Square Terminal Review 2020: Your Complete Guide

Square is probably one of the most popular and well-respected companies on the market when it comes to payment processing systems and tools. Designed to help merchants from all backgrounds build their businesses in today's digital and mobile world, Square offers everything from online selling accounts to in-person point of sale machines. You can even use your Square solution with an iPad to keep your costs as low as possible.

Announced back in Autumn 2018, the Square Terminal is the first countertop credit card machine available from the brand. This modern tool accepts EMV chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, NFC contactless payment, and more. What's more, the all-in-one machine provides the same sleek experience that merchants expect from Square in restaurants, salons, retail locations and more.

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5 Steps To Creating A Customer Loyalty Program In 2020

Loyalty? You can hardly get enough of it– feels like a rare commodity mostly where customers have wild options to consider. Even with a loyalty program in place, the competition is boundlessly growing. It's getting fiercer each day. There's totally no doubt about that.

But do you want to make your target clients creep back to your retail store?

Setting up an entrancing loyalty program is one engaging step a retailer can use to reach out to their most loyal customers in a gratifying manner. 

Superficially, boosting your sales roughly equates to widening the customer base. A  solid customer relationship management (CRM) gameplan is just part of what this objective requires.

And surprisingly enough, the acquisition cost for new customers lies between 5 to 25 times more than the price you'll incur to retain your old clients. The bottom line is, it’s way cheaper to keep a good rapport with your regular customers; just like the fortified bond, you could have for your pet. 

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Sellerly Review: Free and Simple Amazon A/B Testing

Are you selling products on Amazon as a secondary source of income next to your online store? Or, are you strictly an Amazon seller without an ecommerce site? It seems like an Amazon seller account is a must-have if you plan on expanding your reach and locating new customers. It turns out that over 1.7 million sellers are currently peddling products on Amazon, with hundreds of thousands of new third-party merchants being added each year.

Whether you're having success on Amazon or not, it's essential to reevaluate your approach every week or month to see how you can improve your listings and take your sales to the next level. That's why we want to take a deep look into a product that helps you A/B test your Amazon listings to find out which elements your customers like best.

In this Sellerly review, we'll talk about our favorite features, pricing, interface, and other elements to see if this potential selling machine is right for you.

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The Top AliExpress Alternatives for Dropshipping

Dropshipping has quickly emerged as one of the simplest and most compelling ways to make money online. With a dropshipping business, you don't have to worry about things like finding a warehouse where you can store your products or purchasing more inventory than you can handle.

Dropshipping allows you to work hand-in-hand with a supplier to ensure that your customers always get the products that they need, with minimal fuss. There are even business owners that enjoy the benefits of dropshipping business strategies using well-known wholesale suppliers like Amazon. You can use a variety of online shopping sites to sell everything from chinese products and pet supplies, to a range of leading products to customers all over the world.

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The Best Oberlo Alternatives for Shopify and WooCommerce – February 2020

Dropshipping is quickly becoming one of the most popular fulfillment models for online stores. Particularly with Oberlo and Oberlo alternatives on the market.

Dropshipping makes selling online simple.

Rather than having to find storage facilities for all the products you want to ship to customers, then stressing over the fact that you're not clearing inventory fast enough – you work with someone to do the hard work for you. Dropshipping tools allow you to use a merchant as a sort of middle-man in your transactions.

You build a website, attract customers, and make the sales, while your dropshipping merchant fulfills the orders by sending the products to the right location. Sounds simple right?

Well, to make the most out of dropshipping, you need the right tools.

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A Descriptive Guide To Selling Print-On-Demand Products In 2020

Do you need to make some extra bucks selling merchandise using the POD technique? Well, print-on-demand is not a virtual reality concept but a dropshipping model that’s increasingly becoming commercially viable. 

Print-on-demand, in the same manner as other selling structures, has a great potential to generate decent revenue for the end retailer

For newbies, a print on demand is a striking category in the ecommerce business model. It's easy to get started since you don't need to have any inventory. To balance the equation, it’s needless to say that you need to put in a significant portion of creativity.

And here’s why.

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WePay Review for 2020: Is This the Right Option for Merchants?

These days, the digital world, combined with mobile point of sale systems, easy eCommerce management options and a range of other tools means that it's easier than ever to launch your own business online. Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean that merchants don't have challenges to face. If you want to get the payments you need each month from your consumers, then you're going to need the right payment processing system.

WePay is one of the better-known options on the market today. Launched as an alternative to the standard options like Stripe and PayPal in 2008, WePay was designed to give merchants something different. The primary focus of the company is providing today's online eCommerce sellers with a way to collect payments from donors and customers alike.

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Shippo Review: An Easy-To-Use Shipping Solution For SMB Merchants

Do you find order fulfillment as the most twisted and wearisome part of your online business? You're not alone. I seem to find it quite sticky as well. Well, Shippo might help you bypass all the future pitfalls.

No matter how weighty the shipping demands are, a merchant needs a pristine solution to work with. More precisely, one which automates nearly each fulfillment process.

And to gain traction over your competitors, it takes more than just making your online store go live. You need an easy, fast, and reliable shipping software you can trust.

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