Keap Review (2023): Everything You Need to Know

Keap is a Leading Sales and Marketing Software with CRM Tools

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In today’s Keap review, we’re looking at a sales and marketing software solution built to combine everything business leaders need for growth. With Keap, you can access CRM functionality, scheduling tools, landing page creation and even payment management all in the same place.

Today, we’re going to explore everything small businesses, e-commerce leader, and innovators need to know about this email marketing, CRM, and sales tool.

What is Keap?

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Designed to be more than just your basic CRM solution, Keap (previously Infusionsoft) promises all the tools companies need to capture and follow up with leads. Keap offers a combined set of features for marketing and sales, offering everything from appointment booking and native payments, to email marketing and pipeline management solutions.

Though Keap can be a little expensive compared to some CRM software and email marketing solutions, it’s important to remember you’re paying for an all-in-one system. You get everything from templates and marketing campaigns, to contact management, automation, lead scoring, and sales process pipelines in one environment.

Keap can help you to convert leads and manage your onboarding process, as well as saving time through automated workflow processes. The straightforward interface and exceptional support options also means you can design web forms, advanced automation flows, and more in no time.

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Key Features

Keap is intended to be an all-in-one ecosystem for sales and marketing. This means instead of just getting email or SMS marketing, you’ll also have access to sales tools, automation, and more.

At the heart of the ecosystem are the Keap tools for contact management. You can add contacts to the ecosystem manually, through scanning business cards, using the mobile app, or capturing leads from web forms, and you can even tag your subscribers.

Let’s take a look at each of the key features of Keap.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation templates and advanced tools make it easy to handle repetitive tasks quickly. You can send email and text follow-ups to potential clients whenever they fill out a form on your social media pages or websites.

There are also thousands of integrations available so you can trigger sales and marketing automations when customers perform a certain action. Keap even has templates available for common automation flows, like sales nurturing when someone fills out a form, or appointment reminders.


The CRM software built into Keap is one of the most impressive tools. This immersive client management software is powered by a host of sales and marketing tools, as well as automated lead capturing. There’s a mobile app for Android and iOS where your employees can track important information on the move too.

The CRM from Keap integrates with other leading tools like QuickBooks, Shopify, and HelloSign, to ensure you can track all the right data on your customers.

Sales pipeline

With sales pipeline management from Keap, you can close more deals in no time. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop pipeline helps you to transition leads through the sales process at speed, avoiding chaos and staying organized. There’s a follow-up tracking system, support for automating your sales triggers, and tracking for factors like average deal duration.

Keap can even help you to determine how long your average sales pipeline usually takes, so you know when you need to work on speeding up your conversions.

Invoices and payments

Having to switch between two different apps for customer management and invoicing can be a nightmare. Keap’s built-in billing software as well as invoicing and payment processing tools ensure you can tailor your software platform to suit your needs.

Keap comes with access to upsells and promotions, as well as integrations to payment processing software like PayPal, Stripe, and many other top choices. You’ll also have reporting tools so you can track how your sales increase over time.

Analytics and reporting

Speaking of reporting, Keap is excellent for keeping you one step ahead of crucial metrics. You can visualize all kinds of useful information here, including conversions by sales stage, marketing and campaign performance, and form completion rates.

With Keap sales reports, you can grow your sales without having to sort through endless pieces of data, and find trends for revenues, payments, and transactions over time. You’ll also be able to create specific reports based on your metrics.

Keap has built-in reporting for contact growth and engagement rates too, with the option to take immediate action directly from your report to boost engagement.

Appointments and booking

The appointment and booking features of Keap ensure you can access scheduling tools to interact with your clients and prospects when it matters most. There are even useful notifications and reminders built-in, so you can track meetings on mobile too.

With full calendar integration for Outlook and Google, and access to information about your leads for your meetings, you’ll be able to manage your days more effectively, and drive more effective conversations with prospects.

Email marketing

One of the key tools in the Keap ecosystem is the email marketing environment. As you may expect, users can easily create automated emails to save stress and time, using countless stunning templates with drag and drop editing options.

You can set up automated emails triggered by client data and behavior, A/B test your campaigns to ensure you’re getting the right results, and so much more.

Migration is also free and simple, if you already have email contacts on other software options. There are easy integrations for switching from Constant Contact, Mailchimp and more.

SMS Marketing

Outside of email marketing, you can also reach your audience on a new level with SMS marketing. The text message marketing features ensure you can send automated updates to the phones of your target audience in no time. You’ll be able to access the same useful triggers you’re used to with email marketing, and create personalized campaigns.

SMS marketing from Keap comes with customizable opt-in messaging, built-in compliance, and in-app reporting for keeping an eye on important metrics.

Keap Business Line

The Keap Business Line essentially provides companies with a local phone number just for their company. This service comes with your own phone number (or two), business voicemail, separate snooze settings, auto-reply for messages, and access to mobile and desktop apps.

Keap ensures you can separate personal and business communications with ease, and automatically reply to customers when you’re busy. You’ll have access to every kind of communication you need in one place, as well as endless useful data points.

Lead management software

Finally, Keap also offers access to extensive lead management tools, to help you acquire and track prospects at every point in their journey. You’ll be able to create leads using the lead magnet blueprint templates from Keap, as well as dedicated landing pages, sales funnels, consultation appointment scheduling, and internal forms.

At the same time, Keap ensures you can track important information about your leads, identifying where they are in the sales cycle, and paving the way for better relationships long-term.

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Keap Pricing

The Keap Pricing packages are one of the most important things you’ll need to consider when deciding whether this technology is right for you. The first thing you should know is you’ll save up to 20% if you choose to pay your bills annually instead of monthly.

Keap also comes with a handy 14-day free trial so you can test out the functionality of the service without having to enter credit card details.

Beyond that, Keap will charge you based on two separate factors – how many contacts you have, and what sort of features you want to access. The packages break down into a few different options.

Pro Plan

Starting at $129 per month, Keap’s “Pro” plan supports up to 1500 contacts and 2 users, with additional users available at $29 each. You’ll get all the features of “Lite” here, as well as landing pages, sales pipelines and analysis, online selling, advanced automation and SMS marketing.

Pro packages come with their own dedicated success manager, so you know you’re getting the best possible quality of support.

Max Plan

Starting at $199 per month for 3 users and 2500 contacts, Keap’s “Max” package comes with all the features of Pro, as well as promotional codes and upsells, marketing analytics, and various other advanced tools to help improve your sales.

Max Classic

You will need to contact sales and get custom pricing, in case you need advanced marketing and sales fetures.

You can also purchase access to expert coaching to ensure you’re making the most of your Keap technology, with a one-off extra fee of $499.

keap pricing

Clearly, Keap isn’t the cheapest service around, but you do get more automation features and lead capture tools than you would get from most alternatives. Think of it as a similar solution to HubSpot, where entrepreneurs can access everything from Keap CRM to sales automation in one place.

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Ease of Use

Ease of use is important when you’re looking for a tool to help with sales and marketing. Fortunately, the campaign builder, automation features, and various other tools offered by Keap offer fantastic intuitive functionality. Chatbot tips and in-app tutorials ensure business owners can leverage all the tools they need for their business needs in no time.

Whether you’re using the Keap CRM, with it’s convenient layout for managing contacts and visualizing pipelines, or you’re appointing tasks to teams, Keap keeps things easy. You’ll have all the solutions you need for your sales team, without the complexity of something like Salesforce.

Keap also offers various tutorials and guidance for those who want to learn more about A/B testing and converting leads too. Some automations can be set without leaving your contact list, and the autoresponders you can create for your email campaigns are extremely simple too.

As an added bonus, you can get up and running with Keap in no time. You’ll be asked a few simple questions about what you need from your sales and marketing platform to get you started. You can also immediately integrate with tools like Zapier and Google, or access API connections to streamline the initial setup process.

Creating order forms, and setting up sales pipelines in Keap only takes a matter of minutes. There are templates available to get you started and a drag-and-drop Kanban board for moving sales through a pipeline and tracking valuable sales stages. You’ll even be able to conduct pipeline analytics in a single click to see what might be holding you back from reaching your best figures.

Even the email marketing tools offered by Keap are extremely straightforward. You can send bulk emails from the Broadcasts tab, and leverage pop-ups to guide you through the editing process. These pop-ups even help you to write better subject lines.

Like most form and landing page builders, the template editor for all of your marketing tools on Keap work with drag-and-drop content blocks, and you can undo anything with a single click. Keap will also automatically test your email campaigns for compliance before sending them out.

Keap Review: Final Verdict

Keap is one of the more expensive tools for companies looking to connect with WordPress contacts, upgrade their shopping cart, and make better sales online. However, it’s worth remembering how much functionality you’re actually getting.

Whether you’re in ecommerce or real estate, you can use Keap to track conversations with your customers across every channel. You’ll have access to user-friendly automation tool capabilities, as well as email marketing and landing pages for capturing new leads and referral contacts.

Keap provides comprehensive customer relationship management tools, and you’ll get excellent customer support every step of the way. If you really want all-in-one functionality for your sales and marketing tools, Keap could be the service for you.

Screenshot of Keap’s email template editor

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