A Comprehensive Gorgias Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Itโ€™s no secret customer service plays a huge role in consumer satisfaction when people shop online. As such, there's a good chance you're looking for software to help you with that. This is where Gorgias comes into its own. So, to help you see whether this app is for you, we've put together this Gorgias review.

You don't need us to tell you; many aspects go into providing exceptional customer service – answering emails in a timely fashion, providing an easy way to get in touch, responding to feedback and reviews, etc. These are probably just some of the demands that you, as an online entrepreneur, are trying to manage.

Of course, this eats into your precious time and energy when instead, you'd prefer to focus on running your store and marketing your brand. But, luckily, there are tools out there that can take care of some of these customer service tasks for you. Gorgias is a complete helpdesk for your online store. You can manage all your communications from the convenience of one place and automate some of these customer-interactions for you.

Continue reading as we take a look at Gorgias' features, pricing, and who might benefit from the service. So settle in as we take a moment to review Gorgias.

What are Gorgias' Aims?

Gorgiasโ€™ mission statement is simple; to help independent e-commerce brands provide outstanding customer service to their consumers. How? By allowing agents to focus on being sales associates that advise customers, rather than answering repetitive emails all day.

Gorgias aims to free up your own and your employee's time to focus on money-generating activities by automatically responding to basic customer questions. Not only that, but Gorgias also tracks the impact your customer service has on your sales rates. With this info at your disposal, you can ensure your customer interactions become part of a profitable selling strategy.

Fun Fact: Over 2000 merchants use Gorgias, and typically this solution increases productivity by 40%. What's not to love about that?!

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Gorgias Review: Features

Gorgias offers several automation features that help streamline all your communications. Here are some of our favorites:

Gorgias Connects All Your Support Channels

You can manage and respond to messages from all communication channels – email, chat, social and online ad comments, and live messenger, from one platform. This alone saves plenty of time. Gone are the days where you had to toggle between different platforms to check and reply to messages. With everything in one place, itโ€™s simple to oversee your responsibilities and manage priorities.

Smart Autoresponders

Smart autoresponders allow you to set up rules that inform automatic replies. You can sort, tag, and assign your tickets based on their topic and attributes. Needless to say, this cuts down on repetitive tasks. In fact, this alone can automate up to 30% of your responses. Not only does this buy you lots of time, but it also ensures customers receive immediate answers.

Chat Campaigns

Chat campaigns empower you to be proactive about getting in touch with customers, by triggering live chat conversations with site visitors, giving them product advice based on their cart content, and guiding them through to the checkout.

The Revenue Dashboard

From the revenue dashboard, you can measure the impact your live chat and customer support team has on sales. This makes it easy to reward agents based on customer conversion and the revenue they've generated as a result of pre-sale tickets.

You can also overview the teamโ€™s overall performance by reviewing response and resolution times and satisfaction scores.

Data-rich Macros and Machine Learning

This makes creating chat templates a breeze, with predictive typing and personalized messages based on customer info and order details.

Other Features

Tags allow you to sort your customer service tasks, while assignment and anti-collision tools ensure customer service tickets are never doubly assigned. The platform also allows for internal notes and mentions so you can collaborate with your team on any ticket.

Another nifty feature is conversation history. Gorgias keeps records of the entire customer timeline for individual buyers – no matter what communication channel they use. So, you can respond with their previous interactions in mind.

Gorgias Review

Integrations and Adaptability

Gorgias is pretty versatile and adaptable. With over 20 native plugins and high review scores on Shopify and Magento, it's a platform that easily lends itself to integrating with other solutions.

Some of these integrations include:

…and the team is adding more apps all the time!

Gorgias also offers the following:

  • A mobile app so you can provide customer service on the go
  • Connection with knowledge base platforms like elev.io & helpdocs.io
  • Multi-brand support

Gorgias Review: Pricing

Gorgias offers a monthly subscription, and for those wanting to try out the service, thereโ€™s good news! They offer a free version, and you can schedule a demo to get to know the features.

But, for those wanting to upgrade from the free option, Gorgias offers three paid-for pricing plans. These increase in price depending on the needs of your company and your usage.

The following prices are based on upfront annual billing (where you get two months free):

  • The Basic Plan ($50 a month): This provides you with unlimited users and 350 tickets a month. An additional 100 tickets cost an extra $25.
  • The Pro Plan ($250 a month): This scales up to 2000 tickets per month, and you pay a reduced $23 for an extra 100 tickets.
  • The Advanced Plan ($625 a month) allows you 6000 tickets, and you pay an extra $14 for every 100 additional tickets.

For enterprises dealing with more than 6000 tickets a month, Gorgias offers a custom enterprise plan. This comes with a dedicated automation specialist. The quote depends on your companyโ€™s needs and includes volume discounts, so you'll need to contact Gorgias directly to get a quote.

If youโ€™re unsure how many tickets you receive a month, Gorgias provides an estimation of around 1000 tickets per agent in your team.

You should note, you only pay for tickets that you respond to via Gorgias, not for all tickets received. Each pricing plan includes all features and channels, and you can connect as many Facebook pages, email addresses, and chat widgets, as you want.

Gorgias Review - pricing

Customer Opinions

Gorgias enjoys a high 4.8 rating on the Shopify app store with customers praising its ease of use and excellent onboarding and support experiences. There's a particular mention of the video chat, which comes in handy for getting teams started. In fact, Gorgias reviews beat Zendesk in categories like ease of use, value for money, customer service, and pricing.

Gorgias Support

Gorgias offers 24/7 support via live reps and has extensive support documentation on their website. They also provide training in person, online live chat, and webinars.

Ready to Optimize Your Customer Service?

In summary, Gorgias provides a complete help desk that lets you automate responses to your customer's most frequently asked questions. It presents a unified and optimized customer service front that can not only satisfies customers but also pushes sales.

Have you ever used Gorgias before? If so, we'd love to hear how you found the solution in the comments box below. Don't hold back – we want your honest opinions (good and bad). Speak soon!

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