What is a Conversion?


What does conversion mean?

A term used in marketing that is used to describe when a visitor achieves a marketing goal or completes another action. When used in online retail, conversion is generally used to describe the conversion that takes place when a visitor on a site makes a purchase.

When running an eCommerce venture, your conversion rate is the key to the success of your business. It is important to remember that your aim in online retail is not just to attract traffic to your site but to ensure that these visits result in sales. Getting someone to open an email is a conversion. Having them click on the call-to-action link inside that email is another conversion. Going to the landing page and filling out a registration form to read your content is a conversion. And, of course, buying your product is the ultimate conversion.

The number of visitors that take your desired action is known as your conversion rate. This can be improved through conversion rate optimization, or taking steps to increase the number of visitors who convert. Marketers may use A/B variance testing to improve conversion rates of various landing pages or calls to action.

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