of reasons. Perhaps one of the most impressive features of this tool is how many payment gateway and checkout options it has to offer. With Volusion, you can accept payments virtually any way that you choose, including through Stripe, Paypal and more. This makes Volusion particularly useful for people who want an all-in-one eCommerce site.

Designed for business owners that want the perfect blend of unlimited bandwidth, real-time support, and sensational payment gateways, the Volusion service has plenty to offer today’s growing companies.

Shopify Alternatives - Volusion

Shopify Alternatives: WooCommerce

If you're using (or can use) the WordPress CMS as the basic platform for hosting your store, the wooCommerce plugin can be a good Shopify alternative for you. This plugin not only provides the regular ecommerce features, but also comes free.

WooCommerce is easily one of the best solutions on the market for lovers of WordPress that want to build their own online store from scratch. One of the most reliable WordPress plugins there is, WooCommerce makes it easy to build on your site with eCommerce functionality. WooCommerce is also open-source, which sets it apart from other online store builders that work with WordPress, like BigCommerce and Shopify.

WooCommerce makes it easy to customize every aspect of your WordPress online store, from beginning to end, additionally, it’s flexibility means that you can build extra features into your WooCommerce experience with CSS, HTML, and plugins. You can even use WooCommerce to track things like abandoned carts.

Shopify Alternatives: Square Online Store

square online store

If you’re a huge fan of the Square range of ecommerce and selling products, then you’ll love this fantastic alternative to Shopify selling. Square Online Store is the free online store building service that comes with your Square POS. You can use this solution to build an immersive website for free, although you will need to pay for your own hosting.

Square Online Store is best suited to people who already feel comfortable and familiar with the Square experience. If you have a brick and mortar store, and you use your Square system to take payments in person, then Square will help you to transform your digital landscape too.

Although Square is free to access, you will have fees to pay – such as 2.5% for every transaction.

Square online store also comes with access to a variety of plugins to simplify your online experience. However, it won’t be the easiest option to use if you’ve never experimented with Square before.

Shopify Alternatives: 3dCart

Loaded with all the standard features of an online shopping cart service with some extras like affiliate marketing program creation, dropshipping support etc. and priced just about at par with the average industry rates ($19/mo. To $129/mo.), 3dCart is another worthy substitute for Shopify.

One of the things that really makes 3dCart so compelling is how accessible the company makes its website design experience. You have complete control over your storefront. What’s more, you’ll have access to SSL certificates and advanced security, just like you get with Shopify. Despite supporting more than 100 different payment gateways, 3Dcart doesn’t charge any transaction fees. However, you’ll still have fees to pay, such as the transaction costs of your payment gateways, and shipping rates.

On the plus side, for small businesses in search of a Shopify competitor, 3DCart will ensure that you can take credit card payments with ease, thanks to comprehensive payment processing that go beyond Shopify Payments. There’s also a range of knowledge base solutions to choose from when you need help learning how to use this service.

Shopify Alternatives - 3dcart

Shopify Alternatives: Big Cartel

Big Cartel offers not only the usual ecommerce platform features at slightly less-than industry average prices ($9.99/mo. to $29.99/mo.), they even offer a free plan if you sell less than 5 products. If you do not sell – or plan to sell – over 300 products (the max limit at Big Cartel), this can be a good Shopify alternative for you.

Big Cartel is a state-of-the-art tool for ecommerce businesses, WordPress websites, and blogging. Like Shopify, it offers access to SEO tools, payment processing, and your own domain name, as well as SSL certificates. Also like Shopify, Big Cartel is a fully-hosted service, which means that you don’t have to worry about the learning curve that comes with hosting your own online store.

As Shopify alternatives go, Big Cartel is probably one of the easiest to use. Created for simplicity and ease-of-use, there are no transaction fees, and you’ll have no trouble managing things like unlimited products, order processing, and more. Inventory management is as smooth and simple as it gets, and there are plenty of plugins for things like SEO tools.

Although Shopify has a very simple experience to offer today’s business owners, Big Cartel is arguably a lot simpler to use, particularly for creative people who want to design very unique websites without worrying about the advanced features of other eCommerce website builders.

Shopify Alternatives - big cartel

Shopify Alternatives: PrestaShop

Another feature-rich and free platform that even gives you a choice to use their hosted service or go the self-hosted way. While their add-ons will cost you money, the basic platform usage is free. Certainly a viable alternative to Shopify.

Similar to WooCommerce, PrestaShop is another open-source solution that works well with plugins for Google analytics, eBay, Amazon, and many others. Unlike WooCommerce, however, you don’t have to be running a WordPress website to use PrestaShop, this tool works well with a range of other solutions too, such as Wix, and Magneto.

Because the open-source software comes with access to the internal coding for developers, you’ll be able to really transform every detail of your store. However, you will be required to set up your own solutions for things like hosting, security, and compliance. You will also need to remember that although the code is free to access, you’ll have to pay for your own web hosting, professional support and SSL for this website.

On the plus side, PrestaShop could be a great option for those with a little coding knowledge.

Shopify Alternatives - prestashop

Shopify Alternatives: Weebly

If you are looking for another easy to use platform then Weebly is a great alternative to the other platforms. You don't get close to the amount of features as Shopify, but their highest plan is a bit cheaper than the Shopify Basic Plan, so if you're short on money, Weebly is a solid choice.

Weebly is a fantastic option for anyone in search of simplicity straight out of the box. Weebly is a user-friendly experience for website designers, with ease access to everything from social media plugins, to Google analytics, and payment processing tools.

One of the cheaper options on the market today, Weebly is an immersive ecommerce platform excellent for any business that needs help getting started online. If you’re looking for a simple service that will help you to get started quickly, then Weebly could be just the thing. There’s even a free trial to help you test out your Shopify alternative before you invest.

SHopify Alternatives - weebly ecommerce platform

Shopify Alternatives: Sellfy

sell online with sellfy

Sellfy is a versatile online store builder that caters to merchants selling digital, physical, and subscription products. With its easy to use interface and numerous integrations, Sellfy is one of the best Shopify alternatives for selling digital products and offers an affordable pricing scheme.

After a 14-day trial, Sellfy’s plans start at $19 a month. This enables you to sell an unlimited number of products with 0% transaction fees. However, you can only generate $10k in sales a year. If you want to sell more than that, you'll have to upgrade your subscription, but for small to medium-sized sellers, this is an affordable option.

Shopify Alternatives: CoreCommerce

With free responsive themes (a very useful feature today) and a sizeable number of third-party app/service integrations (another useful feature) in addition to the regular ecommerce platform features, CoreCommerce is another one of the serious Shopify alternatives. While not amongst the cheapest ($39.99/mo. to $199.99/mo.), it would be worth checking out especially if you (plan to) sell to international markets, as their multi-lingual support is amongst the highest in the industry.

CoreCommerce stands out as one of the easier to use Shopify competitors on the market, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to make changes to your store in real-time. Designed to simplify the process of building the perfect online store, this highly intuitive tool makes it easy to learn how to excel online. There’s access to plenty of free themes, and the pricing is great, even for premium plans.

However, compared to Shopify, the customization features are somewhat limited on CoreCommerce. For instance, you can’t organize your customers and potential leads according to where they are in the buying journey. This can be an important feature to have in an eCommerce platform.

Shopify Alternatives - corecommerce

Shopify Alternatives: Wix

Last, but not least on our list of Shopify alternatives, is Wix. This state-of-the-art website building service offers an experience that’s very similar to Shopify, provided through a hosted service. You don’t need to worry about things like back-end management and security when you’re using a hosted service.

Wix isn’t the most advanced option in the world, and it comes with limited access to various WordPress plugins and support. However, as Shopify competitors go, this is one of the cheaper options on the market – making it ideal for small businesses and people on a budget. Additionally, Wix has a handy drag-and-drop builder included too.

There are transaction fees to consider with Wix, although you do get your hands on a free SSL certificate, which could help you to save some much-needed cash.

Best Shopify Alternatives: FAQ

What are the best Shopify alternatives for large business?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the perfect Shopify alternative. The kind of website that you’re building will play a big part in finding the tool that works best for you. If you’re a particularly large company that needs to sell to customers around the world, you’re likely to have a better experience with solutions like BigCommerce and Magneto, than you would with Wix or Weebly.

What are best open source Shopify alternative?

Choosing the right Shopify competitor isn’t just about looking for something simple like ECWid, or finding something that supports Shopify payments. If you’re looking for a Shopify alternative that gives you more freedom to customize, then you might want to opt for an open-source service, rather than something that’s hosted. WooCommerce and Magento, for instance, are both excellent open source tools which give you complete freedom over your website.

What is the best free Shopify Alternative?

There are a couple of free alternatives to Shopify available on the market today. Just keep in mind that although these tools appear to be free at first, they will come with costs for your online store, such as the price of premium wordpress plugins, or transaction fees for shopify payments. Square online store is one of the best free options for people who already take payments in-store and in person with a Square point of sale solution.

What is a cheaper Shopify Alternative?

When searching through tools like Ecwid, BigCommerce, 3DCart, Volusion, and more, you’re probably going to be keeping a close eye on the tools that match your budget. There are a more cheaper Shopify alternatives out there, from Weebly to WooCommerce. However, Big Cartel is one of the cheapest of all.

Best Shopify Alternatives: Conclusion

As you would have noted above, you're not without options or alternatives to Shopify – not by a long shot. I hope my post above helps you find the platform that is most suited to your needs and budget. If it does, I'll graciously accept a pint from you one evening.

Pint or no pint, please do share your views below.

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