Picreel Review: Simple Exit Intent Offers That Don’t Burn You Out

picreel review for popups

Popups and promotional banners are only useful if they're targeted to the customer seeing them.

Think about it: If I land on an ecommerce store and they reveal an exit-intent popup banner for 20% off all ladies merchandise (I'm a guy,) I'm going to close the screen immediately.

It also depends on where the customer is located in the shopping process. For instance, maybe a user is thinking about throwing another item in their cart but they're not quite sure. In that case, you don't want to redirect them to a promotion for another product, but rather keep selling the item they were almost about to buy.

Not all exit offer plugins and apps allow for this type of flexibility, but Picreel seems to do a good job seeing what customers are doing on your site and only sending them the promotions and offers that make sense. So here's an in-depth Picreel review if you'd like to learn more about the most advanced exit intent technology for ecommerce websites.

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Teachable Review: Make Unlimited Courses for Unlimited Students

review of teachable

Making money with hobbies like writing, gardening, fitness, and art are often not in the cards. Unless of course, you put together a professional online course to teach people all about it. This Teachable review outlines one of the more impressive options for developing a beautiful website for presenting your courses, from video courses to PDF training.

We've taken a look at all sorts of competitors like Udemy and Uscreen. Both of those mentioned have their pros and cons, but now it's time to outline another interesting new company. Teachable has clean website interfaces, great customization tools, marketing options and analytics.

The online course creation module provides hosting and security, along with all the learning tools you need, from quizzes to discussion forums and blogs to video courses. So keep reading to check out our detailed Teachable review and see if it's the right online course builder for you:

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How to Boost Sales and Brand Value Sky-High With Quora and Reddit

quora and reddit

You want more sales, right?

Don't we all?

Countless articles have been written about the topic, and even more, tactics are implemented on a daily basis in order to improve sales for online stores. From Instagram to Amazon and email marketing to the holiday push, boosting your sales comes in many different forms. But have you ever tried more alternative routes like Quora or Reddit?

These might sound intimidating at first, but many online stores are putting their expertise to work, writing Quora and Reddit answers that help out communities and drive customers to their websites.

You might initially think that spamming people on these forums is frowned upon, and you're correct. The trick is to provide value with your responses instead of posting spammy links that are bound to get ridiculed or pulled down from Reddit and Quora.

So, if you're interested in learning some interesting new ways to improve profits, here are some tried and tested tips for boosting sales with Quora and Reddit.

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Ecommerce A/B Testing: The Uber Actionable Step-by-Step Guide

ecommerce ab testing

I’ll be frank. A/B testing on eCommerce websites is overrated.

Unlike most ‘CROs’ preach, changing colors and tweaking fonts are only going to give you very marginal improvements in conversions and click-through rates. It takes quite a bit of trial and error to understand what creates a positive experience for users on eCommerce websites.

It takes even more effort to identify the standard elements on eCommerce sites and determining how they can be A/B tested to try and improve conversions.

You’re in for a treat today.

I’ve done all the work for you. I’ll show you 5 eCommerce A/B testing ideas that have the most potential to increase your conversion rates, and thereby your revenue.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a solid idea of what to A/B test on eCommerce sites, how to do it, and maybe even have enough ideas to offer this as a service to your eCommerce clients!

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We Accept Credit Cards: 16 Editable Vector Designs for Your Website (Free Download)

You’ve probably noticed that credit cards are gaining ground, unless, of course, you’ve been on a mission to the moon during the last decade. Not only are they gaining ground, but they are essential in any ecommerce enterprise.

Now that we’ve settled this, it's good to also know that credit cards come in various colors, have several backgrounds, and each has its own special features. Some mightier than others, but all good for commerce. That's why you shouldn't miss to add “We Accept Credit Cards” sign from your online shop.

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Ecommerce Link Building: 3 Super Scalable Ways to Build Links to Your Ecommerce Store

link building

Link building today is a disaster.

It is being abused to the core, and bloggers are wary of random strangers asking for links. Although there are legitimate ways to build links, most of them are not scalable.

And with millions of blog posts being published every day, ‘content’ has become a buzzword, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be seen in all the noise.

With all that being said, links are still the most important ranking factor. When you have great content, wonderful user experience, and design, the only missing element is links.

Today, I’m going to blow the lid off some link building tactics that have worked very well for us. And yes- these aren’t new tactics. But I’m going to show you how you can scale these processes sky-high, and how you can build links in one of the toughest verticals out there- ecommerce.

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Here Are 5 Big Problems With Your Retargeting Efforts

retargeting issues

Experienced ecommerce pros know the deal.

There's no magic formula when it comes to marketing to customers.

It takes testing, making mistakes and learning what your specific customers want.

One of the best ways to find new customers and bring back the old ones is by retargeting. And the same idea of testing and making mistakes rings true for that.

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Best Referral Software for Ecommerce

Marketing tactics for ecommerce stores come in many forms, but none of them compare to the power of a quality referral program. We've done the research and spent several weeks testing out the best solutions. After testing, checking with users and establishing the best value, we've come to the decision that Ambassador is currently the best referral software for ecommerce. With its omnichannel capabilities, beautiful ecommerce integrations and numerous forms of referral programs, the Ambassador referral software beats out the rest of the competition with a strong lead. If you're interested in learning more about why Ambassador is so impressive, along with the other solutions you might be interested in, keep reading to learn more.

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