Best Constant Contact Alternatives for 2023

Competitors to Constant Contact

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The best Constant Contact alternatives are ideal if you find Constant Contact just isn’t the right email automation solution for you. Constant Contact is an excellent email automation tool, with plenty of great features for connecting with your audience – but it’s not right for everyone.

While some companies will get all the functionality they need from a service like Constant Contact, others will need another option. After all, Constant Contact can be a particularly expensive email marketing tool, and it does have some limitations when it comes to workflow flexibility.

Today, we’re going to be looking at just some of the email marketing solutions you can consider if you decide Constant Contact just isn’t right for you.

What are the Top Constant Contact Competitors?

1. Sendinblue

sendinblue - Constant Contact Competitors

Easily one of the most popular email marketing tools available today, Sendinblue is a comprehensive solution for email and SMS marketing. With a host of advanced features, including a built-in CRM system and extensive segmentation options, Sendinblue helps businesses make deeper connections with their target audience, for an affordable price.

The Sendinblue ecosystem has evolved significantly over the years, with new features appearing all the time. Today, the technology represents an easy-to-use omnichannel environment for marketing. Aside from email, companies can also connect with their audience through workflows involving text, and social media posts. You can even set up live chat.

Sendinblue also has all the basics you’d expect from a valuable email marketing tool, like professional-looking templates for your messages, and the option to create sign-up forms. You can also access A/B testing capabilities, to ensure you’re spending your budget on the campaigns that work best.


Sendinblue pricing starts with a free package offering support for unlimited contacts and 300 emails per day. You can also give chat functionality to one user. The Lite package starts at $25 per month and removes Sendinblue branding. You also get no daily spending limit, and access to A/B testing.

Starting at $65 per month, you can upgrade to the Premium package, for access to automation workflows, Facebook ads, landing pages, and multi-user access. Finally, the Enterprise package is available for a custom price, and offers priority support, priority sending, and other bonuses.

Pros 👍

  • Complete omnichannel marketing suite
  • Marketing automation made easy with simple workflows
  • Lots of templates and customization options
  • Sign-up and landing page creation
  • Integration with Facebook ads
  • CRM technology built in for better segmentation

Who is it Best for?

Sendinblue is one of the most affordable and feature-rich options for email marketing available. If you want an easy way to connect with your customers on an omnichannel basis, Sendinblue is an excellent choice.

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2. HubSpot

HubSpot - Constant Contact Competitors

HubSpot is by far one of the biggest names in email marketing, going beyond the basics of email marketing to offer a comprehensive sales, marketing, and service solution. With HubSpot, you don’t just email your customers. You can build entire workflows designed to give you the best chances of finding and converting your target audience.

HubSpot comes with access to a whole host of features, with email marketing functionality available in the “Marketing” hub. This hub also includes access to landing pages, forms, and other tools for lead collection. There’s even a simple range of segmentation options so you can create a more personalized communication strategy.

Perhaps the most compelling part of HubSpot is how easy it is to implement new functionality as your business evolves. You can even implement sales tools depending on your needs. All of the technology in the HubSpot ecosystem works seamlessly together, and it can integrate with other tools.


HubSpot has a free package if you’re just looking for basic email functionality and access to a few features from your CRM solution. However, you’ll need at least the basic package for the marketing hub if you want to remove branding, and access a range of valuable tools like reporting, form building, and extensive segmentation.

Paid plans can easily get expensive with HubSpot, with some comprehensive marketing hub options costing hundreds of dollars per month. However, you do get a lot of functionality for the price.

Pros 👍

  • Fantastic selection of marketing, sales, and service tools
  • CRM functionality with segmentation options
  • Live chat functionality available even on free plan
  • Decent support from the HubSpot team
  • Analytics and reporting functionality
  • Great scalability

Who is it Best for?

HubSpot is a solution designed for business owners who want to access all of their scalable marketing and sales technology in one convenient package. The solution combines everything from sales tools and service tickets, to email marketing.

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3. Moosend

Moosend - Constant Contact Competitors

MooSend simplifies the art of connecting with and converting your target audience in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. The solution offers exceptional ease-of-use, making it a perfect pick for beginners without a lot of experience in automation tools. MooSend also provides fantastic deliverability, and a huge range of template options to choose from.

You can build a comprehensive email marketing strategy with MooSend without having to spend forever learning how to code. There’s also extensive segmentation, so you can personalize every aspect of your interactions with customers. A range of reporting and analytics tools ensures you can examine how every conversation impacts your bottom line too.

There’s A/B testing – great for experimenting with a range of different strategies, and you can build your own sign-up forms too. On top of all this, MooSend is surprisingly affordable, offering an excellent entryway to automation for smaller brands.


MooSend offers a free plan for beginners, making it great for those who don’t have the cash for some of the other top email marketing solutions. You get unlimited emails with MooSend’s free package, as well as subscription and sign-up forms.

Paid plans start at around $8 per month, depending on the functionality you need and the number of contacts you have. There’s also the option to access a custom pricing package if you have specific enterprise needs.

Pros 👍

  • Generous free plan with sign-up forms included
  • Custom reporting and analytics tools
  • Automation workflows with easy-to-use backend
  • Lots of segmentation options for personalized messaging
  • Decent deliverability and email performance

Who is it Best for?

If you’re a small company with a limited budget, but you want to dive into email marketing as quickly as possible, MooSend is a great choice. The solution can also grow with your brand, thanks to a range of advanced tools and customizations.

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4. AWeber

Aweber - Constant Contact Competitors

AWeber is a popular tool for email marketing among companies in search of in-depth analytics, reports, and a range of customization options. The technology simplifies the art of connecting with your target audience, with extensive segmentation options, and a range of tools for collecting subscribers, like landing pages and sign-up forms.

AWeber has some of the best deliverability rates on the market, so you can rest assured you’re going to end up in your customer’s inbox. There’s also access to A/B testing tools, so you can make sure you’re getting the right outcomes from every campaign. With reports to help you track every part of your campaign, you’ll have plenty of guidance to help you.

Outside of the standard features of most email automation tools, AWeber also comes with ecommerce page creation options, web push notifications to grab customer attention, and more. You can start campaigns for free, too.


Like many of the top email automation tools today, AWeber has a free version specifically designed to help you take advantage of simple email marketing options. The free package comes with support for up to 500 subscribers and around 3000 emails per month. You’ll also have access to the drag-and-drop email builder, and thousands of professional images.

The “Pro” version of AWeber starts at $16.15 per month, which allows support for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited email sends. You’ll also have behavioral automation and email split testing features too.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent free package with generous support
  • Lots of templates for landing pages and emails
  • Suitable for end-to-end omnichannel marketing
  • Easy to use despite a wide range of features
  • Dynamic and AMP content
  • Lots of reporting and analytics tools

Who is it Best for?

AWeber offers a host of fantastic features no matter which package you’re interested in. You can take advantage of the “free” version if you’re a beginner, then upgrade to a premium package as you decide to unlock new functionality.

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5. Klaviyo

klaviyo- Constant Contact Competitors

Designed to help companies build stronger relationships with customers, wherever they are, Klaviyo is a powerful tool for modern brands, with a host of features to explore. At a basic level, you get excellent segmentation, so it’s easier to break your audience down into individual groups based on things like preferences and behavior.

Aside from giving you the option to customize your emails more extensively, Klaviyo can also support omnichannel advertising, with access to everything from email to SMS. There’s the option to integrate a wide variety of tools for website building too, like BigCommerce and Shopify, so you can set up automated transactional emails easily.

Klaviyo’s technology features extensive behavioral targeting tools and tracking features, so you can see what customers are doing on your website and adjust your campaigns accordingly. On top of that, you also get plenty of email templates and tools for customizing your emails.


Klaviyo pricing differs depending on how many subscribers you have, and whether you’re looking for email, SMS, or both. There’s a free package for up to 250 contacts and 500 email sends. Once you’re ready to start paying for your Klaviyo subscription, you can use the calculator on the website to determine the costs based on your contact numbers.

Around 500 contacts for email alone will cost around $20 per month. If you want email and SMS, the same functionality will cost you around $40 per month.

Pros 👍

  • Extensive email and SMS marketing options
  • Great range of behavioral tracking tools and analytics
  • Facebook audience integrations
  • Works well with a range of other online tools
  • Great segmentation for personalized campaigns
  • Good A/B testing options

Who is it Best for?

If you’re looking for an omnichannel marketing campaign focusing specifically on SMS and email, Klaviyo is a great choice. The extensive segmentation options and data science tools will help you to better understand your customer’s journey.

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6. ActiveCampaign

active campaign - Constant Contact Competitors

Ideal for generating positive business growth, ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive marketing automation tool. More than just a solution for email marketing, ActiveCampaign gives you everything from a built-in CRM for customer relationships, to marketing automation funnels, SMS marketing, and more.

What makes ActiveCampaign so compelling as a Constant Contact alternative, is it can help with all stages of the purchasing funnel, from reaching your leads initially, to making them loyal advocates. The comprehensive personalization options, as well as a host of tools for tracking and understanding your target audience makes ActiveCampaign ideal for custom relationships.

You can access everything from subscription forms to automation maps and event tracking in the same place. There’s even Facebook custom audiences to help you get started with tracking the ideal customer, and a customer success commitment promise from the company.


Like many of the top email marketing platform options, ActiveCampaign pricing differs depending on what you need. If you’re looking for simple features for up to 500 contacts, you can start your email campaigns for $9 per month. More advanced features like advanced reporting and customer success pipelines start at around $49 per month for 500 contacts.

For bigger brands, there’s the “professional” package, with win probability and omnichannel customer service tools. Alternatively, you can access the “Enterprise” package with custom costs starting at $229 per month.

Pros 👍

  • Comprehensive omnichannel digital marketing
  • Reporting, tracking and segmentation options
  • CRM built-in to help with tracking customer journeys
  • Exceptional customer service and support
  • Support for every stage of the buyer journey
  • Visual automation workflows

Who is it Best for?

ActiveCampaign offers excellent customer support and customizable sales funnels for companies in the midst of major growth. You’ll even be able to track customer relationships with this all-in-one service, thanks to the included CRM.

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7. GetResponse

GetResponse - Constant Contact Competitors

Offering sensational ease-of-use combined with a range of versatile features, GetResponse is one of the most popular email marketing services online. This high-performing tool has evolved significantly over the years, going beyond email marketing software to bring you all kinds of ways to nurture your audience, and drive deeper relationships.

You can link in your social media and SMS campaigns and access a drag-and-drop builder within the automation platform to help set up triggered flows. You can also create a host of high-quality emails with extensive segmentation to ensure everyone gets the right messages.

GetResponse enables everything from autoresponders to transaction emails, so you can run a more successful business online. As Constant Contact competitors go, GetResponse also offers fantastic A/B testing and insights so you can learn more about your target audience.


GetResponse doesn’t have a free forever plan, but it does have a very generous beginners package for just $15 per month. The exact amount you pay will depend on your number of contacts. You’ll also get unlimited emails on every package.

The “Plus” package for GetResponse features a wider range of features for advanced A/B testing, and extensive automation across multiple channels.

Pros 👍

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Fantastic for multi-step email marketing automation
  • Intelligent tools for send-time optimization
  • Form builder and landing page builder included
  • Wide selection of templates

Who is it Best for?

Convenient, and brimming with features, GetResponse is excellent for companies looking to scale with immersive customer interactions. The state-of-the-art automation is perfect for brands who might be new to email marketing funnels.

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8. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor - Constant Contact Competitors

Campaign Monitor promises business leaders everything they need to generate amazing results with state-of-the-art email marketing. If you need an effective way to connect with your target audience, Campaign Monitor will give you everything you’re looking for in the form of straightforward and easy-to-use tools for automation and conversion.

The Campaign Monitor ecosystem combines ease of use, with a drag-and-drop email editor, with comprehensive customization options. While you’re creating your email newsletters and follow-up content, the email service provider will also give you access to collaboration tools for your team.

This user-friendly email marketing solution has everything from retargeting features to time-zone tracking so you can send emails at just the right time for your target audience. We love how professional the email templates look here too.


Pricing for Campaign Monitor starts with a free plan, so you can experiment with things like email marketing funnels with minimal headaches. The exact amount you spend will depend on how many contacts you have, and the features you need. Basic packages start at around $9 per month, while access to Unlimited emails will start at $29 per month.

The Premier plan starts at $149 per month, for advanced segmentation and custom support. If you prefer to only send emails occasionally, you can also pay for your service per campaign.

Pros 👍

  • End-to-end email marketing and automation services
  • Comprehensive list management and lead scoring
  • User-friendly functionality
  • Free email service available
  • Easy to use email editor

Who is it Best for?

Campaign Monitor is an excellent email automation tool for people who want to learn as much as possible about their target audience, with infinitely scalable campaigns. The solution is also surprisingly easy to use.

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9. MailerLite

Mailer lite - Constant Contact Competitors

One of the more accessible tools for email marketing on the market today, MailerLite is affordable, easy-to-use, and packaged with functionality. This handy automation service will give you everything you need to master online advertising. Plus, there’s tons of help for beginners, from live chat support where you can ask your questions, to video tutorials and a knowledge base.

Like many of the best email marketing tools, MailerLite comes with a drag-and-drop builder for customization and tons of templates to choose from. You can create popups and landing page forms to help grow your email list. There’s even intuitive A/B testing functionality so you can examine the impact of your subject lines and copy.

MailerLite ensures everyone from bloggers to teachers creating webinars can access advanced automation and analytics in no time. There’s even the option to integrate with your existing website builder and any other tools you might be using too.


MailerLite competes with other top companies like Mailchimp for affordability, with pricing to suit all kinds of companies, even non-profit groups. There’s a free package which allows you to send up to 12000 emails per month to 1000 subscribers.

If you want extensive newsletter templates, live chat support and other advanced features, you’ll need the paid package, which starts at $10 per month for 1000 subscribers. The more contacts you have, the more you’ll pay.

Pros 👍

  • Unlimited emails on all of the paid plans
  • Free package for easy beginner access
  • Powerful landing page forms and pop-ups
  • Great customer support and service
  • Easy to use for beginners

Who is it Best for?

If you’re looking for an easy way to get started with marketing automation, MailerLite is a great pick. You can even leverage the free plan if you don’t need a lot of advanced features to begin with.

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10. ConvertKit

convertkit - Constant Contact Competitors

ConvertKit is a dedicated creator marketing platform. Though it started life as an email marketing solution like Constant Contact, it has since evolved to include a wide range of other features, like powerful funnel tools, a landing page builder, and form creation. You can also build a “Creator Hub” on ConvertKit for showcasing your content, and connect to social media.

ConvertKit is one of the more robust tools on the market for content creators. You can design high-quality email marketing campaigns with beautiful templates. The landing pages are excellent, as are the form creation tools for collecting subscriber information. There’s even the option to set up commerce strategies where you can accept payments and tips online.

For those interested in making the most of their email marketing, ConvertKit has a valuable visual automation builder for planning your campaigns. There’s also access to A/B testing capabilities, and subscriber insights (depending on the account you choose). As an added bonus, you can also access exceptional tagging and segmentation capabilities.


From a pricing perspective, ConvertKit has a lot of value to offer. There’s a free plan for users with up to 1,000 subscribers, which comes with access to unlimited landing pages and forms, and the ability to send unlimited broadcasts. You also get a lot of valuable tools baked in, like A/B testing and reporting for your campaigns.

The paid packages are the “Creator” and “Creator Pro” plans. Creator starts at $9 per month (paid annual) for up to 1000 subscribers, while Creator Pro starts at $25 per month (annually). As your subscriber number increases, the amount you pay will go up too.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent landing page builder and form creation
  • Visual automation tools
  • Access to commerce and selling features
  • Powerful audience segmentation and tracking
  • Integration with social media available
  • Generous free plan

Who is it Best for?

If you’re looking for an exceptional landing page builder and email marketing tool in one, ConvertKit is a great option. It even gives you plenty of choices when it comes to accepting payments and monetizing your landing pages.

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Best Constant Contact Alternatives

If Constant Contact doesn’t automatically fill all your needs when it comes to online marketing and automation, there are plenty of other options out there. The wide variety of tools mentioned above each come with their own distinct strengths and weaknesses to consider. Make sure you explore your options carefully before making your final decision.

Remember, you can always migrate to another email marketing tool if you decide the one you pick isn’t suitable for you. However, it’s best to look for a company capable of helping you with this transition.

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