How to Find the Best Niche Products to Sell On Your Store

When it comes to finding niche products to sell online, randomness kills all.

Far too often we get stuck in the mindset that all you have to do is spend time brainstorming to randomly land on a few good ideas.

But here's what:

This approach may occasionally land you on a respectable product that sells well through an online store, but more often than not you end up with a product that's either too far ahead of its time (so it doesn't have a market yet) or a product that's in an overly-saturated market.

Neither of these situations work out for you since the potential for making money relies on consumers getting used to a product or you spending countless hours and dollars trying to break into an impenetrable market.

That's why you should focus on a more methodical approach to finding niche ideas for online business.

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The Most In-Depth Sumo Review and Tutorial You’ll Ever See

sumo me review in depth

Marketing tools make our lives easier. Otherwise I wouldn't even dream of writing a Sumo review.

They automate most of the manual work and save us from meddling with confusing code.

From heatmaps to A/B testing tools and email marketing software, there are a ton of tools that can help us gain traction and build an audience.

In fact, we use a number of them too- for email marketing, analytics, content upgrades and even A/B testing.

But there is a huge roadblock to using all these tools: upfront costs.

Most good SaaS solutions out there cost money. And with the number of solutions that we need these days to gain traction, the cumulative price can be steep.

But what if you could get all these and more with a single subscription? And even better- what if they offered a free plan if you were just starting out?

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A Guide on How to Take Product Photos the Right Way

Here's a job title you never thought you would have you considered starting your ecommerce store: photographer.

Sure, you would have expected to be an accountant, marketer, salesperson, designer, and some of the many other roles you would have to fill, but photography is something most ecommerce marketers don't think of.

But studies show that photos have a tremendous impact on sales, so it's important that you learn how to take product photos.

Unfortunately, small and midsized ecommerce businesses don't have tons of money to spend on a fancy product photographer. Luckily, we have some product photography tricks to make your photos beautiful, somewhat easy to take, and inexpensive.

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An In-Depth InstaRise Review + Exclusive Discount

Social networks have been huge since the start of the decade. Facebook was the first behemoth that took off. Whatsapp followed, with a huge user base running into the billions.

And then came along Instagram.

While there is a lot of advice on how to market to users using Facebook's brilliant ad platform, many marketers are still to tap into Instagram's highly active community.

And then I came across some stats:

  1. Instagram has the most sought after user base for brands of all sizes- millennials who fall in the 18-24 age group and earn between 50,000 and 75,000 USD
  2. Almost half of the users on Instagram also use it for product discovery
  3. And then the stat that floored me- Instagram has 30 times the engagement rate of Facebook, a much larger organic post reach, all with an advertising platform that is as robust as that of Facebook (if you've forgotten, Facebook owns Instagram)

I was shocked.

But I was convinced- I had to get into Instagram. And I decided to do it for our in-house ecommerce project:

So I created an Instagram account for Matcha tea and set up a process to post curated content regularly.

Well- we began getting likes, comments, and followers, but few clicks to the actual website, and no real traction. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and study what it took to gain traction on Instagram.

Dozens of blog posts and recommendations later, I came across InstaRise, an Instagram Marketing course by Angelo Lo Presti and Giles Thomas, the founder of AcquireConvert. It looked promising, so I reached out to Giles directly about the course.

The course turned out to be a game changer for me. I now know more than I've ever known about Instagram marketing, and so I thought I'd write a detailed review about InstaRise. And even better- turns out the course is geared towards ecommerce marketers. Giles was kind enough to offer a discount for our readers too. (if you'd like to straight away see the discounted course, go here)

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How to Find the Best Wholesale Suppliers for Your Online Store

wholesale suppliers

Even before deciding on a type of product to sell on your website, it's not a bad idea to understand how the wholesale supplier system works.

But here's what:

It's not a well-structured system at all. It's a large collection of random suppliers scattered all across the world. Some of them are great, while others not so much.

Not too long ago there were hardly any sites organizing lists of suppliers, making it difficult for retailers to locate the best ones.

However, the advent of eBay got the ball rolling, and now we're seeing wonderful marketplaces like AliExpress.

With a store like AliExpress, you can search to see what types of products are popular before making a decision on what to sell. In addition, it allows you to filter products, see what they look like, find pictures, and look for detailed supplier information.

Once you decide on a niche, it's time to see exactly what types of suppliers are available. Experienced ecommerce professionals will tell you the horror stories they've encountered with wholesale suppliers, so this is an extremely important topic to touch on.

Overall, you're trying to partner with reputable suppliers that deliver on time, provide a reliable contact, and give you some perks for working with them.

Some ecommerce stores can opt for the big suppliers in places like China, but sometimes a unique brand (like one that sells vintage clothing or furniture) would have to opt for a niche local supplier.

Regardless, your goal is to find the best of the best, and that's what we're going to talk about today.

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Arcadier Review: The Easy Way to Build a Marketplace for Products, Space or Services

On Ecommerce Platforms, we've gone through several ways to make an online marketplace like that of Etsy, ThemeForest, Sharedesk or even something for services like finding contractors or photographers.

Some of them work well, but it always seems like something's missing. Sometimes you find that the marketplace template isn't that flexible. Other times the platform doesn't allow for services, bartering, or free plans to try the platform out. That has all changed to a large extent with Arcadier.

This online marketplace builder has not only created plans for all sizes of companies, but one of them is absolutely free.

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Ethical Ecommerce: On The Menu- Ethical Sustainable Disposables, Please!

ethical ecommerce

How do you feel about wasting free lunches, dinners, breakfasts, snacks, beverages, and packed or wrapped delivered fast foods? What about buying something that doesn’t trash the world around you while still offering fast, disposable materials? Can you forget “conventional” plastic? Can you eat ethically sourced food from unethically sourced plates?

Lots of questions, but that’s because we’ve got some tasty answers.

Our selection of innovative or common sense sustainable products and services mentioned in this article will hardly find a place in daily news programs. But good ‘plastic-free' news should be celebrated accordingly in a society in dire need of sustainable long-term solutions to its waste problem.

So, let’s talk about people and businesses trying to reduce plastic waste without minimizing utility and comfort. Before you reach for another disposable spoon, please check them out.

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How to Boost Ecommerce Revenue With Customer Loyalty Programs

customer loyalty programs

What's one of the main problems with selling on places like eBay, Amazon, and even Etsy?

Think about how you set up your Amazon store and the way you interact with your customers after a sale.

Well, for one thing, Amazon branding is all over the packages sent out, the email exchanges, and of course, the Amazon Prime loyalty program they have had so much success with.

The main problem is that selling on Amazon builds up loyalty for Amazon. Not your business.

Sure, you'll find customers who keep coming back, but nothing like you would get with your own VIP or loyalty program.

The key to the whole loyalty game is recurring income. You lock in your faithful customers for those monthly payments, then hope that they order additional items along the way.

The same goes for points systems, where the users see the points as a way to get discounts in the future. Not only do they like your company more, but it's a surefire way to get them coming back to your own website.

Today, we're going to talk about how you can boost your ecommerce store's revenue using effective customer loyalty programs.

We'll explore real-world loyalty strategies and look at how they are implemented by big companies. We'll even take an actionable peek into how you can implement these strategies for your own online stores.

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