Ecwid Review: A Free Ecommerce Solution for Any Website

Have you ever wondered if you’re using the right ecommerce platform for selling online? Do you sometimes stumble upon a new service that’s more functional and cheaper than what you’re using now? Starting a small business is all about keeping your costs low, and finding an ecommerce platform to help you with that is half the battle. Unfortunately, when you run a small business website it often becomes tricky when you want to bring on a new ecommerce platform or even just modify your site at all. Read our Ecwid review to find out more about this solution.

Many solutions purposefully create a closed system, which is tedious to move away from once you get started. However, with a platform called Ecwid, you no longer have to worry about this. In fact, the entire goal of the company, which started in 2009, is to quickly and inexpensively create an online store system on your existing websites.

You don’t have to create a whole new website. Just implement Ecwid on any platform, CMS or social network (in five minutes) and you are good to go.


This raised my attention, since I know the struggles that come along with trying to migrate websites, particularly when it comes to ecommerce. So, I wanted to put together an in-depth review of the Ecwid system to see if it’s worth the time.

How Many People Use Ecwid?

It's rather impressive what Ecwid has done since 2009, with over 1 million merchants getting signed up. What's even more cool is that the Ecwid merchants span over 175 different countries, showing that this isn't just a platform for people in the US or Europe. Even businesses in developing countries have a chance to get an online store going, and you don't even have to trash your previous website if you have one.

The usership continues to grow, especially considering Ecwid is now PCI DSS Level 1 certified. If you're not sure what this is, it's pretty much the gold standard for security in the ecommerce world. You can rest easy knowing that you and your customers' data is safe and secure.

In addition to the overall merchant count, over 20,000 active users are utilizing the Ecwid Shopping Cart for WordPress. The difference between that 20,000 and the 1 million is the fact that you don't need a WordPress site to implement Ecwid. So, the 20,000 only refers to WordPress users with the plugin.

Ecwid Review: Features

Ecwid makes strides in the market by catering to companies that don’t want to start a brand new site. The primary feature is that you can take your old site and quickly integrate the Ecwid system within a few minutes.

You can also mirror the system onto various other sites if you plan on selling elsewhere online. Manage all of these sites from one place instead of switching between multiple dashboards.

Another nice feature is the syncing between multiple devices. Sell on-the-go with your smartphone. This means that you can go to a tradeshow to make a few sales and all of these sales are reflected on the backend of your website.


The system is also designed to integrate well with social networks, so you can sell your items on Facebook if needed. One part of Ecwid that we particularly enjoy is the shipping aspect. With real-time shipping integrations you constantly know what is going on with your orders and where they are being shipped to.


What other cool things are included with Ecwid?

  • It runs on a super fast framework
  • It comes with an address book for customers and clients
  • The system has over 43 translations for selling around the world
  • You get lots of promotional tools like coupons, discounts, bulk pricing and more
  • Create your own customized email notifications
  • Use the automated tax solution (automatic tax rates at checkout, tax reporting and filing)

All the Ecwid features can be found here if you are interested.


Ecwid Review: Pricing

Ecwid comes with four plans, one of which is completely free. They market the free plan like crazy, and mention that many other platforms drag you into a free trial, where you will eventually have to pay.

This is where Ecwid stands out, and you can see that the other payment plans are fairly affordable.

The Free plan lets you sell 10 products, while the Venture plan ups that count to 100 products and you get things like an iPhone management app. The Business plan goes up to 2500 products for a wonderful price and you get live chat support. Priority support comes along with the Unlimited plan and you can also sell an unlimited amount of products.

Ecwid is one of the cheapest solutions on the market. You can see that it's actually cheaper than many of the other platforms we've reviewed in the past, so if you're looking for value, this might be the right plugin for you.

Feel free to check out the pricing page here to learn more.

Ecwid Setup and Design

I really enjoy the fact that you can run a website without paying for anything. This makes the setup process that much easier, because you just need to punch in your email and create a password to go straight to the backend interface.

The system has wizards for each platform you want to place your store on. If you have a WordPress site, just walk through three steps to get up and running. You can also click on options like Facebook and Joomla, depending on where you want to sell.

Ecwid platform

The backend design is flawless, since it walks you through every site creation and integration step with some nice photos and text. Once you get your store implemented on a site or social page it looks fairly sleek.

The design depends somewhat on the theme you have on your website, but as you can see below, it displays photos well and appears clean and easy to navigate. I particularly enjoy the Shopping Bag area, which is prominent and easy to find for customers when they want to checkout.

Ecwid shopping bag

Although many websites are going to be mobile friendly, it;s nice knowing that Ecwid includes a native shopping application for both iOS and Android. Merchants now receive a native shopping application for iOS and Android.

This means you can mange your store and sell on the go, while also giving your customers a chance to buy products from the mobile interface.

The final design item that makes sense to mention is the language tool. Since running an online store generally requires you to reach out to people from all over the world, you're bound to stumble upon some customers who would like to read product pages and other content in their native tongue. Ecwid supports 45 languages, so if a user wants to translate from English to Spanish, that's not a problem at all.


The Ecwid App Market

Having the opportunity to install applications is a sure fire way to scaling up your ecommerce site in a reasonable manner. Ecwid has a place called the Ecwid App Market. It offers 65 applications, helping merchants extend their store functionality easily.


Some of the apps will help you out with rating and reviews, rewards programs, automated ad tools, analytics, custom design themes and more.

Managing Your Ecwid Inventory


The Ecwid inventory system is as simple as they come, since it doesn’t seem to include any of the unnecessary bells and whistles you might find on other ecommerce platforms.

Ecwid inventory

Each step is clear and concise, so you can just go in there and type in a product name, price and image then save the product for later. Of course you can always open up the More Powerful Options, but they separate these for when you are ready to start ramping up your store.

As an example of the inventory rich management toolset, you gain access to things like out of stock product tracking, mobile device inventory management, barcode scanning and more.

Ecwid SEO and Marketing

Ecwid is a third-party solution to your current site, so you would typically have to implement additional SEO and marketing tools to really get the word out. That said, Ecwid provides quality SEO features to help merchants increase their visibility in Google searches.

Moreover, Google now indexes AJAX sites, so all Ecwid stores are indexed by Google with no extra effort. It gets even better with WordPress sites, since you gain access to additional SEO plugins and the default search engine functionality on the dashboard.

Ecwid Payments and Security


It’s not always easy to find an ecommerce platform that doesn’t charge transaction fees, but that’s exactly what you get with Ecwid. They never charge any sort of transaction fee with any of the plans they offer, making it desirable for any store that is trying to keep costs down and to improve margins.

Ecwid payment

Keep in mind that Ecwid is not a payment processor, so you have to setup something like PayPal or Stripe to process all the transactions that come through your site. It’s pretty easy to implement one of these systems, since Ecwid integrates with over 40 international payment options. However, each of these processors have their own transaction fees so you have to prepare for these.

It’s rather clear that Ecwid takes security seriously, since the company is a PCI DSS Level 1 certified service provider. The company also states that every transaction that includes sensitive information is transferred through a secure HTTPS channel.

What if you would like to collect both online and offline payments? Maybe you'd like a point of sale integration?

Ecwid integrates with with Square, Clover, Vend POS, iZettle and PayPal card readers, allowing Ecwid to turn your operation into both an online and offline system.


Ecwid Customer Support

Ecwid offers a Chat With Sales feature which is always one of my favorite ways to talk with companies. Simply send them a query and you can work on something else until they respond.

Ecwid support

The company also provides a powerful support section with FAQs, a knowledge base, email capabilities and a forum.

Overall, the support outlets include phone support, online chat support and email support, keeping the response time short and support quality high.

In my eyes, the platform has everything you could want in terms of support.

Ecwid Review: Conclusion

In short, I’m starting to think that Ecwid is one of the best ways to sell online, as long as you implement the best methods to improve your sales online as well. Ecwid is a sleek system, with super easy implementation steps, making it perfect for the small business crowd.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below if you have any questions about this Ecwid review. Have you ever used ecwid? Do you plan on checking it out after reading this?

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