How to Improve Your Conversions (Even if You Have None)

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You've gone trough the trouble of setting up your first online eCommerce business, and things are feeling pretty good, right? Well, they only feel good when you're making actual progress, or in other words – when you're making sales, and reaching new heights for customers.

Without conversions, our eCommerce businesses are just as any ordinary webpages on the internet. When we begin to receive sales, we tend to learn more about our particular market, and especially about our customers – using this data we can advance our stores, and even predict future income results.

How does one solve the problem of no conversions, and what can we do to improve the situation? Many people like to call this internet marketing, but the term is so broad – literally everything that resonates with selling online could be called internet marketing. Lets take a look at some reasonable and actionable ways of getting those first few sales.

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Gain the Customers Trust

If you plan on spending a lot of time building eCommerce stores, or setting up online businesses this way – the one thing you're going to encounter very often is others talking about customer trust, and how important it is to maintain a good and clear record. In order to increase our customer trust in our products and business, (and, of course, increase our conversions) we need to take a look at some of the following points.

  • Allow people to learn about your business within a single page.
  • Have a dedicated page showing the employees and perhaps info about them.
  • Always emphasize contact page and details, people love to get in touch.
  • Make the browsing experience seamless, if it doesn't feel right – it probably isn't.
  • Publish new and informative content on regular basis. Organic traffic and returning visitors.
  • Check ten times before committing to changes, sometimes the old way is better.

all of these are very easy to grasp, and very actionable ideas that will make a huge difference in how customers perceive you, and will aid them in their final decision of whether to buy from you or not.

Publish High-Quality Product Photos

How much attention do you pay to the quality of photos when it comes to seeing a product for the first time, in digital format. I mean, in many cases – the store owners actually go through the trouble of getting professional photos done for their product range, just to impress the clients and give them a better feel for what they're about to buy.

High-Quality Photos with Nikon

Image credits: mirandasscarlett

It has been encouraged as good practice over the years, and platforms like Shopify have written extensively on this particular issue. You can see their guide on how to take perfect photos of your products here. What do you use to take high-quality photos, and how can we help to help you better tackle the problem?

In any case, a photo taken with your phone camera is going to be better than no photo taken at all.

Try Investing in Quick & Witty Ads

I recently invested $10 in Reddit Advertising to see whether I could pull some extra profit, and while the campaign itself was not successful (it's only $10), I did get to see the how much impressions and clicks I'd be able to generate. I took a specific sub-reddit for this particular experiment, and I'm sure there are a lot better ones that will do much better, not only for myself but for you as well.

Reddit Ads

You can get potential leads for as low as $0.38, and to be fair – I wasn't even trying to promote a direct product, so the results will vary drastically from one experiment to the other. The same strategy applies for Facebook – invest a bit of money and see how it converts in terms of clicks, impressions and even sales.

A/B Testing is Educational

I'm going to assume that you're getting at least 5 unique visitors to your product pages every day, that would amount to roughly 150 every month; which would enable you to test separately at least 75 times. A/B testing is a method for trying out two different styles of content for different users, then taking the data at the end of the test – and analyzing which style of content performed the best. It's absolutely mad just how a little change in websites appearance can have an impact on your conversion rates.

AB Testing Demo Picture

Thanks to the lovely image prepared by Graviity, we can see how A/B testing really works. I cannot recommend this method enough, because many people look at things (product pages) in many different ways, your job is to try and find the one most approachable.

Gradual Growth is Better Than No Growth

All in all, if it was terribly easy to increase conversion rates or increase your sales, frankly, everyone would be rich by now. That is something to always remember. Hard work, getting things right and a bit of luck is necessary to progress alongside the path of building a successful eCommerce business from scratch.

As the sales and conversions are going to increase over time, you'll have more access to resources that can help you leverage the business and take it to the next level. If you feel that a $1000 investment in advertising is the right thing to do, go ahead and do it. By the end of it, you'll know what works and what doesn't.

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