How to Create a Shop Identity on The Cheap

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One of the questions often asked by new online store owners is, how can I get my store up and running without spending a huge amount of money on it. Even though you are very interested in starting your own store, you simply might not have the funds that some huge corporations have. In this roundup, I will look at different ways of creating a shop identity without having to spend the equivalent of a Hollywood movie budget.


Every entrepreneur will tell you that there are two huge obstacles that can almost make or break a project, these are coming up with a catchy name for your company, and secondly creating an eye catching logo. Luckily for you, there are several ways of getting a new logo on the cheap. You can find hundreds if not thousands of logo design sites on the net. These sites work pretty much in the same way as hiring a a design company would, you give them an idea of what you want your company logo to look like and they will come back with either one or more designs for your approval. While this is a good way of getting a new logo, it can quickly become rather expensive. Even though it is controversial in the design community, and has about as many supporters as haters, one place for a cheap logo could be a contest website. What is great about these sites is that you often get almost 100 different suggestions meaning you are not limited to the suggestions from one or two designers working for the design company you hired. While you might not want to go this route if you are trying to create a huge brand image, these sites are still pretty effective if you are on a small budget. These sites can be used for other graphic elements as well, not just for the creation of the logo.


First, let's have a look at some of the different things you can do in order to create a professional looking template without having to cough up several thousand dollars. When you are first starting your new business venture you will most likely be on a very limited budget, this is why it is a good idea to look for cheap themes that still look professional. One solution would be to build your store through Shopify, as you mightrecall, I was very pleased with the themes they offer. Secondly, you could look for a cheap theme from third party companies such as ThemeForest, or WooThemes. Furthermore, if you are running your store through WordPress then the platform comes with many high quality templates for ecommerce stores.


We all know that even the best products will linger on the shelf if no one knows about them. This is exactly why it is important to make sure you are marketing your products as well as your online store, however, unlike large corporations chances are you don't have a million lying around to hire Bruce Willis to do a 30 second commercial for you. Fear not, as there are loads of ways to complete very effective marketing campaigns without spending a lot of money. One word, Social Media! Ok so, maybe that was two words, but really you need to use social media in your marketing campaign. I mean, if every company from McDonalds to Ikea have their own social media presence, then what makes you think you could possibly market your company without it. Twitter and Facebook should definitely be your top two media sites, and depending on what industry you are in I would really suggest using YouTube as well. Once you have your social media sites up and running, it is time to start using them in your marketing. You should really be updating your social media sites a few times a day, however, please don't start spamming your followers timeline. Furthermore, you can use your Facebook or Twitter page to draw attention to daily deals, this will not only drive traffic to your store, but it will also make visitors keep coming back to check on the latest deals. One way of generating free or pretty cheap marketing is through the use of email marketing, even though many would argue you should steer away from spammy email campaigns, email is still to this day the most preferred method of communication on the internet. One platform you might consider for email marketing is MailChimp.


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