Instapage Review: Killer Ecommerce Landing Pages With Tons of Features

Landing pages and ecommerce go hand in hand. At some point, your ecommerce store needs advertisements to drive traffic. Well, those ads need to send potential customers to a landing page. The same goes for inbound links from blogs and publications. If your visitors don't land on a relevant landing page, they're going to be rather confused. So the big question is which landing page software should you choose. We're keen on recommending Instapage because of its beautiful templates, collaboration tools and heatmapping. This Instapage review outlines all of that.

Instapage Review: The Features That Make it Great

Most landing page tools offer the basics: Landing page templates and some decent design tools. Yet, Instapage takes it a step further with a remarkable suite of features made for not only building landing pages but for making them convert.

Heatmapping Paired with A/B Testing

Instapage does a wonderful job of combining heatmapping and the standard A/B testing you find in other landing page software. With the heatmaps, you can see actions like clicks, mouse movements and scroll depths, all of which are shown with bright colors depending on how often the actions occur. Therefore, you might see that one of your call to action buttons isn't being noticed by visitors.

Instapage Review - heatmapping

If that's the case, it's time to try something new and test it out with the A/B features. Once this happens you pair two different versions of, say, a call to action button and see how many people click on each. This is how you make educated decisions instead of putting the fate of your business to a guess.

Sleek Templates and a Drag and Drop Builder

Instapage Review - templates

Over 200 templates are available, and they get plugged into a drag and drop builder. Some of these visual builders on the market absolutely stink. But Instapage has it down, with options to drag around certain elements, change colors, add images and adjust the way your branding looks.

A Lead Generation System

From digital asset delivery to email list building, Instapage has several features packed into its landing pages for lead generation. The whole point is to ensure that customers don't visit your website once then never come back. Whether it's through webinars, email marketing or receipts, you're trying to make them recurring customers.

Strong Collaboration Tools

Instapage supports landing page design sharing with anyone in your organization or even contractors or clients. The collaboration tools allow for chatting and understanding what needs to be done with the design in order to be successful. In addition, it can send new leads to specific departments to make for a seamless process.

Instapage also has a solid audit log included with the program for checking in on customer history. Therefore, if someone is having a problem signing up for your product or service, you can see what they've been up to in the past.

Instapage Review: But How's the Pricing?

A free trial is provided for all new Instapage users. The trial goes for 14 days, after which you select the plan that fits your brand or you cancel. The good news is that no credit card is required for the free trial. This opens up the platform for all users and removes the worry that comes along with putting your credit information down.

As for the Instapage pricing plans, let's see what you have to choose from:

  • Core – $68 per month for real-time collaboration tools, pixel-perfect design, more than 20 integrations, embedded popup forms, premium web fonts, SEO optimization, drop-in pixel tracking, SSL certificates, custom code editing and over 200 templates.
  • Optimization – $113 per month for everything in the previous plan plus dynamic text replacement, unlimited A/B testing and heatmaps.
  • Team and Agency – $203 per month for everything in the previous plan plus an audit log, branded lead notifications and 15 private sub-accounts.
  • Enterprise – You have to contact Instapage in order to get your pricing for the Enterprise plan. It's highly customized and depends entirely on your operations. That said, you do gain access to all of the features from previous plans along with a dedicated customer success manager, professional services, advertising attribution analytics and migration services.

Keep in mind that all of these prices are for yearly plans. You have to prepay for an entire year to get this pricing. Otherwise, the monthly rates go up a little bit if you don't want that year-long commitment.

Instapage Customer Support Options

Instapage offers industry-leading customer support with live chat and email channels that consistently receive high ratings from online user reviews.

I like the idea of having the live chat module since most people are less likely to call into a customer support line nowadays. In fact, the live chat area is ideal for working at your computer and jumping back to the live chat whenever you hear the chime.

From the looks of it, you shouldn't expect any phone support, but most emails and live chats are responded to in a timely manner.

In addition to the support channels, you can complete your own research before contacting Instapage. For example, Instapage has a solid blog where it talks about updates and other landing page tips.

The company also provides guides, webinars, case studies and eBooks for you to peruse and understand the tools and services from Instapage. What's great is that these guides go beyond that basic functionality of Instapage, teaching you about marketing essentials and other ecommerce topics.

Finally, Instapage has a podcast that interviews all sorts of influencers in the industry.

Who Should Consider Instapage for Their Ecommerce Landing Pages?

Every ecommerce store should consider Instapage for one big reason: Ecommerce stores with good products are going to make money with it.

The $68 per month is chump change compared to the tools that are bound to improve your profits and get more people interested in your brand. Heck, you typically have to pay for a heatmapping and A/B testing tool to go along with your website or landing page software. But these are provided for you.

The only reason I would recommend against Instapage is if you don't like its templates. Unbounce and Wishpond are other options, so we do recommend seeing which designs are right for your brand.

But I assume most people will be impressed by the Instapage templates, so do yourself a favor and at least try the 14-day free trial to see how it works.

If you have any questions about this Instapage review, share your thoughts in the comments below. We'd also like to hear from folks who've had experience with Instapage in the past.

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