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Adyen is an Amsterdam headquartered merchant account, and it accepts payments globally, whether it be through mobile, online or POS platforms. The merchant account has found a considerable amount of success, considering it just recently landed a round of $250 million in venture capital in 2014.

I find Ayden interesting because they don't seem to offer anything special that you wouldn't find anywhere else. However, they've put so many resources into developing business relationship with banks all over the world, effectively connecting businesses with customers, no matter where the business is located.

Therefore, we'd be silly not to cover a payment processor that expands the amount of people who can get into business online. there's no reason someone should have to move to the United States in order to find a reasonable processor.

So, keep reading as we take a deeper look into the Ayden company.

Adyen Top Features


I wouldn't say that the Ayden services and features are all that revolutionary, but they do the trick. After all, the main way Ayden differentiates itself is through the international support aspect.

However, let's take a look at some of the primary features that standout:

  • Point of sale equipment – You can rent or buy the equipment from Ayden.
  • Phone swipers with EMV compatibility – EMV is the way of the future.
  • Integrations with online shopping carts
  • API – A developers portal is offered on the Ayden website, bolstering your ability to implement new solutions if you have the development experience.
  • Hosted checkouts
  • Processing for debit and credit cards

As we discussed, the features and services are nothing crazy, but payment methods are rock solid, developers gain access to an API and the POS equipment looks decent.

Adyen Reviews: Ease of Use

Ayden serves the following areas of commerce: International, mobile, online and retail. The primary reason most companies go with Ayden is because they can't find a reasonable payment processing company in their own country. So, Ayden may not be necessary for, say, US or Canadian companies.

The online payments system supports nearly all types of online payments through different ecommerce websites. Major credit cards work well, and it all ties into the fraud management tools that we'll cover a little bit below.

The POS systems accept mobile payments as well, opening up options for Apple Pay and other services.

The point of sale platform supports both enterprise and mid-market merchants. These systems are developed for both Europe and the US, and they all work through the internet for a smooth transaction process.

Adyen Reviews: Pricing

You'll get interchange plus pricing with most major credit cards, but American Express cards are charged 3.95% for every transaction with an AmEx card. You don't have to pay for an early termination, but they ask that you send in a letter with two months notice.

It seems like PCI compliance fees are nowhere to be found in the Ayden documentation, but they don't exactly advertise that this is not going to come up. The mobile system runs at €99 for the purchase and €10 per month after that.

It's not the worst pricing, but many other companies are giving out the mobile swipers for free.

The good is that you'll be hard pressed to find many bad reviews about the overall pricing methods at Ayden. The company doesn't seem to hide anything, so it's somewhat refreshing when you can talk to a support rep and not get swindled into a situation that is going to cost you a bunch of money.

Interchange plus is about as transparent as you can get. The AmEx fee is unfortunate, but that's just the downside of supporting a card that many people are going to be using on your website or in your store.

Adyen Reviews: Security

Although the details are somewhat vague on the Ayden website, it states that the company takes several measures to prevent fraud on a regular basis. This includes fraud monitoring and prevention tools that work in the background so you don't have to be thinking about it at all times.

Adyen Reviews: Support


The Ayden support team seems rather competent and willing to help customers out at any time. For example, the knowledge base is comprehensive, with questions from users in the past, and a search bar to punch in exactly what you need to figure out. I particularly enjoy the fact that the knowledge base is not just for technical questions. Ayden shows some transparency by covering how the point of sale works, along with a whole article about how the pricing and interchange plus model works for users.

An FAQ module is provided, while you'll also find documentation and an area to submit your own ticket. Terminal repair requests are submitted through the website, and they even have a blog and social media presence to learn about the system updates and maybe even shoot a message over for a quick response. I couldn't find any phone or live chat support, so as of now I'm assuming it's not provided.

Who Should be Using Adyen?

Since Ayden continues to make the necessary banking partnerships, it seems as if it has successfully established a global payment processing solution for companies all over the world. This is good news for companies that maybe couldn't get access to reasonable rates and solid interfaces from less credible sources. Therefore, I would primarily recommend the Ayden system to businesses in developing countries where you can't really find payment processing that's any good. That said, Ayden clearly has a plan for growth, and it has managed to stay away from a significant number of complaints from past and current customers.

Therefore, it may not even be that bad of a plan for companies who are more established and looking for something fresh.

Adyen Rating: 4.5 - Review by

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