What is a Liquidator?

What does liquidator mean?

A company that purchases products from a closing company or merchant with the intent to resell. In business, a liquidator is appointed by a court, by the shareholders, or be unsecured creditors to sell of the assets of the company in question. A liquidator will take control of the business, and the person appointed will be qualified in the field. A liquidation is often, but not always the result of a company going out of business. Liquidation can also be part of a bankruptcy proceeding, paying down debt, collecting on corporate receivables, or some other corporate termination procedure.

LiquidatorOn the high street, you may also see stores that advertise that they are selling all their stock due to liquidation. This can be ambiguous as the business may not actually be closing down but the shop is selling off all its current stock at a reduced price in order to make room for newer stock. However, this doesn’t mean that customers aren’t still getting a good deal. Just don’t be surprised if you purchase goods at a liquidation sale, only to see the same business still operating several months later.

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