Live Chat App: Which is the Best for Your Ecommerce Business?

Did you know that live chat app solutions have the highest satisfaction level for any customer service channel, with a 73% approval rating? Email is the next closest with a 61% approval rating. Can you imagine how much happier your customers would be if you had a live chat module in your online store.

How much more would you have in sales? Would you be able to hire new people with the additional sales? Chances are, a live chat module could help you move to the next level with your online company. The market is filled with live chat modules, and all of them cater to different companies, so I put together a list of the best ones, with each option telling you if it’s right for your store.

LiveChat Inc.


LiveChat Inc. is one of the more stable and feature-rich live chat app options, with a simple chat module that clears out all the bells and whistles. Handle several chats and receive a notification whenever a customer wants to chat.

Use customization to fine tune the look of your chat, and push long conversations to tickets. With tags, file-sharing and archives, you really can’t go wrong with this one. I particularly enjoy that the customers can leave you feedback, and you can always go to the integrations store to add more to your chat box.

Pricing: Starting at $16 per user per month, and going all the way up to $149 per user per month

Who is this best for:

This is a nice solution for companies that already have a decent customer base, since the pricing is reasonable, but not free, of course. The ticketing system is the standout feature here, since you can look back and understand customer problems.

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Live chat app: Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim)

The Zendesk Chat app is a common live chat solution for companies who sell online, particularly because it has a free version for testing or when you only have one person speaking to customers.

Triggers are included to assist customers when they don’t know where to go, and you have the ability to track and monitor your visitors when needed. The powerful metrics serve you well, and the integrations are ideal for those working on common ecommerce platforms.

Pricing: Free to $59 per user per month

Who is this best for:

This is best for those with one person on the customer support team, or for those companies who use Shopify, since the Shopify app is pretty flawless.

Live chat app: HelpFlow

The HelpFlow app is one of the most expensive live chat tools on the market, but it provides much more than a simple chat box. The idea is to use the proprietary system to identify who needs help on your site and who would never call you or send you an email.

After that, it’s a complete service, where HelpFlow chats with your customers instead of you. In short, this gives you the time needed to spend on other areas of your business.

Pricing: $147 per week

Who is this best for:

This is best for anyone who doesn’t have the time to work on their own customer service. If you have the cash flow, and you would rather outsource your customer service, this is your spot.


SnapEngage is the live support tool used by AirBnB, so you know it has some sort of credibility. The intelligent integration works well for connecting with your current CRM system, and the customization tools are some of the best I’ve seen.

Chat with customers on your mobile phone, and offer proactive invitations to people who are just sitting around on your site.

Pricing: starts at $99 per month

Who is this best for:

This one works well if you have a small team of maybe four people and you don’t want to pay per user. I also enjoy this for those who really want advanced branding and customization tools.


ClickDesk is a rather affordable live chat tool, and it delivers both live and video chat for the ultimate customer support experience. The live chat modules are really creative, and the social toolbar ensures people can get in contact with you in various ways.

Reports look wonderful with ClickDesk as well!

Pricing: From $14.99 per user per month to $39.99 per user per month.

Who is this best for:

I like ClickDesk for those who are interested in working with a dedicated account manager. It’s also not a bad idea if you have been working with a certain CRM and want to integrate with that.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a solid choice if you don't want to spend much time on setup. It's one of the simpler options on this list, with the ability to make customizations like changing colors, uploading a custom image and more.

Operators have a single dashboard to see a list of website visitors in real time and receive chats. The canned responses let you send out quick messages to your customers. I also enjoy the mobile notifications and the multiple chat management for larger teams.

Pricing: They have a free version and tiered pricing options that start at $79 a month.

Who is this best for:

Pure Chat is ideal for smaller companies and teams that don't want to pay too much upfront. The setup is really simple, and you can integrate with WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace and more.

Cliq Chat (Formerly Zoho Chat)

Cliq (formerly known as Zoho Chat) provides an interesting Shoutbox feature, which lets your website’s customers chat amongst each other while on your site.

The live chat is simple, but effective, and the mobile access is always nice for when you leave the office and still want to see what your customers are asking.

Pricing: Free, but the basic accounts start at $3 per user per month

Who is this best for:

I would recommend this for companies already utilizing any Zoho products, since they integrate really well. It’s also a wise decision if you’re looking to save money.



Casengo has a unique advantage because it uses WhatsApp to help you provide customer care. The multi-channel customer service brings in all of your customer support channels into one dashboard.

For example, if someone posts a comment on Facebook, it reveals itself to you through Casengo. No more jumping around from platform to platform.

Pricing: From $29 (Premium Plan) to $44 (Enterprise Plan). For large teams, custom pricing is available (Elite Plan). If you pay for the whole year you can get a discount (up to 30%). They’ve got a 14 day free trial.

Who is this best for:

This works wonders for small teams who want to integrate the WhatsApp technology into their chat system. The pricing is really nice, considering you get three users for only $9 per month.


Olark is my least favorite of the bunch, but it works for those just getting started. Try out the free module and see if the core features like chat ratings, in-browser chatting and targeted chat works out.

The developer API isn't that bad with Olark, meaning you can create your own integrations or use other add-ons to make your chat module look cool.

Pricing: They have a free plan, but the paid versions start at $12 per month for one user.

Who is this best for:

I’d recommend Olark for online companies that have limited cash flow. You can read my full Olark review here.

That’s it for the best live chat apps for you to boost your ecommerce customer service effectiveness. Feel free to drop a line in the comments section below if you can think of any other live chat tools that work well for you.

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