What are Qualitative Metrics?

What does qualitative metrics mean?

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Qualitative metrics in online marketing measure the quality of customer interaction. Qualitative metrics can be subjective in nature, examples being reviews that are written prior to and after a marketing campaign, each review receiving a score. Qualitative reviews can be as simple as a yes or no questionnaire. The qualitative scores that the reviews receive can then be used to decide if a campaign was successful or not.

Qualitative MetricsIn order for your online campaign to be a true success, you will need to try more than one strategy, and you will often run to marketing campaigns to see which is more successful. To ensure the highest conversion rate of your eCommerce venture you will need to dedicate time to studying its metrics.

There are several methods that are used to obtain qualitative metrics. Some of the most common are as follows:

Surveys ย – A survey can be used to determine the opinions and outlook of customers about a product or service they are already using. This is one type of qualitative metric that can be very useful to the business owner.

Focus Groups โ€“ A focus group is similar to a survey, but it is more personal and goes into more detail. Moderators of focus groups are usually professionally trained to conduct group interviews and the responses they elicit can be used by marketers to gain a deep understanding of consumer thoughts and opinions regarding a wide variety of topics.

Interviewing โ€“ While focus groups take a broad measure of a group of consumers, an interview is a way to gain an even deeper understanding of consumer thoughts and opinions by conducting one-on-one meetings. This type of intimate setting can be extremely useful in getting the most honest and detailed opinions and impressions about a product or service.

Benchmarking โ€“ Benchmarking is taking the best practices of an industry and using them as a comparison point for an actual business to determine its performance versus its competitors. This can help a business develop a strategy and plan to increase their competitive advantages and address any weaknesses in their current business.

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