What are Quantitative Metrics?

What does quantitative metrics mean?

Quantitative metrics are click-through rates, time on sites, or visitor counts, or any other measure in online marketing that can be represented numerically. They are not open to interpretation, don’t lie, and provide concrete information. Many marketers love quantitative data because it is the type that can be put into a spreadsheet and used to create statistics and comparison points. It can be manipulated and aggregated, and used to extrapolate future results.

Quantitative MetricsAlthough quantitative metrics can be used to evaluate the conversion rate of your site and the overall success of your business, in order to find the real value of your business it is necessary to also include the qualitative metrics of your sale. By combining both quantitative as well as qualitative metrics you can determine the overall success of your eCommerce venture as well as your marketing and advertising campaigns.

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