What is an Affiliate?

What does affiliate mean?

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The owner of a website or a publisher who forwards pay for performance content and traffic to one or more online merchants as a method of online marketing. An affiliate will produce rich content on the niche provided by the merchant, increasing the chances of people clicking on the landing page of the merchantโ€™s website.

affiliateAffiliate marketing is a very popular method for online marketing, and it is easy to locate affiliates online who are willing to work in this way. Each time a visitor clicks onto the website through the affiliate link, the affiliate will receive a small fee from the merchant.

In many ways the affiliate arrangement online is akin to the sales associate who receives a commission when selling a product or service. The affiliate has it much easier however, as he or she is able to work from home, and never needs to complete any type of corporate training prior to setting up shop. In fact, some affiliates operate without even having a website. Instead they simply run advertisements and send the traffic directly to the merchant offering the product or service.

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