Weebly Pricing: Inexpensive Online Stores with Some Room to Grow

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If you've used Weebly in the past, you know that it's a simple website builder, initially created so that anyone could make a website from scratch. The same can pretty much be said for Weebly today, except the company has added many interesting features, especially in the ecommerce area. But a big question for most people looking for an ecommerce platform is how much they are going to spend. We'll talk about all Weebly pricing, from the plans to the extras such as themes, hosting, and apps.

As mentioned, Weebly has a nice platform made for those who want to build websites without the frustration of working with code. This means that a complete beginner can sign up for Weebly and get started on a beautiful website, and instead of coding, they can move around elements in the drag and drop builder.

Weebly pricing

Weebly is actually fairly similar to Wix, where they both have regular website plans (without ecommerce support) along with some higher priced options with shopping carts included. The good newsย is that both Weebly and Wix have ecommerce plans that are generally much cheaper than some of the other large ecommerce platforms on the market.

So, keep reading to learn about all of those Weebly pricing plans so that you can understand if Weebly is the right system to launch your store and start making money today.

Comparing the Weebly Plans

Weebly starts with a free plan so that anyone can get accustomed to the system and potentially just launch a small business website if you don't mind working with the Weebly branding on your site. Personally, I don't think this is how most legitimate businesses would run their website, but I do see it as somewhat of a free trial to gain access to the dashboard and see if you like the interface before paying.

Having said that, it's also worth mentioning that two of the pricing plans don't have any ecommerce functionality whatsoever. We'll still briefly cover those plans, since many businesses will start by launching a regular website and potentially upgrade to an online store plan.

Weebly Pricing: The Free Plan

As you may have already assumed, the free plan costs nothing. You can utilize this plan for as long as you like without having to upgrade in the future. However, it is extremely limiting for those who plan on having consistent traffic come to their website, and there are no e-commerce tools included in the plan.

You do receive a free SSL certificate, so it seems like you could potentially integrate a third-party e-commerce system with the free plan. Once again though, the limited nature of the free plan makes it almost an impossibility to run a successful online store.

The free plan comes with 500 MB of storage, search engine optimization, contact forms, lead capture forms, access to the community forum, and chat and email support.

Another major downside to the free plan is that your domain will feature Weebly branding. So it would read something like this: yourwebite.weebly.com.ย That might be okay for a hobby website or an online journal, but it doesn't make any sense for a true business trying to expand.

Price: $0

Who is this plan best for?

I like this plan for businesses that are trying to get a feel for the platform without having to spend any money. It also makes sense for students, teachers, or hobbyists who have no reason to pay for a website but would like to get some of their thoughts online and share information with other people.

Other than that, if you plan on running an online store, only use this plan if you're trying to learn about the Weebly dashboard. Otherwise, move forward all the way to the Pro pricing plan.

Weebly Pricing: The Connect Plan

This is the second Weebly pricing package that still doesn't have any built-in functionality for a true online store. In fact, the only benefit to upgrading to this paid plan is that you can connect your own custom domain. In fact, Weebly gives you a free domain when you sign up.

As for the other features, not much else is added from the free plan. For instance, you still receive 500 MB of storage and that free SSL certificate (which doesn't actually do much for you in this plan).

Price: $5 per month

Who is this plan best for?

Once again, this plan is best for teachers, students, or hobbyists, considering the storage and feature set is so limited. You do receive a custom domain, so some people might be willing to pay the five dollars a month to have a more branded presence for their online journal.

A small business without the need for ecommerce capabilities might be able to use this as their primary website. It would have to be an extremely small site with not much traffic, but you still get the advantages of SEO, lead capture forms, and the community forum and chat and email support.

Weebly Pricing: The Pro Plan

Here's where we start to see features for making an actual online store. You'll find that this is an extremely reasonable price point considering you do have the opportunity to sell products on your store. You'll's also see that Weebly doesn't give you any deals from payment processors, so you should expect to pay full transaction fees.

For this plan they actually tack on an additional 3% if you use a third-party payment gateway. So, the monthly fee might be really low but you also take into consideration about a 6% transaction fee for every single sale that you make.

But let's explore some of the additional features that come along with the Pro plan. To start, you still receive that free domain, along with some Google Ads credits.

The free SSL certificate will now come in handy since you can actually sell products on your website. You also receive unlimited storage, custom domain support, the removal of all Weebly advertisements, and a site search for people to find your products.

As for the ecommerce and marketing tools, here's what to expect:

  • A fully functioning shopping cart.
  • The option to accept payments through Square.
  • A square transaction fee of $2.9% + 30 cents.
  • Options to accept payments with third-party payment providers.
  • All third-party transaction fees are the same as Square.
  • You'll have to pay an additional 3% to Weeblyย if you go with a third-party provider.
  • Along with the marketing tools from the previous plans, you will receive advanced site statistics.
  • This Weebly pricing plan also includes phone support.

Price: $12 per month

Who is this plan best for?

It's a little tough to say who exactly should go for the Pro plan, but I would argue it's best for someone who is just getting started with a small online store. You get the advantage of paying a lower monthly fee, which will allow you to hopefully make money in the coming months so that you can upgrade to the next plan.

I honestly see this plan as a way for Weebly to convince people to upgrade to the business plan. You have to pay almost 6% in transaction fees, and the ecommerce features are extremely limited.

Weebly Pricing: The Business Plan

The business plan is the bread-and-butter option from Weebly. It actually aligns pretty well in pricing compared to other tools like Shopify and BigCommerce. You'll also get somewhat similar features, with some exceptions that you might not be able to find on those other platforms.

You can expect to receive pretty much everything from the previous plans, but here the features that are added on when you upgrade to the business plan:

  • The removal of the 3% additional fee when using third-party payment providers.
  • Product badges so that your customers know when items are on sale or out of stock.
  • Better shipping discounts.
  • Integrated shipping labels to make this entire process much easier.
  • Gift cards for Square.
  • An integration for product reviews.
  • An excellent shipping calculator.
  • Full inventory management.
  • An automatic tax calculator.
  • Several product option and invariants.

You can also look forward to some other marketing features such as pop-up notifications, more advanced ecommerce stats, and a fancy tool for integrating into Facebook Ads.

Price: $25 per month

Who is this plan best for?

This would most likely be the starter plan for the majority of serious ecommerce businesses. The $25 per month price point is typically what you would expect to pay throughout the industry. Weebly also has some competitive features and decent enough rates for when you choose a payment provider.

The plan works for small to midsize businesses that are either just getting started with their online stores or those that are looking for growth opportunities. It also makes sense for traditional retail stores that are trying to make the move to an ecommerce environment.

The Business Plus Plan

The last Weebly pricing plan is considered to be for power sellers, but I see it as a viable solution for medium-size businesses and even the smaller ones that are willing to pay the monthly fee. What's great is that you get email marketing integrated into your website. You also get all additional fees waived when you use a third-party payment provider. And if you opt to go with Square, the transaction fee is dropped to 2.6% + 30 cents.

Other than that, the pricing plan includes abandoned cart emails and real-time shipping which is more than likely going to come in handy for the average online store.

Marketing features and support options remain the same in this plan as they were in the business plan.

Price: $38 per month

Who is this plan best for?

The business plus plan could be used by any small, medium, or a slightly larger business. I don't really see this as an enterprise solution, so the idea that extreme power sellers are going to be using this is a little bit far-fetched. However, all the features are there for running a solid, successful online store and expanding into something that you can be proud of.


Keep in mind that all of the prices that we have quoted in the above plans are for when you pay annually. This allows them to keep the monthly prices a little bit lower, but you have to budget for that as a one-time fee every year. The monthly prices will go up a little bit if you would rather pay month-by-month.

What is Weebly Pricing Like For Domains and Hosting?

With some ecommerce platforms–like WooCommerce or Magento— you are required to go out and find and pay for your own domain and hosting. For all of the plans that allow for custom domains on Weebly, you don't have to pay for them.

The same can be said for Weebly hosting. All of this is wrapped into the monthly payment that you settle on. This is also good because you don't have to spend time or money maintaining your website or the server that your website sits on.

What About Weebly Pricing for Apps and Themes?

Weebly pricing for themes

Another huge benefit of going with Weebly for your online store is that all of the website themes are completely free. Most of them look modern and useful enough so that your website will appear professional.

Weebly pricing for apps

The apps are a little different in that most of the time you can find great solutions that are free. However, some of them will require an additional monthly fee depending on the service you are trying to connect. For example, the app called Site Booster is a third-party app that has several plans.

How is Weebly Pricing Going to End Up for Your Website?

Overall, Weebly is an extremely affordable solution for building an online store. It's also quite easy to construct your store so you don't spend any extra time on your own. We also like that the interface is so easy that you typically don't have to hire a developer unless you are planning on being completely hands-off with your website.

For more info check out our Weebly review.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about Weebly pricing!

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