Best Free Shopify Themes for a Sleek, Affordable Design in 2023

Sometimes you don't have to break out your wallet for a beautiful online store. Take a look at the best free Shopify themes!

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Opting for Shopify as an ecommerce platform and page builder has its advantages. Not only does Shopify offer a full online store with advanced marketing tools at an affordable monthly rate, but the themes and apps for designing and extending your store are often free or rather inexpensive. We often recommend premium themes from Shopify due to their extra features and more intuitive designs, but there are also plenty of free Shopify themes to build modern, sleek ecommerce stores without the hassle or the extra cost.

These themes offer excellent features for placing products in catalogs, along with options for linking to social media pages and providing a fast checkout area. Other features offered in free themes include product details, slideshows, and product filtering. In addition, the free themes provided through the Shopify Theme Library usually have two or three formats to generate drastically different layouts and designs for other industries.

So put away that wallet and keep reading to learn more about the best free Shopify themes on the market.

The Best Free Shopify Themes

Although most of the best free Shopify themes come from the Shopify Theme Library, there are a few theme developers out there who offer free themes in addition to their premium ones.

While browsing these themes, we want to remind you that many of them do have multiple styles. So, we recommend testing those styles and not assume that the screenshot provided in this article is the only option.

And now, the best free Shopify themes…

1. Minimal

minimal - best free Shopify themes

The Minimal Shopify theme is a go-to in the Shopify world due to its basic, clean, responsive design, and its attempts to keep all eyes on the content that matters. There's lots of white space used in the Minimal theme, allowing you to bring focus to related products and banners, especially on the homepage.

The theme has the following three styles:

  • Vintage
  • Fashion
  • Modern

The Vintage style is in the screenshot below, with its modern layout and beautiful product catalogs. The Fashion style cleans up the design even further, catering to fashion designers and clothing shops. Finally, the Modern style provides a green tint to your colors and geometric lines and shapes for a slick look. Don't worry, you can always change the color if need be.

Some features to keep in mind for the Minimal theme include a list of product recommendations and a homepage video. We like the product zooming for seeing items in a better light, and the slideshow functionality is sure to put your products on display. Finally, the theme has a product filter for sorting and finding the best items.

2. Debut

nomadic - best free Shopify themes

The Debut theme includes the following styles:

  • Default
  • Light

The Default layout is what you see in the main screenshot. It's largely colored in white and features contemporary typography and stylings. The Light version isn't much different, but it's highlighted as an option for furniture stores, and it uses slightly darker colors and bolder fonts.

As for the feature-set, Debut boasts a long list of versatile settings and solutions such as the pickup availability feature to help local shoppers know when their items are ready to come to get.

The theme also provides product recommendations, filtering, and a beautiful homepage video where you can upload anything from YouTube or Vimeo. The promotional banner is a key element for making announcements, while the customer testimonials are sure to improve your sales. The theme has a slideshow banner to showcase your products or even some of your primary customers. Finally, the predictive search bar improves how quickly customers find your products.

3. Boundless – Best Free Shopify Themes


The Boundless Shopify theme is a free download for you to take advantage of on a brand new store, as it highlights your products in a beautiful gallery mode, quite similar to what you would see from a portfolio.

The styles from Boundless include:

  • Black and White
  • Vibrant

We love the naming for these two styles since they describe what they look like pretty well. The Black and White style (pictured in our screenshot) offers light and dark shades with a large slideshow that goes straight into the gallery. The Vibrant style expands the size of the slideshow module and adds some pop to the formatting and color to the overall design.

Each style from the Boundless theme is optimized for large images, making it ideal for those businesses with high-resolution photos. The theme also has sticky navigation and a slideshow fading effect, both of which make it easier to move around and put some life into your ecommerce website. The single product gallery does the trick for smaller stores, and the full-width collection images are showcased in a beautiful layout.

Finally, the homepage video draws attention to any video you have featuring products or your brand.

4. Thalia

Thalia theme

The Thalia theme is one of the best free Shopify themes that isn't found in the Shopify Theme Library. However, it's from a reputable developer that also sells premium themes for you to look into. Thalia is simple yet powerful and stylish, sporting a clean design with significant amounts of white space. The Thalia theme is recommended for fashion outlets, but it also does the trick for a wide variety of other ecommerce business types.

One of the reasons we think the Thalia Shopify theme is one of the best free Shopify themes is that it provides stylish product swatches for your variants. You usually get something like this with most themes, but the Thalia swatches are served up as visual buttons, instead of sticking to something like a dropdown menu. You also get a slide-out cart so as to minimize the intrusiveness of the cart and remind people that they have products to buy. Finally, the theme offers advanced collection filters so customers have tools to filter based on sizing, price, and color.

5. Simple

Simple theme

The Simple theme has an appropriate name due to its minimalist nature and simple formats. You can showcase any number of products on this theme, especially technology and fashion items.

The styles included with Simple are as follows:

  • Light
  • Beauty
  • Toy

The Light theme is in the screenshot, with white coloring and a nice menu on the side. The Beauty style gets far more creative, using bright colors and swooping fonts. The Toy theme is just that, a theme for toys. It utilizes friendly, bright colors and playful fonts.

The feature list is rather short with the Simple theme, but that's kind of the point. It starts with a product recommendations area on every product page. You can also incorporate image animations, all of which showcase transition effects and movement in your images. The product image zoom is sure to help out customers, while the sidebar menu adds a unique navigational aspect to the design.

6. Narrative – Best Free Shopify Themes


The Narrative Shopify theme includes these four styles:

  • Earthy
  • Warm
  • Light
  • Cold

The Earthy style starts with green and white and black shades. The Warm style has elements for kitchen products and home design. The Light style brightens up the colors and sticks to a simpler design. The Cold style darkens those colors and provides shadows and shades for a cooler feel.

The Narrative theme is meant for product and brand storytelling, as it provides highlight areas for your products along with modules for explaining your items and telling customers how to use them. The theme is built for small catalogs with many visual elements. You can upload high-quality photos and feature them in portfolio-style layouts. The fixed navigation is a plus, and the hero video can be turned on to play whenever someone lands on your site.

Some other features include a vertical slideshow and a wide layout for bringing the pixels out from your large photos.

As one of the best free Shopify themes, Surprise is yet another third-party theme given away for free. All you have to do is sign up for an Appolo Themes account to get the download.

Overall, the Surprise theme includes a quick view product module for people to see your item information with the click of a button, and without having to go directly to the full product page. The strong megamenu allows for a myriad of products in your navigation menu, especially for larger stores. The theme has a beautiful blog page and an intuitive admin panel to rapidly change things like logos, fonts, and colors.

The theme supports high-resolution photos and provides several spots to present your product or sale banners. They all come together to look similar to a portfolio, which is especially helpful when images are essential for making a sale. As for industries, we like it best for electronics and home improvement Shopify stores, although many other businesses could take advantage of the theme.

8. Express

Express - best free Shopify themes

The Express theme mainly caters to the food industry, with its styles of Bistro and Pantry.

The Bistro layout is clearly for a cafe or bistro, with its quick menu area and softened colors. The Pantry style has a more natural look, but it still includes a menu and a collection section for highlighting items that you sell in your grocery store or restaurant.

The Express theme has many customizable content sections to rapidly turn the basic design into something special for your business. It's primarily made for small catalogs, so you wouldn't consider the Express theme if you're planning on having hundreds or thousands of products in your store. The homepage provides a featured products collection to highlight multiple collections instead of just one.

There's also a slide-out cart to remove the clutter and remind people they have something in that cart. The Quick Buy button can be placed anywhere on your website, speeding up the purchase process and turning it into a far more friendly experience. In addition, you can expect a mobile-first design and an overall layout that's optimized for one page online stores. The whole idea behind the Express theme is to ensure the purchasing process moves quickly and efficiently. It's a wonderful choice for small, simple stores.

9. Fashe – Best Free Shopify Themes


The Fashe Shopify theme is provided for free through a third-party developer and not the Shopify Theme Library. From a design perspective, the Fashe theme is simple, eye-catching, and useful for several types of businesses. You can expect a decent amount of white space and a large homepage banner to showcase some of your most recent products. The hero image includes text over the image and a button to push users to other parts of your store.

The demo theme shows pictures of fashion items, but it's clear that pretty much any type of company could create a store with the Fashe theme and turn it into a beautiful website. As for the additional features, the multipurpose theme includes a solid menu with areas to incorporate your social media buttons and contact information. Put your categories and collections on display with the help of announcement banners, and utilize important sections for your blog and customer support information.

All in all, the Fashe theme comes in strong with excellent style and functionality.

10. Supply

Supply - best free Shopify themes

The Supply theme provides two styles, Blue and Light. The Blue layout does in fact have shades of blue, but the vast majority of the theme is white. You can always change these colors around to match your brand and use the wonderful header/slider to present the most important products or sales in your store. The theme is built for very large catalogs, so it's typically recommended as a solution for those with more than just ten or twenty products. You can fill the theme with thousands of products without looking cluttered.

The Light version of the theme has a more subtle tone to it, using calming colors and simple fonts. We see the Light styling as more suitable for a yoga store or an elegant clothing shop. The Blue style, on the other hand, makes the most sense for a camera or technology store.

As mentioned, you're better off choosing the Supply theme if you want to sell hundreds or thousands of products. Collection filtering is found in the sidebar so that customers can sift through an expansive collection with no problems. The filters include default options for brands, pricing, and other customizations.

What's more, is that you receive a stunning slideshow banner to place one or multiple images at the top of your homepage. Pair that with the featured collection on the homepage and you're well on your way to a highly visual presentation of your products with one of the best free Shopify themes.

11. Brooklyn


You don't have to run a business in or live in Brooklyn to design a beautifully hip website. The Brooklyn theme has a Classic and Playful style. The Classic style is made for apparel stores, with its somewhat rugged, yet clean appearance and the large space for storytelling below the header. The Playful style takes a completely different direction. It's possible to use it for a fashion store, but those clothes would be more whimsical or fun. The Playful style is actually more appropriate for something like a baking shop or children's product store.

As you test out the responsive Brooklyn template, you'll recognize its wide range of benefits, starting with the header slideshow. This module ensures that your most important products show up right at the top of the homepage. There's even a slide-out cart so that customers don't have to leave their page to view or edit the shopping cart. The dynamic product grid moves around based on how many products you have in the gallery and which device is being used.

Along with all of those features, there's a homepage video section that pulls from Vimeo and YouTube. It's great if you have a beautiful video introducing your brand or showing how your products look in the real world.

12. Venture

Venture - best free Shopify themes

The Venture store features these three styles:

  • Snowboards
  • Outdoors
  • Boxing

You can't get more descriptive than that. Although each style could be utilized by other types of businesses, the names give you a great look into what the design looks like for each. For instance, the Snowboards style provides a cooling effect with darker colors and fades over the images. The Outdoors style livens up the design with brighter colors, while the Boxing style has the most masculine design and coloration of them all.

The good part is that all of the styles are rather similar. You shouldn't expect much to change besides the colors when you switch between the styles. All of them are made for large catalogs, seeing as how you receive a multi-column menu and a slideshow to fit those products in without making a mess. The promotional banner works for posting about sales, and the product filtering is yet another way to boost your navigation friendliness. Finally, the theme provides an area to feature a single product, bringing all attention to that item.

13. SuitUP


SuitUP is listed on TemplateMonster as a free theme. You must share on social media to receive the theme for free. Keep in mind that many other free themes are on TemplateMonster, so it's not a bad idea to peruse the collection on there. Contrary to many of the themes sold directly through Shopify, SuitUP doesn't have multiple styles. However, it does include a wonderful layout made for large stores, with category filters in the sidebar and various banners to list sales and collections.

Some of our favorite features from the SuitUP theme include the contact form, search form, and a mega menu. There are plenty of sorting options, and the multi-currency functionality is sure to help out with reaching new customers.

Which of the Best Free Shopify Themes is Ideal for Your Store?

There's no perfect choice for Shopify themes, but your search should focus on the overall design and what the theme does to make your website unique.

Begin by figuring out if a want one of the best free Shopify themes or would rather pay for a premium one. Then, write down a list of your most desirable features, such as filters and banners. After that, you need to establish how your brand image will appear. This way, you can pick one of the free Shopify themes that match your brand image, cutting out the need to customize much.

If you have any questions about the best free Shopify themes, let us know in the comments below!

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