What is Usability?

What does usability mean?

The ease with which a visitor can read, navigate, and interact with a web application or website. When setting up an eCommerce venture, the usability of your site is of vital importance to you; a site which is not easy to navigate around will experience a higher bounce rate and a lower conversion rate. Because of this ecommerce websites should always be heavily concerned with usability, and should strive to improve the user experience whenever possible.

When setting up a website that is easy to use, it should have a manageable interface that is easy to read even for people who have no computer knowledge as well as easy payment options that will turn your traffic into a sale. Usability can also include elements of your site such as search, autofill, and customer accounts. In addition, due to the widespread usage of mobile devices, a focus on usability for mobile is of paramount importance. And since the internet is a global phenomena it is increasingly important to consider usability in every language and culture, if that is appropriate for your business.

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