CampaignMonitor Review [E-mail Marketing Service]

CampaignMonitor Review

Of the many online marketing methods available to emarketers today, email marketing has been proven to be amongst the most effective ones without a doubt. If you have been involved with ecommerce selling for any amount of time, you probably know this already.

CampaignMonitor is one of the established players in the web-based email marketing application space that I have reviewed in this article and here is my review.


Contact Manager – a decent contact manager is one of the basic features that an email marketing app should have and CampaignMonitor offers this

List Segmentation – a useful email marketing feature that is available with the app

Template Selection – over 100 ready-made templates are available with the app

Template Editor – a powerful yet easy to use drag-and-drop styled editor is provided with the app. A proprietary ‘Template Language' is also available for deeper control

CampaignMonitor template editor

Image Hosting – your custom images can be uploaded and hosted with the app

Social Media Marketing – a must-have email marketing add-on feature today that is satisfactorily implemented and offered with the app

Autoresponder – another very useful email marketing feature that is available with the app

Surveys – yet another value-added feature that the app offers

RSS Feed Integration – one more useful feature supported by the app

Google Analytics Integration – another useful feature available with CampaignMonitor

CampaignMonitor Google Analytics

A/B Split Testing – a highly useful advanced marketing technique that the app offers

Spam Score Checking – a nearly indispensable email marketing feature that is provided by the app

Reporting/Stats – in-depth statistical information and report generation features are available

Other Noteworthy Features

One of the most noteworthy features of CampaignMonitor is integration with over 100 apps and services catering to diverse ebusiness needs falling under categories like ecommerce and billing, CRM, analytics, surveys and forms, publishing etc. A particularly noteworthy feature is integration with a large number of applications for the highly popular WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Integration with other popular CMS platforms like Drupal and Joomla is also provided. Availability of developer API is another plus. A proprietary iPhone app is also offered.

As an aside, I was at first somewhat taken aback to find the mandatory legal links on the CampaignMonitor web site labeled as follows:

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.03.32 AM

A bit later, when the subtle humor reflected by this actually hit me, I ended up laughing myself to tears. In my opinion, a company that can pull off something like this ought to be run by fun-loving people – a rare quality in an industry that is normally dominated by business suits and formal attitudes.

Price Range

Seven plans are offered based on the combination of number of subscribers and monthly send limits, starting at $9/mo.

CampaignMonitor price

You can request custom quotes if you have more than 50,000 subscribers and/or need to send more than 250,000 emails per month. A pay-per-campaign plan is also offered where you pay a fixed fee of $5 per campaign + 1 cent per email recipient

CampaignMonitor pay per campaign

Trial Account – you can sign-up for a free trial account which allows you to use the full functionality of CampaignMonitor to create any number of email campaigns. This will allow you to test all the app features but you will have to signup for a paid plan before you can actually send messages.

Click here to create a free trial account.


As regular readers of my blog would bear witness, I have reviewed quite a few email marketing apps in the past. Some of these include SendInBlue, iContact,, Klaviyo and many others. Based on this experience, my take on CampaignMonitor is that it is at least a worthy contender that you could seriously consider for your email marketing operations.

You can start your free trial by clicking here.

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