How to Write Product Descriptions for Your Ecommerce Store

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Writing product descriptions can seem like doing a puzzle. Between balancing bullet points, your need to show up in the search engines, and optimizing for conversion rate, it’s less like writing than it is assembling various jigsaw pieces together.

But fortunately, a good product description for your online store doesn’t have to be as long as your product pages, and it doesn’t have to feel like some SEO exercise, either. You can artfully (and thoughtfully) build vivid, effective product descriptions without leaving out key elements like search engine optimization.

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The Best Turnkey Ecommerce Website Providers

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Let's be honest – ecommerce is the online money-making opportunity of the decade. ecommerce sales reached $5.2 trillion in 2021, and it's set to hit $8.1 trillion in the next few years. 

But, many are reluctant to open an online store because they think it's too complicated or expensive. But the truth is, it's not necessarily as hard as you might think. There are lots of excellent turnkey ecommerce platforms that you can use to open your store in minutes.

For the uninitiated, a turnkey ecommerce website is a ready-to-go online store that entrepreneurs can use to start selling products. These fully functional online stores are usually created by ecommerce experts with all the features needed to start running your online store. 

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Tips for Creating a Killer Black Friday Ecommerce Strategy

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It’s been around since the 1950s and has become one of the busiest shopping days in the US. Of course, we’re talking about Black Friday. It’s the official start of the holiday shopping season and takes place the day after Thanksgiving. So it's no wonder that for many online retailers, it's one of the busiest days of the year. In fact, it's predicted that more than 50% of US consumers will participate in this shopping event.

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Best Shopify Apps for Fashion Stores

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You’ve got goods to sell. Customers to contact. Products to move. But unless you have the store set up to handle every aspect of modern online selling, your fashion store isn’t going to make it.

There’s good news. Using Shopify opens up an entire marketplace of ecommerce apps that can give you everything you need to build a fashion store online. With these apps, you can use minimal development and expensive software engineering time and get started building an online fashion store that gets conversions, makes sales, and generates customer loyalty.

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Selling CBD on Shopify in 2023 and Beyond

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Selling CBD on Shopify, or anywhere online, can be an extremely profitable endeavor, but there are some restrictions and regulations you must abide by in order to successfully run a CBD business without any problems. 

The hemp-derived and CBD (cannabidiol) industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, so we understand that many merchants are vying to get in on the action. And that’s wonderful—there is a significant amount of money to be made—but before launching a website, you must realize that it’s not quite like selling something like clothing or jewelry online: some regions still don’t allow the sale of hemp-derived CBD products online; many payment gateways and merchant accounts see CBD as part of a high-risk industry (so you’ll have to pick one that allows for CBD sales); and although the profit margins are high in the CBD space, you will most likely see extra fees for things like payment processing and potential permits. 

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How to Sell CBD Online – The Ultimate Guide for 2023

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How would you like a share of $5.3 billion? Sorry; we can’t hand it over. But if you start a CBD business in this day and age, you can potentially capture a share of the burgeoning CBD industry—which today seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. The CBD market is rife with opportunities. And given the prevalence of the modern digital ecommerce platform, it’s never been easier to start being a merchant yourself.

But if you’re wondering how to sell CBD online, you may find that it’s not as easy as signing up on Amazon and watching the money roll in.

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The 8 Best Loyalty Program Software for 2023

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Initiating a loyalty program is a fantastic idea for businesses that want to keep recurring customers and to encourage lost clients to bring their business back.

Many businesses use loyalty programs in order to improve their marketing strategy, as these programs offer a great incentive for customers to buy only from one business.

A loyalty program is different from a referral program; it’s essentially one of the many kinds of a rewards program. Essentially, these programs offer some sort of incentives to customers for frequently purchasing from one place.

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How to Start a Subscription Business that Works

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From Birchbox to Dollar Shave Club, and Kiwi Crate to Netflix, we seem to live in a world of subscriptions, whether it be for software, movies, clothing, food, or whatever else you don't mind paying for with a monthly subscription. There's a reason so many subscription-based business models seem to be popping up. It's tough to break through with a successful product, but the rewards are enormous, with cash flow benefits, brand loyalty, and clear revenue projections on a regular basis.

In ecommerce, subscriptions are always an option. So in this article, we'll cover how to start a subscription business, with thoughts on why subscription businesses are so popular, the different types of subscription business models, along with best practices to get you started.

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